Inside: Test your Knowledge with these 27 Fun Trivia Games for Parties. 

Who doesn’t love trivia? We know we do! Everyone loves testing their knowledge, playing with friends, and maybe coming out on the top of the scoreboard. If you’re looking for great trivia games for parties with your friends and families, then we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a history whiz, sports buff, or movie fanatic, everyone has a specialty that they love to show their knowledge of. These trivia games for parties have so many categories and formats to choose from, and have a whole load of questions that’ll keep the fun going all night. We’ve got trivia games for parties with guests of all ages and generations- because everyone loves trivia!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our list of 27 of the most fun (and hilarious) trivia games for parties!

Murder Trivia Party and Other Fun Virtual Games

Murder trivia games for parties

Welcome to the digital age, where you can play even classic games right on your phone or TV. Here are some fun trivia games for parties that you can play on your computer, smartphone, or tablet!

  1. Trivia Murder Party:  Trivia Murder Party is part of the Jackbox Party Pack, played on your computer or a gaming system and your smart phone. Silly questions, challenges, and competitions between players make it a sure hit with your friends! 
  2. Trivia Murder Party 2:  It’s so nice you have to play it twice! Here is the sequel to Trivia Murder Party with a whole new set of questions and minigames. Either one of these Jackbox packs make for great trivia games for parties.
  3. Random Trivia Generator:  Looking for a more casual activity? Throw the Random Trivia Generator up on the screen and have fun answering as many questions as you’d like!
  4. TriviaHub:  Want to try out the site that boasts itself to the be world’s #1 trivia game? TriviaHub is a platform for live trivia events. Create your own trivia games for parties that everyone will love.
  5. It’s Quiz Time:  It’s Quiz Time is another activity played on a gaming console or PC. With over 30,000 questions and hundreds of categories from pop culture to memes to movies, you can play for hours!
  6. Party Trivia:  With different play modes, 6 categories, and thousands of questions, this activity is perfect for parties and is an absolute crowd pleaser.
  7. TriviaMaker:  Create your own online game show with TriviaMaker. Great for virtual parties as well as gatherings in person, have fun with different modes and make it totally your own!

The Best Group Trivia Games

Group trivia Games

Playing with a large group? These trivia party games will work with a crowd, or with just a few.

  1. Trivial Pursuit:  A no-brainer, Trivial Pursuit is a classic board game that has been loved by trivia fans for decades. There are several versions, including Decades 2010 – 2020, Stuff You Should Know, and the all-encompassing Master Edition. 
  2. Know It or Blow It:  Know It or Blow It is a crazy fun activity for teams. Use strategy with teammates to accumulate the most points and win!
  3. Wit’s End:  Up for a real challenge? This party trivia activity has tough questions, riddles, and brain teasers across different categories. Wit’s End can also be played with teams!
  4. OK Boomer:  OK Boomer is great for groups with guests of all ages! Test your knowledge with questions from every generation.
  5. All of Us:  Similarly, All of Us is perfect to put together trivia games for parties if you have friends and family from different generations. Work with teammates of all ages to answer all of the questions and win! 
  6. I Wish I Didn’t Know!:  I Wish I Didn’t Know is full of gross and hilarious facts that you either didn’t know before, or wish you hadn’t learned! This family edition is fun for all ages.
  7. Totally Trivia:  This game has over 900 questions on topics in different categories, including TV & Film, Rock & Pop, and other pop culture facts.
  8. Wits & Wagers:  Wits & Wagers is an award winning, casino-style board game that adds a little flair to your game night.
  9. Linkee:  Trivia with a twist! Find the common link between the answers to your questions, and shout “LINKEE!”
  10. STEM Family Battle:  Kids in your midst? This family-friendly activity is both educational and fun for the younger ones.

More Great Party Quiz Games

Party quiz games

Honestly, does trivia ever get old? Here are some more trivia games for parties to keep the fun going.

  1. I Should Have Known That!:  This trivia game for parties has over 400 questions and will have everyone groaning, “I should’ve known that!”
  2. Don’t Quote Me:  How good is your memory? Don’t Quote Me has a ton of famous quotes throughout our time- can you remember who said them? 
  3. Things They Don’t Teach You In School:  Love random facts and questions? Then Things They Don’t Teach You In School is for you and your crew! For ages 17 and older.
  4. Birthday Trivia Games:  Want a game perfect for a birthday party? Consider creating one that’s themed around the guest of honor! There are a ton of printable game sheets that you can purchase, with this being just one example. Or you can just make your own! Check out this online guide to help you get started.
  5. The Killer Trivia Game:  This one is centered around murders, serial killers, and scandals, and uses a fun courtroom setting for full immersion!
  6. Confident?:  For this unique activity, you answer questions within a range. The smaller the range, the more points you get!
  7. Decades of Trivia:  This game has questions from the 80s thru today, and lasts for 8 rounds. Of all of the trivia games for parties, this one really does have pop culture questions for all ages!
  8. Ultimate Pub Trivia:   Who doesn’t love pub trivia night? Take the atmosphere and excitement home with Ultimate Pub Trivia.
  9. Sports Trivia Challenge:  For the sports fans and enthusiasts, all questions in this activity are sports-related.
  10. Is That True?!For a change of pace, Is That True?! is slightly different from your average trivia activity. Try to tell the truth between truth and fiction in this hilarious game!

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