Inside: Super fun printable games for adults to get the party started.

When it comes to fun printable games, baby showers and going away parties seem to have the monopoly on them, but that is just wrong. Printable games should be one of the go-tos whenever you are having a party of any kind! 

Not only are they super fun, but they save you time and money since they are rarely more than $10, and you can print them out right from home. There are so many different kinds that you could basically never run out of them, like these printable mystery games. They just rock.

Games bring people together. They have been proven to pull even the hermitiest hermit out of their shells and talk to others. More than that, they allow you to enjoy the company of those around you in a fun and competitive way.

There are very few reasons for you NOT to include them in your party, so why not just go for it?

I think you will find that it was one of the best decisions you could have made.

Fun Printable Games for Adults

Have I sold you on them yet? Because if not, you just wait. I have created a list of over 18 of the best printable games for adults that I could find on the internet. I made sure to include ones for basically every occasion(other than baby showers) you could need them for. They range from PG to M for Mature. The latter are some of the funniest games to play at parties. So take a look through these, and by the end, you will hear your printer running.

Fun Printable Games for Adults

This first list is compiled of singular games. These are for if you only are in the market for one or two. Before looking through these, consider the kind of party you are throwing. Is it for a special occasion, or is it just a fun get-together? I would always recommend being as on theme as you can when it comes to adding games to a party.

They just make everything feel so much more put together. Now get there and check these out!

1. Think Fast Game – For the think fast game, you have 5 minutes to come up with three answers for each category. Get your timers out, and good luck; it’s harder than it sounds.

2. Let’s Talk Numbers Party Trivia Game – Numbers are all around. This game tests your knowledge of the numbers in the world. For example, how many stripes are on the American flag?

3. Ladies Night Game – Do you like family feud? Great! This is a lady’s night feud game that will have you and your best gal pals laughing the night away. Just answer the questions, and the people that answer it with the most popular answer get the most points. 

4. Office Scavenger Hunt – If the party you are throwing takes place at the office, then you have to add this game. It will help bring you and your co-workers together while giving you all something to do at your workplace after hours.

Fun Ladies nights printables

5. Hilarious Dirty Mind Game – As we all get older, the dirtier our minds become. Put your and your friend’s minds to the test to see who has been corrupted the most over time. These questions are downright hilarious!

6. Summer True or False – I had to pair the rated R game with a PG 13 one because some of us may be throwing parties with our grandmothers present…so take a look at this fun Summer True or False game.

7. Would He Rather – This game is perfect if you throw a man a birthday bash. Because this game is all about him. See which guest has the most knowledge about the honorary birthday guy.

8. Birthday Mad Lib – Mad libs are a classic writing game where you fill in the words with funny adjectives, nouns, etc. This one is meant for adults for sure because it will expose some of your most hilarious memories with the birthday person.

9. Drunk Dice – This game will require some dice, but other than that, all you will need is this paper for direction. You take turns rolling the dice, and each side has its own commands for how much everyone is to drink.

10. Who Am I Memory Game – This is a sweet one. Who Am I is a personal memory game where everyone writes down a memory they have with the birthday person or person of honor, and they have to guess who it is.

Printable Game bundles 18+

Game Bundles for Adults

This last list is for those of you looking to make the games the main star of the show at your party. Not only are these super cute, but they are a super deal as well. Sometimes, the packs with multiple games can be daunting, but it is better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

So take a look through these and decide which ones are destined to be at your party or get-together.

11. Printable Game Pack for Her – If you are throwing a bachelorette party, a birthday party, or anything of that sort…then you can definitely count on this game pack to bring the fun.

12. Work Party Games – Work games are a must if you are throwing an office party; you already hang out with your co-workers all day, and you need something fun to focus on.

13. Summer Fun Bundle – As if summer wasn’t already fun enough. Take a look at this. 

14. Fun Ice Breaker Games – Games are the ultimate ice breakers, and this ice breaker is the ultimate game.

15. Adult Birthday Party Games – These games are meant for a birthday girl. They have purple glitter and everything.

16. Dirty Minds Bundle – These games would be an absolute blast at a bachelorette party. See for yourself. 

17. PG 13 Spring Printables – And of course, I must give you a PG 13 option after that Rated R one. 

18. Black and White Game Bundle – If you want to keep your game simple looking, these are perfect for you. They come in just black and white. Save that ink!

19. 8 Fun Games for Dinner Parties – One of the best ways to spice up a dinner party is to add some super fun games to it. Check these out.

20. Floral Printable Game – If you are throwing a party that involves some flowers, this is the game pack for you. They all match and everything. I am in love!

21. 15 Birthday Game Pack – This pack has 15 games to pick through. What a good deal!

22. 3 Couple Games

Did you find any printable games for adults that will have a time slot at your next party? I am thinking so! Because these were some of the coolest games, I have ever seen. I printed some out for myself and am not even throwing a party anytime soon. 

Party games really bring people together. Being in a group setting can sometimes be a very awkward ordeal for the people who aren’t acquainted with everybody there. But by adding games to your docket, you will help them to come out of their shells and truly have fun. 

Plus, parties tend to be more memorable when there are games. Otherwise, everyone just stands around…and where is the fun in that?