Inside: Our Favorite Christmas Board Games for Holiday Fun.

Tis’ the season for family fun and holiday spirit. One of my favorite holiday activities is frequent game nights, which ALWAYS include hot chocolate and sweet sugar cookies. It is one of my all-time favorite traditions.

We obviously love games, but during the holiday season, we seem to play more games than ever.

Usually, it’s our favorites in heavy rotation but we love throwing some festive themed board games like these Christmas boards that are perfect for the holiday season.

Christmas board games

Our Favorite Christmas Board Games for Holiday Fun

The Santa Claus Game: Each player chooses a sleigh full of teddy bears, dolls, and treats. As your children play the game they will deliver presents, sing holiday songs, and twirl like a snowflake.

Christmas Trivia Game: Five categories test your knowledge of carols, movies, the North Pole, traditions and stocking stuffers

Christmas Journey Board Game: Christmas can’t start until this courageous trio returns all the toys to the North Pole, so they can be delivered to a lucky boy or girl. Gather your friends as you all journey through an icy winter wonderland on your quest to the Island of Misfit Toys and back to ol’ Saint Nick’s workshop. Who will be the first to help Santa?.

Holiday Memory Challenge: Deck the halls with the Holiday Edition of Memory Challenge and enjoy a new twist on the world’s most popular matching game.

Christmas board games

Christmas Carol Board Games to Buy

The Christmas Express Game: All Aboard! Will you be the first player to the top in this mad dash to the North Pole? You’ll have to avoid the Hustle Bustle, the Reindeer Crossings, and the Snow Storms. A simple plan or clever strategy might get you there or you may need help from Santa himself! Take a trip on a magic train and share the fun-filled ride with family and friends.

Christmas-Opoly: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Get your lights up, your presents wrapped, gather family and friends and pop the lid off the Late For The Sky Christmas-opoly Board Game.

Santas Sleigh Ride: The object of the game is to race other “Santas” throughout the world, stopping at highly populated cities along the way to deliver gifts. The first player to arrive back at the North Pole wins the game. But, watch out! Your journey along the Candy Cane Path will be filled with a few twists and turns.

Happy Holidays Carol Game: The games make excellent hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, and last-minute gifts.

Christmas board games

Board Game Christmas Ornaments

Board games don’t have to just be for playing. If you love board games like us and play them all the time. Then why not celebrate those family traditions with the cutest of board game Christmas ornaments.

1. Uno Garland: Okay first of all I am obsessed with this cute idea. This tree would go perfectly in your family game room.

2. Monopoly Tree: If you love monopoly then this tree is for you.

3. Mini Trouble Game: I love this board game Christmas ornament!

Board Game Christmas Ornaments

4. Born to Play: If you love all the games then this is such a fun ornament.

5. Gaming Garland: Dice, Dominoes, and Numbers what a fun garland!

6. Mini Monopoly Board: How cute!

7. Bingo Ornament: This is such a great ornament gift to get your bingo night ladies.

Christmas Ornaments

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