Inside: Celebrate with these Fun Retirement Party Games! 

Retirement parties are a chance to give your well wishes to a family member, colleague, or friend who is ready to take the next big step in their life. Add a little flair and fun to the gathering with retirement party games! From Pictionary to mini-golf to bingo, you can take almost any classic game and have it match your theme with a little tweaking. Luckily, the work has already been done for you!

Check out these 20 fun retirement party games to celebrate your guest of honor and keep the fun going!

Best Printable Retirement Games for Your Party

These printable retirement party games are great for passing around to guests. The best part? You can buy them and print them out right at home, saving you a trip to the store and the hassle of shopping for the right game. Many of the retirement party games listed here are available in convenient bundles here and here at a discounted price!

  1. Who Knows the Retiree Best?:  What’s a game without a little competition? With this fun, printable sheet, guests test their knowledge of the honored retiree. Find out which guest knows them best!
  2. Retirement Feud:  A play on the classic Family Feud, this is a game in which you guess the most popular answers to the posed questions. This is a printable game that is perfect for passing around and tallying results, and is available for purchase on Etsy.
  3. Would You Rather:  The questions in this game still fit the theme but are more general, making it perfect for every party guest, young and old.
  4. Well Wishes for the Retiree:  A mad-lib style retirement party game, Well Wishes for the Retiree is a chance for those attending to extend their well-wishes to the person of honor!
  5. Retirement A-Z:  Name a related phrase, activity, or hobby starting with A-Z. It’ll be a lot of fun to see what everyone comes up with, and who has the most creative answers!
  6. Word Scramble:  Race to see who can unscramble these words the fastest in this classic retirement party game!
  7. Scattergories:  This is a classic Scattergories activity that is fun for all ages. There are two versions: one with categories that are all related to retirement or the retiree, and one that is related to general interests.
  8. Retirement Emoji Game:  Emoji Pictionary is a big hit with all ages! Guess the cliche retirement activity based on the emojis provided.
  9. Retirement Candy Match:  The first person to match all of the candies with the correct clue wins!

Easy Retirement party games to play

Online Games For a Retirement Party

Having a virtual get-together to celebrate the retiree? There are plenty of retirement party games that you can play even if you’re not all gathered in person! These games can be just as fun online as they are in real life! Check out some great online games for your virtual party. 

  1. Online Retirement Party Bingo:  A timeless classic, you can’t go wrong with a game of bingo. Simply cross off one of the squares each time its phrase is said. 5 in a row, you win!
  2. Never Have I Ever:  For this retirement party game, everyone holds up 5 fingers and goes around saying something they have never done. If you have completed the activity, you put down a finger. If you put down all 5 fingers, you’re out!
  3. Pop Quiz:  Pop quiz time! The guest of honor will have to help with this one. Create a quiz with facts about the retiree, such as “First Job” or “First Pet.” Go around the virtual room and have everyone answer. The guest with the most correct answers wins!
  4. Mad Libs:  Share this PDF with everyone in the virtual chat room and give everyone 5 minutes to complete their Mad Lib. Go around and read aloud for heartwarming or hilarious results!

More Great Retirement Party Games

Here are a few more awesome retirement party games that are sure to entertain your guests from the moment they walk through the door!

  1. Senior Moments:  For the retiree with a good sense of humor! Try out this funny board game that tests your memory.
  2. Find the Retiree a New Hobby:  Set up several bottles or cups with hobbies taped to the side, such as “Fishing” or “Gardening.” Then, guests will attempt to either throw a ring around a bottle or toss a ball into a cup. Have fun with the different hobbies that you include in this game, and let the retiree have a go, too!
  3. Pin the Retiree on the Vacation:  For this activity, you’ll need a world map, push-pins, and printouts to pin to the map. Let blind-folded guests take turns pinning a printout of a car, suitcase, or even a picture of the retiree on the world map, choosing where they’ll take their next vacation!
  4. Bucket List Ideas:  This activity is great to have at the front door for guests to fill out as soon as they arrive. Have party-goers write an activity that the retiree should have on their bucket list, and read out everyone’s ideas while eating cake or opening gifts.
  5. “Never Have I Ever” Bingo:  For this retirement party game, you create a bingo board with life experience that guests will have to go around and find someone who has completed the experience. For example, you could put, “Been out of the country,” or “Won a scratch-off lottery ticket.” Guests will have fun speaking with and getting to know each other.
  6. Memory Bank:  Similar to the “Bucket List Ideas” activity, place a container by the front door for people to write a memory that they have of the retiree. It will be fun to reminisce and recall fond memories of the guest of honor as they move onto the next stage of their life.
  7. Mini-Golf:  This activity is perfect for any retiree that loves to play golf- and isn’t that most of them? Build your own mini-golf course that guests can play in your home or the party venue.

Best retirement party games

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