Inside: Best Prizes for Your Party Game: Ideas and Tips

I know better than anyone how long your list of to-dos is when you are throwing a party. You have to invite people, decorate, get food, plan games…there is A LOT. But the fun of the party is so worth it in the end when everyone is together and having a blast. 

Every time that I plan a party, I always forget one thing: Prizes! When you plan games for people, it’s always more fun to have a prize to give the winners, that way; they have something to motivate them to play harder. Yet, I always forget. Then I have to spend the day of my party trying to find time to go and pick something up that is never as good as it could have been.

Best Prizes for Your Party Game

I am helping you avoid that today. I made a list of the best prizes for your party game. Take just 10 minutes out of your day to add a few of them to your cart based on the theme and age bracket of your party. You will love these, and so will the winners.

Best Prizes for Your Party Game: Kids

I thought it best to start with the kiddos. This first list is full of some of the cutest prizes that the kids attending your party will love. Each one is small and perfect for combining together to make a gift bag. I have found that if you have more than one thing mixed together, kids will be excited to look through it no matter how fancy. So take a look at these.

1. Sensory Slinkies

2. Cute Animal Erasers – These are too cute, I might even need some, and I am 22 years old. No shame in my game.

3. Novelty Ice Cream Toy

4. Light Up Rings

5. Little Popper Pack – These are the kinds of things that would work great if you added them together with other things. 

6. Cute Patterned Slap Bracelet

7. Big Pack of Mini Stuffed Animals

8.  Bubble Pack

9. Spinning Light Up Bracelet

10. Rainbow Slime Pack – These are cute and all until they smear into the carpet. But hey…hopefully, your child isn’t the winner of this!

11. Halloween Rubber Ducks

12. Dinosaur Toy Pack

13. Squishy Palm Sports Ball

14. Arts and Craft Bookmark – These scratch-off book marks are too cool! I think the coolest prizes are something that they will be able to work on later, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

15. Light Up Spinning Top

Cool Prizes for Teens

Cool Prizes for Teens

Now, if you are throwing a party where there will be lots of teens, your prizes are going to look different from the ones above. I have a great collection of some perfect prize options for teenagers that will have everyone fighting to be the winner. Take a look and pick a few different ones for second and third place as well.

16. Cute Bracelet Pack

17. Sticker Collection – Teens love stickers, this is a fact. Take a look at this sticker bundle to see why.

18. Bowling Finger Game

19. Satisfying Kinetic Sand – I know so many teens these days that love this stuff. I get it, it is ridiculously satisfying and overall a wonderful time for anyone who gets their hands on kinetic sand.

20.  Trippy Lava Pen

21. Simple Journal

22. DIY Journal Collage – You can never go wrong with a journal, and this one is so unique!

23. Spa Face Masks

24. Fidget Rings

25. Throw Throw Burrito Game

26. Moon Light

27. Food Snack Box

28. Neon Gaming Sign

29. Mini Basketball Hoop – This would be perfect for any teen. It’s a game for winning a game!

30. String of Lights

Affordable Gift Options

Best Prizes for Your Party Game: Adults

Adults are a little more fun to get prizes for. There are so many awesome little gadgets and things online that many people would love to have but don’t want to spend the money to get it for themselves. This list is full of items like that. I especially love the burrito blanket…I would have never thought about this, but now I need one in my life!

31. Electric S’mores Maker

32. Burrito Blanket

33. Cute Funny Apron – I need this like yesterday.

34. Perfume Set

35. Bonsai Starter Kit – Bonsais are a fun and calming craft that takes months of work to achieve. It’s super cool.

36. Halloween Coloring Book Idea

37. Bedside Lamp

38. Picnic Blanket

39. Shower Bombs – I love the idea of bath bombs, but I don’t have a bath…so the next best things are these shower bombs. Not only are they cute, but they smell amazing.

40. Wine Puzzle Holder – You have to solve a puzzle to get the wine. 

41. Amazon Gift Card

42. Funny Notepads

43. Bluetooth Unique Sleeping Mask

44. Back Massage Pillow – I need this one as I am writing this.

45. Golf Pen Gift Set

Affordable Gift Options

Throwing a party is already spendy enough without having to go and spend another $50 on prizes. A good prize does not have to be super expensive, and these ideas are the perfect example of that. I think the mini massage gun is super cool for those of you who are throwing a party for older people!

41. Soft Slippers

42. Elvis Presley Cat – I know this one is hilarious, but it’s cute too.

43. Blue Glass Rose

44. Beard Kit for Men

45. 6 Pack Scented Candles – I’ll take 6 packs of these for myself, thanks.

46. Cute Little Portable Mug

47. Mini Massage Gun – Yeah, I know I am getting older because this sounds like heaven. 

48. Spa Kit

49. Hummingbird Decorative Hanger

50. Adorable Gift Set – I am truly obsessed with these sets. What do you think?

Pre-Made Gift Sets

And lastly, if you want your prize to feel put together but don’t feel like PUTTING one together yourself, then you will find exactly what you need here. Each of these in the final list below are nice sets that are very affordable. If any of these were up for grabs at a party I went to, I would be fighting to win those games.

51. 300 PCS Toy Pack

52. Party Favor Pack

53. Cute Light Up Ring Pack

54. Small Class Kaleidoscope Pack

55. Lego Flower Set

56. Paint Set

57. Pedicure Set

58. Foot Soaker

59. Natural Nurture

60. Bath and Body Set

61. Picnic Basket Set

62. Burts Bees Set

63. Popcorn Set

64. The Body Shop Set

65. Cute Tea Set

Okay, the last one is something that I may need to just add to the cart and buy for myself. I love it, and I bet your winners will too. Adding prizes to your party games gives your participants something to look forward to and try hard for.

Studies show that people have more fun playing games when there is an external motivation driving them. I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty driven about winning that Burt’s bees set. So I hope you enjoyed this list of the Best Prizes for Your Party Game. 

If you still need to pick the GAMES, I can help you with that. I love keeping up to date on all of the most popular challenges and whatnot, so I have compiled some of the most popular party games that will keep your party thriving! Check it out.