Inside: Guessing games have never been so fun with these children’s book emoji Pictionary answers games.

Emojis: these cute characters are everywhere! It’s easy to see why – they are truly adorable and can add so much fun to your messages. Children especially get a kick out of emojis, and as a result, some creatives have transformed these digital characters into Pictionary games!

Emoji Pictionary works in pretty much the same way as traditional Pictionary. However, instead of drawing out images and then guessing a phrase, you’ll have to guess what a group of emojis stands for.

There are so many different themed emoji Pictionary games out there.

Whether you’re looking for nursery rhymes, fairy tales, baby books, or animal-themed stories, there is something for every taste.

Children's Books Emoji Pictionary Answers

You can use children’s books emoji Pictionary games at your child’s next birthday party, slumber party, or after-school get-together.  If you’re looking for a creative and fun way to entertain your kids, they’re going to go crazy over these game ideas!

Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary

  1. Children’s Book Emoji Pictionary with Answers: Download and print this emoji Pictionary game. Filled with story titles such as the classic Dr. Seuss title Green Eggs and Ham, Goodnight Moon, and 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, your little ones will jump up and down themselves when they get an answer right.
  2. Free Printable Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary Quiz: These Pictionary games aren’t just for you kids – you can also use these games as a fun baby shower quiz game. This list is free and ready to download and print with the click of a button. Book titles include Rainbow Fish and The Three Little Pigs!
  3. Children’s Book Emoji Pictionary with Yoda: These books aren’t necessarily Star Wars themed, but there is an adorable picture of baby Yoda on the game card and answer key! The Star Wars lovers in your lives will love this one.
  4. Free Printable Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary with Answer Key: This emoji Pictionary option features up to 20 different children’s books titles to guess. This is another option that would work well as a fun baby shower game! Titles include The Giving Tree and Alice in Wonderland!
  5. Children’s Book Picture Emoji Game: This emoji Pictionary option features a really attractive game card with scripted font and high-quality emoji pictures on it! Print out enough copies for all of the players for ease of use.

Emoji Pictionary

  1. Baby Books Emoji Pictionary: This collection of baby books to play with emoji Pictionary is perfect for young children! It’s a great game to pull out at your small child’s next birthday party. Our favorite is the adorable images the game creators choose for Charlotte’s Web.
  2. Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary with Basketball:  Your sports-loving kids will get a hoot out of the basketball design of this Pictionary game card! This would be the perfect addition to any sports-themed birthday party. The books on the list aren’t sports-centric, but the playing cards are! Book titles include classics like One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.
  3. Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary – Instant Download: Instantly print out this emoji Pictionary game whenever you need it! If you’re in a crunch on a rainy day, or need just one more party activity for your child’s upcoming bash, this one’s a lifesaver. How cute is the clue for Where The Wild Things Are?!
  4. Halloween-Themed Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary: This adorably spooky Pictionary game card will take your child’s Halloween party to the next level! Like some of the other themed cards on this list, the books aren’t Halloween-themed, but rather general to give all players the chance to guess.
  5. Whimsical Gold Emoji Pictionary: This emoji Pictionary game features all of the children’s books titles that you know and love. Plus, the game card features whimsical and sparkly stars across the top. It would go great at an outer space-themed party!
  6. Floral Emoji Pictionary Game With Scoring System: This floral-themed Pictionary game card would work best for your older children! If your kids love flowers, they’ll love this gorgeous game card. There is also a cute scoring system next to each clue. If you guess correctly, color in the heart under “Right.” If you miss the clue, color in the heart under “Wrong.” It’s a great way to keep track!
  7. Fairy Tale Emoji Pictionary: Is your favorite fairy tale on this list? Find out by downloading this free printable chock full of over 15 fairy tales to guess from. Favorites include The Snow Queen and The Emperor’s New Clothes!

Emoji Nursery Rhymes

Emoji Nursery Rhymes games

  1. Free Printable Baby Shower Nursery Rhymes: Emoji Pictionary: nursery rhymes edition! We love the idea of playing this game at a baby shower. It’s a unique way to celebrate – and it will put you and your friends’ nursery thyme knowledge to the test! Plus, it’s a free printable.
  2. Pink and Gold Nursery Rhyme Emoji Quiz Game:  If you have a pink and gold-themed baby shower to go to, bring along this sweet nursery rhyme emoji Pictionary game! This option is a little bit different in that you need to match the correct combination of emojis with the nursery rhyme (that’s already written out for you). It’s worth checking out!
  3. Sing Me An Emoji: Nursery Rhyme Edition!:  These game cards are seriously adorable! This Sing Me An Emoji game features 16 nursery rhymes to guess from. The playing card itself has several cute elephants as well as falling raindrops. It would make a fun addition to a baby shower, or a toddler’s party!
  4. Emoji Nursery Rhyme Quiz With Woodland Animals: The woodland animals at the top of this emoji nursery rhyme quiz makes this game even cuter. It’s another great option for a baby shower game! This printable includes both Pictionary formats: fill in the blank and multiple choice.
  5. Pink or Blue Emoji Nursery Rhymes Pictionary Game: IF you’re looking to throw a gender-specific baby shower and need some pink or blue accessories, this emoji nursery rhymes game would make a great addition!

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