Inside : 13 Exciting Wii Games for Parties 

Fun WII party games for the whole family

If you’re looking for a fun-filled party game that everyone can enjoy, look no further than the Wii. With its wide variety of games to choose from, everyone will find something that perfectly suits their gaming taste.

You will find many options when you go through this list of the best party games for Wii, which include competitive games, dance games, and some ideas that may surprise you. Whether you’re into racing, puzzle games, or action adventures, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. 

With the Wii’s motion controls, players can get in on the action and have a blast. If you’re looking to party like a pro, here are some of the best Wii party games around. Friends who can’t physically attend the party can play with you online, too!

Competitive Wii Games

Competitive WII party games

There’s no harm in some competition! Test your friendships with these Wii party games, but don’t forget to reconcile at the end!

  1. Mario Kart Wii: This racing game is one of the most popular multiplayer experiences Nintendo has ever released, so why not invite some friends over and find out why? Go race around 16 tracks while using several characters from Mario’s world. You can also bring in some players from the comforts of their own homes with the game’s online play feature.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl:  This game is relatively easy to learn, and is a perfect game that will keep the party going all night long. Fight to the end with unique characters equipped with amazing skills. P.S. Appearance of characters does not equate to their strength.
  3. Boom Blox: Prepare yourselves to smash and throw as you experience one of the most competitive games on the Wii. Invite up to five other people or go online if everyone is too far away. Here’s a tip for you:

Each player will control a different colored block, so don’t just rush to pick “the man” because he’s blue—you may lose by mistake!

  1. Mario Strikers Charged: Simple as it looks, this sports game includes over-the-top action that is easy to pick up, yet difficult to master. Pick wisely from several different characters with distinct abilities. This game has a surprisingly high skill ceiling for a multiplayer experience that looks like it would only appeal to casual gamers. You’ll find yourself playing well into the night as you strive for goals!
  2. Wii Sports: There is no better game than Wii Sports for starting an event off on the right foot—or the left leg, as it were. The five games that you can play in this release are fun and easy to pick up.Your friendship is at stake, so you can either choose a teammate to your advantage or tweak the rules by making groupings random. Good luck and have fun!

Music and Movement Party Games for Wii

Wii games for birthday parties

Set the tone and get everyone in motion with music and movement games. These games are great for group get togethers, family game night, and they are also great workout ideas for the family!

  1. Just Dance: This dancing game is ridiculously simple to play and will have everyone up and moving in no time. It’s perfect if you want to get your party going without any stress or complicated rules. Simply match the dancer on the screen as closely as possible and rack up points for each move you complete correctly. Turn on the disco ball to hype up the atmosphere.
  2. Just Dance 2: This sequel adds even more songs and dances than its predecessor, allowing everyone in your group to jump around until they drop. The workout mode is a nice touch if you want to get in some physical activity while you’re playing around. You can also go online and battle with players from all over the world, which guarantees that things will stay competitive until the very end. 
  3. Wii Fit: This fitness game is perfect for groups because it offers a variety of exercises that can be done together. Plus, many of them are relatively easy so that anyone can join in without feeling too self-conscious. You’ll be able to track your progress over time and see how you rank against your friends. Just don’t be surprised if you’re too exhausted to party after getting pumped up on this Wii game.
  4. Rock Band 3: Have a jam session with friends at the party!  Players can take control of his or her own section through vocals, drums, guitar, or bass.  The game comes bundled with most instruments now so you don’t have to worry about buying anything extra.
  5. Wii Sports Resort: This compilation of sports games is perfect for parties because it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or skill level. You’ll be able to do everything from wakeboarding to playing volleyball together, so there’s no shortage of fun activities here. If you’re feeling competitive, you can even take on your friends in the included swordplay game! It also has online support if you want to challenge people throughout the world.

More Wii Games for Parties

game party 3 for the wii

Can’t get enough Wii party games? We still have more for you to try. These party games will get you up and moving. They are great for adults, kids, or family play time.

  1. Wii Play:  This compilation of nine mini-games is a great choice if you want to keep things light and easy. You can choose from games like billiards, table tennis, target shooting, and more. Most of them only require two players, so it’s ideal if you’re short on people or just want to mix things up.
  2. Animal Crossing City Folk: This popular life simulation game can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age. It’s perfect for party settings because it encourages players to take their time and enjoy the experience without any pressure. You can visit other players’ towns online or just chat while exploring the game. Invite as many as you can to play and make the most out of it.
  3. Punch-Out!!: Here’s another game that looks easy at first but requires a bit of expertise. Everyone regardless of age can join in on the fun. The cartoon-style graphics make it a whimsical option that’s sure to please everyone in attendance. Best of all, you don’t even need any extra controllers because the Wii Remote serves as both your punch and your joystick. Warning! Be careful when throwing those punches.

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love

  • Dinner Party Games – Food and drinks are lovely to set up the mood for dinner parties but games are the finishing touches to have the best dinner party ever. Play different varieties of games from icebreakers to risky games. The party will liven up and everyone will begin to feel more comfortable.
  • Murder Mystery Games – Level up murder mystery games with costumes and twists in the game. Players need to put their game face on as they try to solve and trick on another in order to be crowned as the game’s winner.
  • Kickass Birthday Party Games – Hosting a birthday party is stressful and challenging for adults because of the pressure of pleasing every guest. These games can help you keep the energy up and make guests experience a great time at your party.