Inside: 33+ Best Party Games that are guaranteed to Amuse and Delight.

Who doesn’t love a good board game? They’re great for any group, any age, and any occasion. And when it comes to party board games, there are endless options!

We’ve narrowed these games down into a list of our absolute favorite party board games that will entertain for hours.

Trivia games, strategy games, word games… There’s a board game out there for everyone! What do your friends and family like to play? 

Best party Board Games To Play

In this list, we have games for small gatherings or for large families, as well as some that have you battling it out in teams.

Check out our list of the 35 best party board games for your next get together that’ll bring out your competitive side!

Monopoly Party Games and More Party Board Games For Game Night

Game Night Party Board Games

From the traditional board games to new challenges, there’s something for everyone in our list of party board games.

  1. Codenames:  Codenames is a challenging social word game in which two players try to find everyone on their team based only on their codenames. 
  2. Taboo:  Fast-paced, fun, and family sized, Taboo is a game in which you try to have your teammates say the Guess word without saying the Taboo word.
  3. Monopoly:  Sit down, get comfortable, and buckle up for a classic game of Monopoly! Nostalgic and always fun, Monopoly is the perfect party board game.
  4. Cards Against Humanity:  We all know it and we all love it: Cards Against Humanity is a great choice for an adult crowd.
  5. Settlers of Catan:  Settlers of Catan takes a bit of time to learn, but so addicting once you do. With tons of expansions, this game is a must for all board game lovers.
  6. Spoof:  Make up funny, fake answers to trivia questions and try to find the real answer among the jokes.
  7. Trivial Pursuit:  Trivial Pursuit is a timeless classic that the whole family can enjoy. Try out the different party board games available, such as Decades 2010 to 2020 and the Classic Edition.
  8. Jinx:  This game is a fast-paced board game that has you racing to line up your pieces, with the chance of rolling a Jinx and having to start all over again!
  9. Partners:  Partners is a 4 player game. Two teams race around the game board to reach the finishing zone first.

Simple and Fun Party Board Games

Simple & easy board games for parties

These party board games are easy to learn and quick to set up.

  1. Bamboozled:  Kind of like Cheat but with dice, this bluffing party game has you trying to beat your opponents’ scores… and lying when you don’t! 
  2. Half Truth:  Place your bets and boast your smarts! The Half Truth board game is the perfect choice for friends that love trivia.
  3. Concepts:  Easy to learn but challenging to play, Concepts is a game where you need to use the game board to communicate their secret word.
  4. Werewolf:  A game of lies and deceit. Pick out the werewolf among your friends before it’s too late!
  5. Coup:  Another game full of trickery! Try and assassinate all of the other players before you get hit. Quick, easy, and endlessly replayable.
  6. Secret Hitler:  Two sides face off in this game of intrigue, deception, and chaos.
  7. Confident?:  This party board game is trivia with a twist! Silly and surprising questions will lead to laughs all night long.
  8. Cover Your Assets:  In this competitive game, race to see who can accumulate $1,000,000 in assets first.
  9. The Awkward Storyteller:  The Awkward Storyteller is great for creative groups. Work together to create a hilarious story based on each other’s questions and answers.

Funny Adult Board Games That Won’t Disappoint

These party board games are great for an adult crowd, particularly those with a raunchy sense of humor.

  1. Off Topic:  This fun and creative board game can be either super quick or last for hours of fun. 
  2. Drawing Without Dignity:  Cards Against Humanity meets Pictionary in this hilarious adult party game.
  3. Telestrations After Dark:  This absolutely hilarious game is similar to Pictionary, but everyone plays at once and it’s wildly inappropriate.
  4. Joking Hazard:  Joking Hazard is a ridiculous comic building game with hysterical options and even funnier results.
  5. 5 Second Rule: Uncensored:  Name three items in your category before time runs out in this fast paced, hilarious party activity.
  6. Drunk-opoly:  This insane drinking game for adults is full of questions and challenges that are absolutely outrageous and not for the faint of heart.
  7. Bad People:  Bad People will have you choosing who in the group is most likely to fit the prompt. Maybe a little embarrassing, but definitely hilarious and loads of fun.

Our Favorite Family Board Games

Family Board Games for Game Nights

Looking for some party board games for family game night, family reunions, or any mixed-aged crowd? Look no further! These party board games are great for all groups and gatherings!

  1. Just One Party Game:  Just One has you work together and only lasts 20 minutes on average, so it’s great for groups with younger kids. Work together to solve the mystery words! 
  2. Giant Sorry!:  Sorry!, but giant! Have fun with this classic board game the whole family can enjoy.
  3. Spontuneous:  Does your family love to sing and dance? Then Spontuneous is for you! Easy to learn and easy to play, it’s perfect for all ages and any occasion.
  4. Phone Phever:  This fun trivia board game is filled with interesting questions and hilarious challenges.
  5. Kids Against Maturity:  This game is a family-friendly alternative to Cards Against Humanity.
  6. Tattered Tales:  Tattered Tales is a team-based game in which you collaborate to create silly stories within 2 minutes. Who will come up with the craziest story and get the most votes?
  7. Wordplay Family Edition:  Love word-based party board games? Then you’ll go crazy for Wordplay! Race to list words in a certain category beginning with certain letters.
  8. Not Parent Approved:  Similar to Cards Against Humanity, players choose the funniest answer to the selected prompt. Perfect for all ages!
  9. Hot Seat:  This hilarious game has your friends and family pretend to answer as though they were another member of the group. You’ll find out who knows you best, and who remembers all of the embarrassing things you wished they’d forgotten!
  10. Back & 4th:  Great for groups large or small, young or old, Back & Forth is an activity in which you guess the categories based on the clues provided.

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