Fun Minute to Win It Valentine Games

Inside: Minute to Win It Valentine Games Ideas.

Love is in the air and these Minute to Win It Valentine games are perfect for the season. During this candy-filled, love fest of a holiday, there seems to be a never-ending slew of parties, gift exchanges, and celebrations.

Whether you’re prepping for classroom celebrations or a fun couples date night, these games are perfect to set the loving tone. With just a few different festive supplies, you can have a night full of fun.

Minute to Win It Valentine Games

Minute to Win It Valentine Party Games

Love Connection: Prep your game by cutting paper or foam hearts into two pieces, almost like broken hearts. Players must successfully match all of the heart pieces in less than 60 seconds. This game can be harder than it looks! For more of a challenge, create puzzles with similar cuts, and mix the pieces around so that some are upside down at the start of the game.

Heart-a-Stack: Using the conversation hearts, players must stack as many as they can in 1 minute. If your pile falls over you have to start over. At the end of 1 minute, the player with the tallest stack wins! I tried this, and I must say that it’s harder than it sounds!

Minute to Win It Classroom Valentine Games

Candy Face: Each player has 1 minute to move a conversation heart from their forehead down into their mouth without using anything! Only their face. No hands. Place the candy between your eyebrows and with your head back, scrunch and move your face muscles and nose and lips, to move the candy down to your mouth and eat it!

Heart Transplant: Players use a Valentine straw to suck up and hold conversation hearts to the straw to move them from plate to plate. Whoever can move the most hearts from one plate to the other in a minute wins!

Minute to Win It Valentine Games for Kids

Heart Relay: You will have two teams with two players on each team. Using a large popsicle stick, the first team member for each team will stack three candy hearts on top of each other. They will carefully walk to their teammate. Give the teammate the popsicle stick and hearts and repeat the steps back to the other side.

Heart Drop: You will need a water bottle, plastic tongs/tweezers, and a pile of conversation hearts. The player will see how many candy hearts they can pick up and drop into the bottle in one minute.

Easy Valentine Games for Kids

Cupids Arrow: Place the bowl or tray at one end of the playing area. 2-3 feet behind it (more or less) place a masking tape line. The player must stand behind the line, and use the straw they must “shoot” cupid’s arrow (aka- Q-tip) and try to get as many arrows as they can into the bowl or tray. You will also need a bowl of Q-tips by each player.

Bouncing Hearts: Before the party, cut a hole in a Square Gift Box then put a paper heart shape around the hole. At the party, the players will use Valentine bouncy balls to see who can bounce the most balls into the hole in a minute. The player with the highest number wins!

Blow Me a Kiss: In 1-minute players need to blow up their balloon and then use the air in the balloon to blow over a row of empty cups. Players can continue to blow up the balloon and knockdown cups as many times as they can in 1 minute. Will they have enough air? Most cups knocked over wins!

Valentine Games for Couples

Here are a few fun Minute to Win It games for adults. Perfect for couples game night!

Don’t Break My Heart Relay: Place a plastic cup that is filled with conversation hearts at one end of the room and then place an empty plastic cup at the other end. Each person has 1 minute to move as many conversation hearts from one cup to the other using only a plastic spoon.

Cute Minute to Win It Valentine Games For Couples
Cupid Shake: Wiggle and giggle with this silly Cupid Shake game! Using a decorated box, a ribbon, and some ping pong balls, create this fun game. Tie the box around your waist and set the timer. The first player to shake all the ping pong ball out of their box, wins! 

More Fun Minute to Win It Game Ideas

  • Games to Play at Home – Give the term “homebody” a whole new meaning! With these crazy fun Minute to Win It Games to play at home. Whether it’s a long weekend in, or perhaps the snow or rain prevents you from going outside these at-home games are perfect to fill up the days with laughter and fun. Most of these supplies you will probably have around the house anyway, which makes prepping super easy. Split the family up into two teams and go head to head with these Minute to Win It Games.
  • Easy Minute to Win It Games – Here we are again with the perfect round-up for Minute to Win It Games. I think it’s safe to say that Minute to Win It is one of my favorite party games to play, they are fun, simple, and perfect for a good time! These easy Minute to Win It games are full of creative fun and are perfect for your next game night with friends or family.
  • Minute to Win It Games for Kids – I love a good game night, obviously! But we have really been into Minute to Win it style game lately. They are fun quick-paced and usually provide LOTS of laughs! These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group. They are all easy to play, pretty inexpensive to prep and are SO much fun!

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