Inside: Chic Paris themed party ideas you need to include to make your party go down in history.

What do you do at a Paris themed party? What do you need for a French themed party? What do you wear to a theme of a night in Paris? These are all questions that I am sure are running around your mind as you are in the process of planning your own Paris themed party.

It can be a little overwhelming to throw a party with such a chic theme. There are ways to do it, and there are ways to ruin it. I want you to succeed, so I am going to give you some of my favorite Paris themed party ideas that are sure to make your party go down in history!

Photo of the Eiffel Tower

I’ve gathered some of the best tips for theme, decoration, food, and games from our time of partying in the beautiful city of Paris. This way you have all the information you need in the convent little package of this article.

I haven’t been this excited since my Coachella themed party.

Paris Themed Party Ideas That Parisians Approve

Okay, so Parisians may not approve of any Paris themed party because for them… it may seem a bit campy. But the ideas below are what I like to consider to the cream the crop, so I imagine that is Parian were to approve of any Paris themed party ideas… it would be these. 

1. Eiffel Tower Centerpiece: Use miniature Eiffel Tower replicas as centerpieces for tables.

2. Parisian Backdrop: Create a backdrop with a Parisian cityscape or famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

3. French Flag Banners: Hang banners featuring the colors of the French flag (blue, white, and red) around the venue.

4. Parisian Street Signs: Decorate with Paris street signs to add an authentic touch of the city’s charm.

5. Balloons and Streamers: Use blue, white, and red balloons and streamers to match the French flag colors.

6. French Café Setting: Set up a cozy café area with bistro-style tables, chairs, and checkered tablecloths.

7. Parisian Lanterns: Hang decorative lanterns around the venue for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

8. Eiffel Tower Cutouts: Place Eiffel Tower cutouts on walls or around the party space for a visually appealing touch.

9. Parisian Flower Market: Decorate with fresh flowers to mimic the ambiance of a Parisian flower market.

10. French Art Gallery: Display prints of famous French artwork, such as Monet or Van Gogh, on the walls.

11. Vintage Paris Posters: Use vintage Parisian posters to add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to the décor.

12. Chandelier Lighting: Hang chandeliers or use chandelier-inspired decorations to add a touch of glamour.

13. Parisian Sidewalk Chalk Art: Create chalk art on the ground with iconic Parisian landmarks and messages.

14. French Themed Tableware: Use tableware with French motifs, such as the Eiffel Tower or fleur-de-lis.

15. Parisian Scattered Rose Petals: Sprinkle rose petals on tables or around the venue for a romantic touch.

3 different photos of Paris decorations

Decorations for a Paris Themed Party

I wanted to offer you some affordable option to include at your Paris themed party, so I found the cutest decorations Amazon had to offer. Amazon is surprisingly helpful when party planning, I got most of my 2000s themed party inspiration from here!

16. Cute Pink Eiffel Tower Backdrop

17. Beret Hat 10 Pack

18. Funny Paris Photo Props

19. Awesome Cake Toppers

20. Table Centerpieces

21. Eiffel Tower Keychains

22. Floral Garland for Photos

23. Glitter Champagne Glasses

24. Perfect Food Towers

25. Paris Sign Idea

26. Butterfly Wall Decor

27. Cupcake Toppers

28. Mini Macarons

29. Black and Pink Balloons

30. Pink and Black Balloons

Paris Themed Party Ideas: Food

The food is where you can make this party come to life. I still dream about the food I had in Paris…so make your guests feel the same thing about your party! The goal is to have them craving this food for years to come.

31. Croissant Sandwiches: Prepare assorted croissant sandwiches with fillings like ham and cheese, smoked salmon, or chicken salad.

32. Quiche Lorraine: Serve this classic French savory pie with bacon, cheese, and egg filling.

33. Mini Baguettes with Dips: Offer mini baguettes accompanied by a variety of dips like garlic aioli, herbed butter, and olive tapenade.

34. Cheese Platter: Create a delectable cheese platter featuring various French cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, and Comté.

35. Crudité Platter with French Onion Dip: Arrange a selection of fresh vegetables with a classic French onion dip.

36. Coq au Vin Skewers: Serve bite-sized portions of coq au vin, a traditional French chicken stew, on skewers.

37. Ratatouille Cups: Present individual portions of ratatouille, a vegetable stew, in small cups.

38. Escargot: For a more adventurous option, offer escargot, cooked and served in garlic butter.

39. Beef Bourguignon Sliders: Prepare sliders with tender beef bourguignon and caramelized onions.

40. Mini Crêpes: Serve sweet and savory mini crêpes with various fillings like Nutella, fruit, ham, and cheese.

41. Macarons: No Paris-themed party would be complete without these delicate and colorful French macarons.

42. Éclairs: Offer a selection of éclairs with different flavored fillings, such as chocolate, vanilla, and coffee.

43. Tarte Tatin: Serve individual portions of this upside-down caramelized apple tart.

44. Croque-Monsieur Bites: Prepare bite-sized versions of the classic French ham and cheese sandwich.

45. Profiteroles: Present these delightful cream-filled pastries drizzled with chocolate sauce.

46. Fruit Tartlets: Offer small fruit tartlets with custard or pastry cream and fresh fruits on top.

Paris themed games. Photo of 2 girls laughing

Paris Inspired Games

Lastly, I wanted to sprinkle a bit of fun into the party planning process by going over my favorite Paris themed party games. These are classy, fun, and will add such a special Joie De Vive to your party!

47. Eiffel Tower Ring Toss: Set up a ring toss game with Eiffel Tower replicas as targets.

48. French Trivia Challenge: Host a trivia game focused on French culture, history, and landmarks.

49. Parisian Pictionary: Play a game of Pictionary with French-themed words and phrases.

50. French Fashion Show: Organize a fashion show where guests can showcase their best Parisian-inspired outfits.

51. Croissant Relay Race: Divide guests into teams and have them race while carrying a tray of croissants without dropping any.

52. Moulin Rouge Dance-Off: Have a dance-off with the iconic can-can dance or any other Parisian-inspired dance.

53. French Vocabulary Charades: Play charades with French words or phrases related to the city of Paris.

54. Parisian Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt with clues leading to Parisian landmarks hidden around the venue.

55. French Mime Competition: Have a mime competition where guests can demonstrate their best mime skills.

56. French Movie Emoji Quiz: Create a quiz where guests have to guess the names of French movies using emojis as clues.

57. Eiffel Tower Puzzle Race: Set up Eiffel Tower puzzles and see which team or individual can complete theirs the fastest.

58. Parisian Painting Party: Provide guests with painting supplies to create their own Paris-themed artworks.

59. French Baguette Sword Fight: Have a playful sword fight using soft baguettes as props.

60. Paris Landmark Memory Game: Create a memory game with cards featuring pictures of famous Parisian landmarks.

61. French Karaoke Night: Sing along to French songs or classic hits during a karaoke session.

Paris themed party ideas

I could not be more excited for you to throw your Paris themed party. As someone who has been, I know what a special place it is. Not everyone will be able to visit it in their lifetime, but that is why you can bring the art of Paris to them! 

So get out there and start making these plans! You can use my ideas as the basis for your party, but it is still going to be up to you to pull it off. I know you can do it!

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