Inside: 17 fun animal charades ideas and ideas for charades for kids.

Charades is one of those classic, timeless games that everyone has played at some point in their lifetime.

It’s the kind of game that is versatile, familiar, and can be played anywhere with any group of people. Charades is a wonderful game for families to play together, especially on a whim, since there are little to no materials needed to play.

Cute Charades For Kids

If you plan ahead, you can print out some of the free downloadable animal charades ideas we have listed, or you can purchase a charades game. See all the easy to play charades ideas here. You’ll get great use out of these games since they can always be used again and tried in different variations of the game. When it comes to playing charades with young children, “animals” is a great category.

Not only is it one that they tend to get excited about, but it’s also a good learning opportunity for them to start understanding how certain animals act differently than others.

Ideas for Animal Charades

When it comes to playing charades, there are really no set rules. You can choose to do charades based off of your favorite show and act out scenes or characters, you can do charades about celebrities, or of course, animal charades, wherein players act out certain animals.

To play animals charades, you can print out some of the ideas mentioned below and split into teams.

Then, you’ll act out an animal and see if your team can guess correctly which animal you are acting out. Get creative and make sure you have prizes for the winning team!

  1. Funny Animal Charades Ideas This free printout is cool because, rather than simply showing an elephant or a cow for kids to try to act out, there are verbs in addition to the nouns for acting out. For example, someone might have to act out a giraffe limo driver or a dog firefighter. This game will not only keep kids laughing, but it encourages creativity.
  2. Legos Animal Charades This is a unique take on charades and Legos – two things that kids really love. Rather than acting out the images on the cards, kids will have to build the animals shown in Legos! Another game that fosters creativity and innovation — and fun!
  3. Animal Word List for Kids Charades With this list of 192 charades ideas for kids, including animal ideas, you won’t run out of inspiration.
  4. Animal Charades Free Printable This printable is great because it comes with charades instructions and animal ideas for charades. This is good for classroom activities or kids’ birthday parties. Simply download, print, and distribute.
  5. Kids Charades Ideas Another creative and innovative game that packs more than simple animal actions. Kids can decide how they’re going to act out a bear riding a bike, a fish going to school, a penguin going down a slide, and so much more. Play this game for some guaranteed laughter and fun!
  6. Move Like An Animal Game This game comes with 18 different animal action ideas. This can be played as a charades game or simply as an interactive learning experience. You can ask children to jump like a frog, float like a butterfly, and more.

More Charades Ideas

More Charades for Kids

Keeping kids entertained is like a sport of its own. While it can be difficult to keep kids entertained for a long period of time since they have such short attention spans, as a parent it can be difficult to make sure that they are being entertained by games or activities that are enriching them.

Of course, it’s easy to throw your kids in front of the television or a computer, but there’s always the fear that we are damaging their brains for the sake of keeping them satisfied. These charades games are a great alternative for making sure that your kids don’t get bored and that they’re doing something that is helping them grow.

Charades games help build social skills and they’re continuously learning about different subjects as they act out whatever is on the charades cards! Here are some good ideas.

  1. Let’s Play Charades These are some miscellaneous and easy charades ideas for young children. They can act out things like reading a book and mopping a floor, in addition to some more whacky options like laying an egg and pulling weeds.
  2. Things to Do Words List This is another easily downloadable and printable list of charades options, including different sports and daily actions to act out.
  3. Christmas Charades A Christmas-themed charades game is a guaranteed hit for little kids. Whether you play this in the classroom during the holiday season, at a birthday party, or with the family on Christmas day, this is a game that everyone will have some festive fun playing. You can even play it in the middle of the summer just to switch things up!
  4. Valentine’s Charades For little kids, Valentine’s Day is sometimes awkward, especially when, at school, things like love and secret admirers are brought up. This Valentine’s Day charades game provides kids with cute and fun ideas to act out that are related to this day of love, including hugging and poetry.
  5. Disney Charades Children just love Disney. Show them their favorite Disney movie or character, and they’ll go nuts. Any group of children will love this Disney characters charades game, as they get to act out various Disney characters and guess characters when their friends are doing the acting.

Charades Game To Buy Ideas

Charades Games to Purchase Online

  1. Charades for Kids This game comes in an easy-to-transport box and includes 300 different charades options for children aged four and up.
  2. Guesstures Game A great guessing charades game for the whole family, made for ages eight and up.
  3. It’s In the Bag! Jr. Charades for Kids and Family This great charades game comes with 60 different charades cards in various categories, a timer, and a score sheet for players and teams to keep track of their score.
  4. Picture Charades for Kids Children will love this game because it comes with a fun spinner, so that for each turn, players must spin the wheel to find out which category of charades they will play, with options including people, animals, indoors, and outdoors. This game is good for little kids because there is no reading required, the charades ideas are printed on pictures.
  5. Guess in 10 Animal Planet Game This is a unique and creative take on animal charades, as players will have to guess the animals shown based off of detailed clues.
  6. HedBanz Junior HedBanz is a hit for children. It’s like charades but players wear their card on their head so that everyone knows their card except for them. Then, other players give clues in the form of charades or trivia to help players guess what the card on their head says.

Animal Charades

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