Inside: The Greatest Who Knows Me Best Questions For The Birthday Girl To Ask.

“Who Knows Me Best” is an entertaining party game that consists of questions your true friends should know the answers to. It’s a great way to implement an ice-breaker into your party while also engaging in some friendly competition.

The way the game is played is each guest gets a list of questions. They all go to a private area and answer them in a certain time frame. Once time is up, everyone reconvenes, and the birthday girl reads the questions to the group. The group shouts out their answers.

Whoever gets the most questions correct is the winner and can brag about knowing the birthday girl best! And the best part? Regardless of how old the birthday girl is, this game is always so much fun!

Questions to ask the birthday girl

There are tons of free printable versions of this game online, but it’s always fun to make your own with specific questions!

Amusing Questions To Play Who Knows Me The Best

These questions are a great way to start off your birthday questionnaire. It also allows your guest to get a grasp as to how the game works. Plus, these questions are easy enough that those who know you even a little should not have too tough of a time guessing the right answers to them!

  1. What always makes me laugh?: Is it a video of a dog? A funny scene from a movie or TV show? A situation you’ve been in? 
  2. What is one of my biggest fears?: Asking for “one of” allows your guests to have a better chance at getting this one right!
  3. My favorite place to get food from?: If you’re a foodie, this one can be a head scratcher!
  4. What year was I born?: This should be an easy point to get since it will be asked at your birthday party and they can just do some basic math!
  5. How many siblings do I have?: This should be an easy question for anyone who knows you to answer correctly. 
  6. What is my biggest pet peeve?: Pet peeves, we all have them. What’s one that just always drives you up a wall?
  7. What color are my eyes?: Make sure to close your eyes when asking this question! 
  8. Who is my celebrity crush?: There’s probably more than one, but it’s up to you if you want to count all of them as a correct answer or if you’re looking for them to answer with a specific one! 
  9. Have I ever broken a bone?: Depending on the answer to this question, a funny story may very well be in tow.
  10. What is the name of my hometown?: This may be a given for any of your long-time friends from childhood but might pose a challenge to those you met more recently. 
  11. What app am I addicted to?: TikTok? Instagram? Candy Crush? Which one takes up the most of your screen time?

Fun Birthday Questions For The Guest of Honor To Ask

Who knows me best - birthday girl questions to ask

This next set cranks things up a bit. It dives a little bit deeper into who you are as a person, asking questions that are a tad more personal and not as obvious. While it may be easy for those who know you very well to answer, newer friends may find them to be a bit more challenging!

  1. What is my favorite movie genre?: Are you a horror fanatic or strictly a rom-com type of gal? Maybe you’re most into animal documentaries! 
  2. How many pets do I have? What are their names?: A great two part question that can garner two points for anyone who gets them both correct.
  3. What is my dream job?: Depending on how old you’re turning, you may already be working your dream job! Making this a great trick question.
  4. What is my go to ice cream flavor?: Do you like a simple chocolate or vanilla cone? Or do you like to shake things up by always ordering rocky-road or moose tracks? Sprinkles anyone?!
  5. What can I talk about all day?: Basically, what are you most passionate about? This could be anything from aliens to makeup to pop culture! 
  6. What’s my favorite way to relax?: Are you the type to turn to retail therapy or are you more of a Netflix and chill with a facemask on type of chick?
  7. What sports do/did I play?: Again, depending on the age, the answers to this question will vary. If you’re older, this will be harder for your newer friends to answer, but for old friends this will be a breeze!
  8. Do I like pineapple on pizza?: Be prepared for the controversy your answer may bring if you say yes.

Spicy Quiz Questions To Ask During Who Knows Me Best

Spicy quiz birthday questions to ask girls

These are the questions that get into the nitty gritty of your life and personality, so whoever gets the answers to these ones correct are definitely in your inner circle! Some of the answers to them can possibly expose or embarrass you though, so only include them in your game at your own discretion!

  1. Who was my first kiss?: A fun way for your close friends to head down memory lane with you. Plus, it would be so fun to see what those who don’t know the proper answer come up with. 
  2. What’s my alcoholic drink of choice?: No matter what the answer is, pour some up!
  3. What do I consider is my most embarrassing moment?: While embarrassing stories were mortifying in the moment they took place, they almost always end up making for some of the funniest stories in hindsight.
  4. Have I ever been arrested?: Bonus points if they know what for! This can lead to a hilarious story time, but like I said, include some of these questions at your own risk.
  5. Who do I have a crush on?: If the answer to this one isn’t the name of your current partner, brace yourself to be exposed!
  6. Have I ever been caught cheating on a test or in a game?: If someone answers “yes” to this question, definitely have them stand up and recount the time they are thinking of!

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