Inside: Enchanting Encanto cake ideas for a magical birthday. 

If you have clicked on this article, then chances are you have seen the Encanto movie. I can also bet that one of your kids watched the movie, became obsessed, and now you can put on a one-person reenactment of the whole movie because you have seen it so many times.

The good news is that Encanto is a GREAT MOVIE. I may be biased because I love Disney movies, but I think that this is one of my favorite films that they have made in a long time. This movie covers everything from feelings of unworthiness to generational trauma and family pressures.

UGH! I am getting chills just writing about it. 

Enchanting Encanto Cake Ideas

Today I have compiled a list of all of the best Encanto cake ideas on the internet. I’m guessing you have a party coming up, and you are looking for cake inspiration, so let me ease your mind by saying that you will find what you need here. There are over 100 cakes on this list, all of which are amazing. So take a look and find the one that is perfect for you!

Simple Encanto Cake Ideas

For this first list, I thought we should keep it simple. Below are some of the best simple Encanto cake ideas that I could find on the internet. Don’t worry; even the most simple Encanto cake is still filled with color and awesome detail. Take a look!

1. Tall Encanto Theme

2. Isabella Themed Cake

3. Macaron Cake

4. Mirabel’s Door Cake

5. Purple Simple Cake

6. Yellow Cake with Green Frosting Drizzle

7. Butterfly Yellow Cake with Mirabel

8. Fondant Cake with 2 Tiers

9. Colorful Layered Cake with Characters

10. Butterflies on Blue Cake with Flowers

11. Full Family Cake

12. Pink Floral Cake with Door

13. Simple Cake Design with Photo

14. Danna’s Birthday Cake

15. Isabella’s Birthday Cake

16. Beautifully Textured Cake

17. 3 Tier Encanto Themed Dessert

18. Perfect Single Tier Cake

19. Tiny Character Cakes

20. Detailed House with Mirabel

21. Simple Purple Cake with Topper

22. Floral Pink Cake with Detailed Side

Encanto Cake Ideas with Examples

Magical Encanto Cake Ideas

While I sit here typing this, What Else Can I Do? is stuck playing in my head. Over and over, I just hear Mirabel singing, “Bring it in, Bring it in.” Ugh, she is such an icon. Check out these awesome cakes in the list below; they are some of the most magical that I have seen. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I need to have Alexa play the soundtrack.

23. Encanto House

24. Perfect House Cake

25. Isabella Cake with Swing

26. Big Beautiful Blue Cake with Decal

27. 5 Tier Cake with Mirabel and Isabella

28. Single Tier Big Cake

29. Shiney Birthday Sign Cake

30. Cake with Character Toys for Decoration

31. Cute Cake for Sadie

32. Floral Encanto Themed

33. Big Themed Cake Topper

34. Circle House Cake

35. Detailed Movie Themed Cake with Characters

35. Detailed Fondant Cake with Door

36. Fondant Flowers with 2 Tiers

37. Delicious Cake for Dana

38. Isabella Swinging on Vine

39. 2 Layer Cake with Mirabel Impersonator

40. Big Blue Cake with Purple Drizzle

41. Fondant Textured Cake with Mirabel

42. Summer is Turning 7!

43. Cute Simple Cake

44. Dark Purple with Cartoon Characters

45. Floral Wall Cake

Unique Cake Designs

I am shocked by some of these details. I think my favorite on this list so far is number 52. It is a full 3D cake version of the Encanto house. You really need to see this, even if it is out of your budget. This cake artist deserves an award. Honestly, they already probably have a few based on the skill it took to create that, they would have to.

46. Full Floral Cake with Isabella

47. Tri-Colored Flowers with Blue Details

48. Full Fondant Cake with Character Topper

49. Full Encanto House 3 D

50. Flower Cake with 2 Characters

51. Beautifully Painted Encanto Dessert

52. Full House with Fence and Mirabel

53. Monochrome Cake

54. Grass Cake with House

55. Unique Shaped Cake with Isabella

Encanto cake ideas

56. Simple Clean Fondant Cake in Purple

57. Tall Thin Cake

58. Cute Multi-Tier Cake with Birthday Girl’s Name

59. Classic Encanto House with Topper

60. Cake with Cacti Decor

61. Cute Cake with Camila’s Name

62. Mia’s 4th Birthday Cake

63. Edible Fondant Flowers with Green Ferns

64. Fondant Molded Character Topper

65. Cute Decorated Doorway

66. Rainbow Colored Cake

Adorable Cake Ideas

Here is another great list, but this one is filled with some of the cutest Encanto cake ideas that I have ever seen. They are just so colorful, it blows my mind. I know that it shouldn’t since there is loads of color all throughout the movie…but it really does. So take a look through these and see if there is something on here that you would love!

67. Cute Cake for a Boy’s Birthday

68. Cake with Macarons on Top

69. Simple Encanto Base with Cute Topper

70. Baby Blue Cake with Floral Decals

71. Simple Cake with Plant Impression

72. Isabella’s Balcone

73. Watercolor Cake Decor with Characters

74.  3 Tone Cake with Gold Flakes

75. Delores Cake Topper

76. Detailed Blue Door On Cake

77. Purple Cake with Cacti and Flowers

78. Strong Luisa Cake

79. Cute Cartoon Cake with Flowers

80. Birthday Cake for Rosie

81. Encanto Party Desserts

Adorable Encanto Cake

82. Lined Purple Cake

83. White Cake with House Decor

84. Isabella’s Bedroom Cake

85. Large Floral Cake

86. Mirabel Shrugging Iconic Cake

Cute Themed Birthday Cake

I am guessing you are here for the Encanto birthday cake, so I figured I would dedicate a whole section to it. Below are some of the coolest birthday designs on the list. If you find something you love, make sure to screenshot or save this post to look back on it. 

87. Multiple Encanto Colors

88. Blue Cake with Golden Butterfly

89. Purple House with Decor

90. Lots of Colorful Flowers

91. Garden Isabella Cake

92. Cake with Cake Pop Decor

93. Purple Textured 2 Tier Cake with Issa

94. Yellow Cake with Twisted Decor

95. Cake for Aurora

96. Light Pink Little Flowers Coving Cake

97. Lavender Colored Texture Cake

98. Bruno Cake

99. Encanto Birthday Dessert

100. Soft Pink Rose Cake

101. Black Encanto Cake Colorful

102. The Cutest Encanto Characters

103. Encanto House with Candle

Birthday Encanto Dessert inspiration 3 examples

104. Epic Birthday Cake

105. We Don’t Talk About Bruno

106. Epic Encanto Theme with Camillo

107. Cute Subtle Encanto

108. Mini Cactus Cake

109. Salmon Pink Light Blue Door

110. Abstract Isabella Cake

111. Yellow Simple Cake with Mirabel

112. Simple Doorway

113. Mirabel Dress Cake

I hope you loved this list of Encanto cake ideas and that you found the one that is perfect for you or someone you love(aka your little one). This movie is so colorful and full of flowers and great scenery…I don’t know why I expected anything less from these cakes. But still, I was blown away.

I really believe that Disney will continue to outdo itself the way it has with Encanto, and when they do, I will happily be making a list of those cake ideas as well. I don’t know why I love writing these as much as I do, but why fix something that isn’t broken? 

Mirabel inspired millions with her unshakeable love for her family and her bravery in doing anything she could for them, including standing up to her Abuela when she deserved it. This movie became an instant classic the moment it hit theaters, and I couldn’t be happier.