Inside: Our Favorite Wooden Board Games.

If it isn’t obvious by now, we love games around here. We firmly believe that gathering around a board game can bring anyone together, which is why I make sure to always have a game out and ready to play. One of my favorite types of board games to keep out is a stylish wooden board game.

They fit in perfectly and make it easy for a game at any time. Check out our favorite wooden board games that everyone will enjoy!

Favorite Wooden Board Games

Our Favorite Wooden Board Games

Horse Race Wooden Game: This racing horse game involves moving small wooden figures along a wooden track. Great for people of any age, this game requires very little strategy, as it’s all about luck – just like a typical horse race. You roll a dice and move your horse according to the number that you get. If you reach the end of the board with your horse first, you win!

Otrio Board Game: If your kiddo loves games that make them think and leave their heads scratching, then the Otrio Board Game will be their new favorite. The rules of the game are simple, to win the game you need to get 3 pieces of your chosen color in a row.

Favorite Wooden Board Games

Wooden Tic Tac Toe: Tic Tac Toe fun for the whole family classic board games, it’s is one of the most popular games that is a brilliant addition to any family’s game night. Enjoy hours of fun challenging your friends and family to a feisty game of tic tac toe.

Mancala: The game dates back thousands of years ago and is said to have originated in Ancient Egypt. Mancala can be played by two players or two teams. The playing board has two rows, each containing six recessed circular spaces, as well as one larger recessed oblong space (also called the “home”) at either end.

Wooden Board Games Perfect for Game Night

Shut the Box Dice Game: Any party throw the dice, the flop is based on the number you are throwing, you can turn up one or two cards at a time, and the sum of numbers must be the number of the dice And then the second party throw the dice, the flop is based on the number you are throwing, you can turn up one or two cards at a time, and the sum of numbers must be the number of the dice

Until one of the parties can not make the remaining number of cards equal to the total number of throwing dice will be the loser, and then you can restart the game

Favorite Wooden Board Games

Wooden Desktop Hockey Game: I love this game, it is so funny! Each team has 5 chess pieces. Hold your fingers on the chess pieces and pull them back with rubber bands. Release your fingers to eject the chess pieces forward. Aim at the hole and shoot through the hole to the opponent. If you occupy theother side completely, you will be the winner. Two out of three sets match also can be adopted. Proper interaction with parents is an artifact for friends and family to decompress and entertain.

Wooden Memory Chess Game: Great educational toys for kids. It can helpfully improve kids’ thinking ability through the game. Made of safe and non-toxic wooden material, allow you to use with reassurance. With a painted smooth surface layer, it does not hurt kids’ hands easily.
Brand new and high quality.

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