Looking for fun space themed games? You’ve come to the right place. These galaxy party games are fun to play at a space-themed birthday party!

These space-themed games for a galaxy party had everyone at my son’s recent kids party leaving with a smile on their face. 

A collage with images of kids playing space party games and images of our galaxy birthday party.

If you are like me and have a space-loving kid in your life, chances are you’re going to throw a galaxy-themed party once the toddler birthday games & themes are done. These are some of the space-themed games that we played that were an absolute blast! 

Party Tip: Download the space party game pack I designed right here for a printable version of these games to make your party easy & fun!

These games are great for groups and kids of all ages. They are also interesting for everyone at the party, whether or not they are obsessed with space.

If you are lost in space about what entertainment to play to keep all your mini astronauts busy during the party, this list has got you covered. The ideas below will be a great starting point for games and activities to play all around the galaxy. 

Galaxy Approved Spaced Themed Games 

Strap into your rocket and get ready to blast off into a world of space-themed games. These games will have everyone involved and smiling so big all throughout the party. 

1. Hunt The Alien 

Hide a toy alien around the house before all of your guests arrive. Then, split into small groups and hunt for the alien creature. If you want you, can leave little clues or decoys around the house to deter the alien hunters on their journey.

2. Walk The Moon 

Empty two tin cans and poke two holes in the side of the can, large enough to string a long thread or rope through. You should be able to hold up the thread and balance on the tin can. The game is to see who can complete the moonwalk the fastest by getting around the obstacle course in space. Set up a course or just have the kids walk from one side of a room or field to another. Whoever can make it across the moon first wins. 

3. Alien Bowling 

This game requires you to pull out your art skills before you get started. Decorate empty bottles or cans with pictures of space or aliens. Then, fill up the bottles with different amounts of sand to create weights. Line up the cans or bottles like bowling pins and line up to see who can get a strike. The winner gets shotgun on the rocket ride! 

4. Moon Rock Hunt 

Want to go home with a moon rock survivor? You’ve got to find them first. Before the guests arrive, hide the “moonrocks” all around the house. When you are ready to play, watch the kids go and let them see who can collect the most moon rocks.

5. Moon Landing

If you’ve played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you’ll be pretty familiar with this game. The concept is basically the same, except you are trying to land the astronaut on the moon.

Whoever gets the astronaut the closest takes home the moon rocks!

6. Saturn’s Rings 

Take a beach ball and a large hula hoop and set up a line on the ground for the space explorers to stand behind.

Then, give them the hula hoop and see if they can land the “ring” on top of the ball to get the ring on the planet. To make it harder, make the line that they have to stand behind further back. 

Three images with a kids in space costume and kid celebrating a birthday party.

Space Games For A Good Time

7. Spaced-Themed Scavenger Hunt 

Travel all around the galaxy and go on a space-themed scavenger hunt. Explore the ins and outs of the Milky Way and see if you can find all of the hidden clues. 

8. Don’t Drop The Asteroid

Hot potato is a favorite party game, and this game takes inspiration just from that. The balloon, or asteroid, must stay in the air and avoid crashing into Earth. The players must keep the balloons up in the air as long as the music is playing. Whoever can keep their balloon up in the atmosphere the longest takes home the prize.

9. Outer Space Bingo

Did you know they play Bingo in outer space, too? The rules are the same as the classic game, just with a space-themed spin.

10. Rocket Landing 

Hang a hula hoop from the ceiling and hand out plain paper for everyone to make a paper airplane. Then, take turns seeing who can stick the landing and get the rocket through the hula hoop to “land their ship.”

Each round, move the starting point back further to make the landing harder. 

Space themed games for solar system kids birthday party.

25 Pages of space themed games ready to download in PDF

11. Line Up The Planets 

Use a large basket for this game:

  • Collect balls of all different sizes to represent the different planets in the solar system.
  • Divide into teams and get ready to run.
  • Each player must collect one planet at a time.
  • When the team has all of the planets, they must put them in order to win.

Fun Tip: It is up to you whether you want to include Pluto! 

Four images with kids pretending to be in space at a birthday party.


What supplies will I need to play these space-themed party games at my galaxy party?

The space-themed games will require basic supplies like balls, paper, and hula hoops. Make sure you have everything needed to go before you get going so you won’t hit a bump in the road. 

  • Paper 
  • Foil 
  • Balls of different sizes 
  • Music 
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Toy Aliens 

What age are these space-themed games for?

The games are for kids of all ages, but you may need to adapt depending on what age group you are dealing with. 

These games will give your guests a true out-of-this-world experience. Each game is better than the next and will have all of your little astronauts locked in and entertained. 

Space games for kids

I love playing these games with my space-obsessed little ones, especially this outer space bingo! The printable planet and galaxy games I designed also double as a fun family moment to play on a cold or rainy day if you are stuck inside. 

If space isn’t your thing, there are plenty of games to play at parties. Some of our favorites include Barbie games and minute to win it balloon games