Inside: Printable Memory Games for Learning and Playing.

A memory matching game is also a wonderful way to teach children important game-playing skills. Skills such as turn-taking and how to be a gracious winner…and loser! Depending upon your choice of cards, memory matching games can also reinforce learning about a range of concepts such as color recognition, letter names or sounds, counting, number recognition, alongside improved vocabulary and even reading skills. These fun printable memory games are great for learning and play with kids of all ages.

Printable Memory Games

How to Play Concentration or Memory Games

Shuffle the cards well and spread them face down across the table.

Players take turns to turn over two cards, searching for a matching pair. If the cards selected are a match, the player keeps the matching pair and takes another turn. If they are not the same, the cards are turned back over in the same location and play moves to the next player.

Once all cards have been matched, the player with the most pairs wins the game.

Printable Memory Games for Learning and Playing

Cupcake Memory Matching Game: A fabulous challenge for developing visual discrimination skills, great for kindergarten age children.

Snack Time Memory Game: Time for a snack! Children will enjoy spotting a few of their favorite snack foods in this food-themed memory matching game.

Match the Shapes: This game will let your child practice naming their shapes and building their memorization skills at the same time! They’ll peek at each face-down card and try to memorize their locations, matching up all the pairs from memory.

Printable Memory Games

Monster Shadows Matching Game: Another great challenge for visual discrimination skill development, match each of these cute monsters with their very individual shadow!

Opposites Memory Game: A fun way to revise learning about antonyms with preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade children.

Concentration Games for Kids

These printable memory games are perfect to help teach kids with concentration and memory.

Fruit Memory Matching Game: A fun tutti-fruity fruit memory matching game with both pictures and words. Free to print and easy to play.

Monster Memory Game: Match the monsters for a fun game with the kiddos.

Learning Games

Garden Matching Memory Game Cards: Play with pictures or pictures and words – great for Earth Day, Spring, growth or gardening learning themes.

Alphabet Memory Matching Game: Choose from 5 fun game suggestions to get your preschooler or kindergartener playing with beginning letter sounds.

Fun Printable Memory Games

Printable Feelings & Emotions Cards: Concentration/Memory is just one of eight-game suggestions included with these printable emotions cards.

Emoji Emotions Matching Cards: Inspired by the super popular emoji craze, these emotions cards are great for inviting discussion about big emotions with young children.

Printable Memory Games

Yoga Poses Matching Game: For Concentration with a physical challenge, print two copies of our yoga poses cards for your game. Every time a player matches a pair they can perform the body shape challenge shown on the cards they have matched.

Star Wars Memory Game: May the Force be with you as you attempt to outplay your opponent with these cool Star Wars character game cards.

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