2024 means the Summer Olympics in Paris are right around the corner.

Get in on the games by throwing your own competition with these printable beer Olympics brackets. 

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There is nothing like a good day of friendly competition and day drinking. If you are like me, you love to gather all of your friends and combine them into one activity with beer Olympics.

I love filling in the bracket and organizing the different teams for the games. Over the years, I’ve found it much easier to print out a bracket rather than trying to make my own for games like these.

When it comes to hosting your own beer Olympics, having a solid and understandable scorecard and bracket makes all the difference in the friendly competition.

In fact we have an entire series on the games: 

Whenever I am organizing the games, I turn to these printable brackets to make the process easier. I’ve played my fair share of beer Olympics, and let’s say, having a simple bracket and scoring system makes all the difference, especially when you are drinking all day long!

Below, you’ll find some of my favorite brackets to use when hosting a beer Olympic competition, plus my newly designed one to use this year.

Each bracket is simple to follow and quick to fill out.

If you are looking to take away from the complicated methods of organizing and keeping score, look to print out one of these brackets for your next beer Olympic games. The beer Olympics bracket will keep everything nice and simple.

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Printable Beer Olympics Bracket 

These beer Olympics brackets will help you keep organized during the fun and exciting games

1. Beer Games 

For this tournament, you’ll want to split into four teams organized by color. Then, follow the bracket to see who goes head-to-head. 

2. Double Elimination Tournament 

Have a large family or group competeing for beer Olympics? You’ll want to use this double-elimination style bracket to keep the games going. Follow the bracket to see who moves on from one stage to the next. 

3. Team Bracket 

No matter how many people you have competing, this bracket will help you get organized. This bracket gives you options whether you have 16 or 64 people competing. Keep score round-robin style, with the final team remaining taking the win. 

A ping pong ball in a cup during a game of beer pong with beer Olympic brackets in the header and footer.

Beer Olympic Brackets Made Easy

4. Fill In The Blank Bracket 

Let’s be real, when there is a lot of drinking involved, staying organized can get complicated. That’s where this fill-in-the-blank bracket comes into play. It’s simple, as all you have to do is fill in the names as you go along. Keep score round-robin style, or assign each bracket a certain amount of points. Whoever gets to the end with the most points is the champion! 

5. Team Bride v Team Groom 

Save this bracket for your next joint bachelorette and bachelor party. Team bride goes head-to-head with team groom in this beer Olympic bracket.

Give the winning team two points and the losing team one point per round. Whoever has the most points at the end takes the gold medal. 

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Do I need a new bracket for each game?

You’ll need a brand new bracket every time you play beer Olympics, but the bracket will last the full competition. 

How do I keep score for the beer Olympic?

Keeping score for beer Olympic is rather simple. If using a round-robin style system, whoever is the remaining player at the end wins.

If you want a point system, give each game a certain amount of points.

Whoever has the most points at the end takes the game. 

These printable beer Olympic brackets make organizing the games so much easier. I know I will never play without them. They keep everything easy to follow, even after a few drinks! 

If you’ve run out of ideas for what to play during the games, these beer Olympic games will give you all the inspiration you need. They’re are garnetted to give you a good time.