Inside: 31 Entertaining Unicorn Party Activities & Games. 

So your little one wants a unicorn themed birthday party filled with a bunch of fun games and activities? Well, don’t stress out! We have the complete guide to unicorn themed games right here for you.

From classic games with a whimsical twist, to DIY games that you can whip up in no time, this list has you covered. So take a deep breath and get ready to throw the most magical birthday bash ever!

Unicorn party games

Interactive Unicorn Birthday Games

These games will have the entire party up on their feet energized and ready to play!

  1. Pin the Tail on the Unicorn: Of course, we have to start out with this classic. Just like pin the tail on the donkey, except more colorful! 
  2. Horn Ring Toss: Put on the unicorn horn headband and have your teammate try and toss as many rings over it as possible!
  3. Candy Horn Stacking: In teams of two, have one player sit or lay down, while the other tries to stack a tower of candy on their forehead like a unicorn horn. Set a timer for a minute and a half and whoever has the largest tower without it getting knocked down at the end wins!
  4. Unicorn Dart Board: Toss the velcro covered, colorful balls onto a felt unicorn board. Keep track of how many points you get because whoever reaches 100 first is the winner! 
  5. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: Similar to pin the tail on the unicorn, but different. This time, you’re trying to pin something on the opposite end of the animal, while blindfolded! 
  6. Inflatable Bowling: An easy game to set up in your backyard or basement. Kids are encouraged to knock over all the pins in as many little turns as possible. Roll it, kick it, throw it, or even just run into them! Whatever it takes to get them all knocked down.

Printable Unicorn Birthday Party Games

Printable unicorn party games

Short on time? Need an extra game at the last minute? Want to be cost efficient? Enter: Printable games! They are all free downloads and all you need is a printer and maybe some scissors.

  1. Unicorn Bingo: A whimsical version of a traditional game that we all know and love. All you need is a printer, scissors, and a bowl. Every space is an image so it’s very easy for children to follow along with. Pick an image out of the bowl and whoever has it on their board can mark it. Get a whole row marked off and you win! 
  2. Unicorn Board Game: This takes so little effort to set up, it will be a go to game! Use unicorn erasers or small treats as the pieces, and roll the dice (which is also printable!) to try and get to the end.
  3. Unicorn Maze: This unicorn needs help getting back to its castle! Can you help? (Bonus points if you sparkly gel pens!)
  4. Unicorn Word Search: A magical twist on a simple and entertaining game! Perfect for a last minute activity. 
  5. iSpy Unicorn Version: Try and find the exact match in a sea of different themed unicorns! 
  6. Unicorn Drawing: With a drawing on a labeled grid, it makes it much easier to try and replicate the drawing of a cute little unicorn. It may not come out perfect, but it will be theirs! Optional: Allow them to color their own in after outlining.

Unicorn Birthday Party Games

Unicorn birthday actvities

Traditional games that have been adapted with unicorn themes to make them even more beloved and memorable.

  1. Uno Corns: Uno. The game we all know and love, except now it has a colorful, magical twist! Same high energy card game with a unicorn aesthetic.
  2. Monopoly Unicorn Edition: Instead of a thimble going around a mundane, business-like board, now you can watch your unicorn prance around a board filled with color and wonder while buying sweet treats instead of property.
  3. Hungry Hungry Unicorns: A super easy game to set up and sit back as you watch the room be filled with laughter and squeals as each child tries to get their unicorn to chomp down on the marbles that correlate with whatever one they chose. First player to eat all their corresponding marbles is the winner!
  4. Unicorn Themed Operation: Spin the wheel and see what you need to pick out of your unicorn, but don’t set off the buzzer while doing so! 
  5. Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition: A hilarious game that will have the older kids wanting to join in as well! Place the mat on the floor, mold colorful “poop piles,” spin the spinner and see how many blind folded steps you have to take. Try not to step in any piles though! 
  6. Unicorn Memory Game: Set out all the tiles with fun creatures on them and flip them over to try and match them! Whoever picks up the most matches wins. A classic memory game with a magical twist. 

DIY Unicorn Party Activities

These games have so much room for creativity, you can adjust them to fit your guests’ age group and likes. Little to no set up at all, making them the optimal unicorn party games.

  1. Unicorn Treasure Hunt with Backstory: Keep the party goers entertained with this intricate unicorn treasure hunt, complete with a backstory! Simple to set up and get going if you feel the kids are getting a bit restless. 
  2. Pass the Parcel Unicorn Version: Wrap a magical gift in the center of layers and layers of rainbow wrapping paper. Have the kids sit in a circle, and when music plays, the parcel can be passed around, but when the music stops, whoever is holding it may peel off one layer. Repeat this process until the gift is unveiled! 
  3. Unicorn Freeze Dance: An insanely easy, last minute game that only needs your phone or computer to play music! Put on a playlist of “Unicorn Songs” and have the kids dance along. Pause the music every now and then and they must freeze in whatever position they’re in. Those who move or don’t freeze are out! Keep this going until there is only one dancer standing. 
  4. Create Your Own Unicorn Horn: A cute arts and craft activity! Get construction paper, colorful markers, multicolored gel pens, glitter glue, pom poms, etc, and have the party-goers create their own unique horn! Roll it up in a cone and carefully staple or tape the edges together for a personalized craft they can go home with. 
  5. Unicorn Scavenger Hunt: Buy or print out unicorn related toys and hide them around the party space. Give each guest a clue that relates to a hidden item and have them try to find it before the day is over! So much room to get creative here so put on your magic hat and get innovative! 
  6. Colored Unicorn Shirts: Purchase plain white shirts with a magical design on them. Grab a few packs of fabric markers, and allow the party guests to decorate their shirt however they want! Will definitely keep them entertained while they express their creativeness!
  7. Unicorn Pop Fidget Toy Race: These fidget popper toys are all the rave now! For this game, get one or a couple fidget toys, and have each guest get a turn to try and pop each circle as fast as they can. Whoever gets the quickest time, wins! 

Unicorn Party Games For Older Kids

Unicorn games for parties

These games require a bit more strategy to play them. Due to their thought provoking rules, they are ideal for an older age group.

  1. Magical Unicorn Quest: A magical card game that takes you on a quest through the Magical Forest to try to locate the Golden Unicorn and the Majestic Unicorn. Whoever finds them first is the winner! But the game is not without twists, turns, and other mystical obstacles.
  2. Unstable Unicorns: A strategic card game that includes building your own unicorn army and betraying your friends in order to collect all seven magical unicorns in your play area.
  3. Reigning Unicorns: A game with tons of movement that is perfect for children and older crowds alike. The goal is to get rid of all your cards and to do so you must perform whatever action is labeled on each one. With moves such as spinning, dancing, and taunting, this one can get loud!
  4. Unicorn Unicorn Donkey!: A card game that calls for each player to flip over as many cards from the center pile as they dare. If they get a unicorn, they get to keep them; however, if they pull a donkey, they must rescind all the unicorns they earned during that turn. Whoever ends the game with the most unicorn cards is the winner!
  5. Frozen Unicorns: This is a charades kind of gameplay due to the fact that all players strike a pose while one tries to guess what on earth they are! Easy, medium and hard cards are in the deck and they get more unique as you move up levels. Can you keep your frozen pose without laughing or moving a muscle while your friend tries to guess?
  6. Blind Unicorn Drawing: A fun interactive game for older kids. Blindfold the players and have them try and draw a unicorn without looking. Whoever’s drawing most closely resembles a unicorn, wins! The bad drawings are sure to garner a ton of laughter. Kind of a win-win!

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