Inside: 15 Pop It Games that are Relaxing, Calming, and Fun for All Ages .

Pop It toys have become extremely popular, and for good reason! They are easy to clean, water proof, and endlessly reusable.

While they are often used as fidget toys for children, Pop It games are great for all ages. They are calming and relaxing, and helpful in reducing anxiety.

 Fun pop it games for kids

Whether you’re looking to relax after school or work, Pop It games are phenomenal stress-relievers. But more than that, they can act as great learning tools as well.

Help your child develop their reasoning, mathematical skills, and logical thinking. Pop It toys are also good for dexterity and mental health, so they are perfect for seniors as well.

We’ve put together a list of 15 Fun Pop It Games that you can play as a group, take on the go, or even play online. Check it out!

Fun Pop It Fidget Game Boards

Best Pop up fidget games

There are a lot of Pop It games that can accommodate multiple players. Trying to find a fun game for play dates, parties, or family game nights? Consider grabbing a Pop It board. If you’re searching for an activity for multiple children, we have a list of some great options!

  1. Wuxime Rainbow Push Game: This large, rainbow-colored Pop It board from Wuxime is fantastic for families. It comes with a pair of dice and space in the center to roll. Great for children and adults alike! 
  2. Push Pop Astronaut and Rocket Toy:  Have a child who loves outer space? This set of Pop It toys comes with a rocket ship and astronaut shaped toys. With bright colors in red, white, and blue, it is a great gift for kids!
  3. ZEMTAC Big Pop Game Board:  Another fun board for those playing as a family, this Pop It toy comes with rules included to help walk you through some of the awesome games you can play. Comes with four sides for four players! Great for all ages.
  4. Drieyuil Pop Game Board:  This two-player game board combines learning with fun, and it comes with matching Pop It fidget bracelets as well! It comes with instructions to help you learn how to play.
  5. Big Pop Game Fidget Toy:  This is a huge board from Xesakesi. It is close to 400 bubbles and is 15”x15”, making it a good choice for families as well. With a board this big, there are many different kinds of games you can play with fidget toys- there are so many ways to play!

More Great Fidget Pop It Game Toys
Colorful pop up game toys

Pop It games are great for focus and relieving anxiety. They’re a hit across all ages, making them great gifts as well! Here are some more Pop It toys in different styles and shapes, as well as some that you can bring with you anywhere.

  1. Mini Pop Fidget Toys – 3 Pack:  This pack of three fidget Pop It toys are great for travel and come with wrist straps for your child. This quiet toy is perfect for a child to take to school or another public place that might make them stressed or anxious. 
  2. Pop Its for Gamers:  If you have a child that is a gamer and drawn to certain objects, try out some Pop It boards in familiar shapes. This set of Pop It toys comes with four Nintendo Switch shaped toys, while this set comes with three shaped like controllers.
  3. Fidget Puzzle Pop It Game:  This toy is two activities in one! With multiple pieces that have to be put together in the game board, it’s both a puzzle and Pop It toy. Old games meet new with this Tetris-style fidget game!
  4. Pop Fidget Toys Pack:  Have a child that loves to accessorize and dress up? This Pop It toy pack comes with a shoulder bag shaped toy that you can take on the go. This pack also comes with a ton of other fidget toys besides Pop Its, and might make great party favors!
  5. 16 Piece Mini Pop It Game Set:  This set comes with 16 mini Pop It toys with chains to attach to bags, if desired. Perfect party favors, stocking stuffers, or to keep in your bag.

Pop It Game Online Options

Best online pop it games

Online Pop It games are great options if you do not want to have to go out and buy a physical toy. Additionally, online games and apps often have relaxing music and color schemes that are very soothing and appealing. Plus, these games are often free to play! Take a look at some Pop It games that you can play online.

  1. POP IT Fidget Toy Game:  This online game has relaxing music, instructions that are easy to understand, and multiple rounds to keep you engaged. It is just as relaxing as physical Pop It games, and is perfect for children who may be playing with these toys for the first time. 
  2. Pop It Master:  This site from Lagged has a ton of Pop Its to play with! Once you clear one, you’re onto the next. With a variety of shapes and colors, and with a pleasant backdrop and background music, it is a truly great online activity for all ages.
  3. Pop It:  Yad has also created a fun online Pop It game that you can access for free. Quiet sound effects and multiple shapes to choose from make it fun for hours as well as a very calming experience.
  4. Pop It Fidget:  Another site provided by Yad, this Pop It Fidget game has multiple levels and a very simple layout. If you’re looking for no frills or fuss, just game play, then this is a great option for you!
  5. Pop It Bubble Game:  Available on, this Pop It Bubble Game has a few different themes to choose from. One super fun thing about this online activity is a cute Bubble Wrap theme! It has great sound effects and a refresh rate that keeps the game going for as long as you’d like to play.

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