Inside: The most entertaining donut party games. 

Everyone loves a good donut! Whether it’s a classic glaze, or a chocolate with sprinkles, or jelly-filled, it’s hard to find someone that will turn down one of these yummy treats.

With that being said, there are also a ton of games that can be played with the dessert! I know mom typically says to not play with your food, but with a treat as fun as a donut, I think she’ll let that rule slide for these games.

The fun decorative design of donuts paired with their delectable flavor makes it hard for anyone not to have a good time when they’re involved.

Not only are there games that use donuts to play, but there are a bunch of donut themed games as well! And even if you’re not using real donuts as a part of the game, you can give out donuts as a prize for the winner.

Donuts for everyone!

Best donut games for kids parties

Donut Party Games

These are some entertaining, a-GLAZE-ing donut games to play with the food! You don’t even need a ton of supplies, just a dozen or so donuts from your favorite bakery, and some other easy-to-find, inexpensive materials that will make for incredible party games!

  1. Donut on a String: Make sure to grab donuts with a hole in the center for this activity! Loop string through the middle and tie it to a structure above the players heads. On the count of three, all contestants eat the entire donut without using their hands or having it fall to the floor. 
  2. Donut Relay: Teams of 4-5 players will get one donut. Create a finish line a few feet away from the start and the first player will hook the donut on the end of a spoon and bite the other end to keep the donut balanced. They must walk to the finish line and back and transfer the donut to the next person’s spoon without using their hands and without it dropping. First team to have all their members complete the relay are winners!
  3. Donut Hole Shooting: Fun doesn’t have to be expensive! Grab a few plastic bowls of different sizes and a box of donut holes. Give each player a handful of donut holes that they will try to shoot and get into the plastic bowls, each with their own point amount. Whoever gets the most points wins.
  4. Pin the Sprinkle:  A sweet twist to a classic game!  Each player must place their designated sprinkle onto the donut while blindfolded, a great game for little kids!
  5. Donut Themed Bingo: Play Bingo as you normally would, but with these sweet boards! Whoever gets bingo first can get a donut themed prize, like a box of donuts!

Donut Games

You donut know how fun these games are when played with a bunch of friends! Perfect for a donut themed birthday party or any other time of the year where you just feel like having a little extra sweetness in your life.

Donut games

  1. Donut Bean Bag Toss: The perfect donut game for either an outdoor party or an indoor party! And with two sides and two different tossing games, the fun will be endless with this activity. 
  2. Donut Prize Punch Game: Fill each of the 16 compartments up with a prize, and have all the guests come up to the board and choose a hole to punch! Whichever one they choose, they receive the prize that’s within.
  3. Donut Piñata: No party is complete without a piñata! Fill this giant donut up with goodies and give each party goer a chance to hit the donut and try to break it so it can rain down treats on everyone.
  4. Sprinkles Scratch Off: Hand one of these scratch off tickets out to all the party guests, and at a certain point during the event, everyone scratches theirs at the same time. Whoever uncovers a donut with sprinkles on their card, wins a prize!
  5. Pass the Donut: Grab a donut plush toy and play some music, have the players stand in a circle and pass the donut around and around until the music stops. Whoever is holding the donut when the music pauses, is eliminated! Repeat the process until you have a winner.

Donut Puzzles

Go nuts for these mentally stimulating donut themed puzzles! From easy 300 piece puzzles to the challenging 1000 piece ones, there are plenty of options no matter how skilled your are at puzzles.

  1. 300 Piece Delightful Donut Jig-Saw: Complete with large puzzle pieces, try and see how long this will take you to put together! 
  2. 500 Piece Donut Puzzle: If the 300 piece puzzle was too much of a breeze for you, try your hand at this 500 piece one! With a ton of vibrant colors, it will definitely pose more of a challenge.
  3. Donut 1000 Piece Puzzle: This one is for the donut lovers and the puzzle experts. 1000 pieces and a medley of colors will certainly test your puzzle skills and make you use your brain. 

Entertaining Donut Games

These donut games are a “hole” ton of fun for everyone who is playing! Kids and adults will crack a smile playing these games. 

Entertaining donut birthday party games

  1. Donut Memory Game: Cats and donuts? Yes, please! This memory matching game is fun for everyone!
  2. Donut Playing Cards: Now you can play all your favorite card games with this delectable donut themed set!
  3. Busy Busy Bake Shop: This game is perfect to teach children fine motor skills, counting, and more! The objective of the game is to get four donuts in a row before the sneaky, hungry mouse can run off with all of them.
  4. Go Nuts For Donuts: A fun card game that the entire family can enjoy! Each player starts off with number cards and the donut cards are placed in the middle. Players secretly bid on which card they want that would award their deck the most points, but if more than one player bid on the same donut card, no one gets it! Add up the points and whoever has the most is the winner of the round.

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