Inside: How to play the toilet paper bridal shower game from supplies to winning!

Getting married is such a beautiful celebration. Many people think of their wedding day as one of the happiest days of their life, and it totally is.

But the way I see it, a wedding is more than just one day. It’s everything leading up to it as well.

From the moment your partner gets down on one knee to the moment you walk down the aisle…and of the things that come in between. The married is the whole experience, not just the single day. 

Toilet Paper Bride Game for Showers

There are so many parties to be thrown before that big day. You have your engagement party, your bachelorette party, and of course the bridal shower! So many days to look forward to, all of which include laughs, love, and tons of games. If you are in the middle space between the proposal and hearing the church bells then you clicked on the right article.

Today we are going to discuss Bridal Shower Games, specifically the BEST Bridal Shower Game of all time.

Drum rolls please…

the Toilet Paper Game!

Okay okay, you may have heard the sound of a disappointed trumpet after that reveal. But that Wahh Wahhhhh, is completely unjustified.

Though it may sound sort of iffy, the toilet paper game is a must-have at your bridal shower. Need convincing? That’s easy. Let’s discuss what exactly this game is, by the end of it you’ll be heading out to buy the supplies just you wait.

What Is the Toilet Paper Game?

As the best games usually are, this one is pretty simple. The purpose of the game is to create a wedding dress for your opponent under a time limit. Of course, there is a catch. A truly hilarious one at that. You have to create this wedding dress using…you guessed it…Toilet paper.

Using only tape to hold it together, you and your team race against time to create the best dress to wear down the aisle. The real bride chooses the winner at the end! This silly game is guaranteed to bring about laughter and memories that you’ll hold onto forever.

Pro Tip: don’t throw away the dresses when you’re done.

We all know how it feels to run out of toilet paper, stash them into a closet and pull one out the next time you inevitably run dry, and you can laugh all over again. That will be one hilarious group chat message!


Sure it may seem simple, and you can certainly use what you already have at your house…but I recommend going out and stalking up on the items below. It takes surprisingly a lot of TP to create a winning dress, I’ll have you know. It doesn’t have to be the fancy stuff, in fact, I recommend just buying in bulk next time you’re at a Costco. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Toilet Paper(Duh)
  • Tape(Double Duh)
  • Timer
  • A bride to play judge

Just to be safe, plan on getting at least 3 rolls per dress being made. This may be a little too much, but you can never have enough toilet paper lying around.

How to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper

How To Play

Okay, the fun begins.

To start, get your teams together. You’re going to want a team of 3 people. 2 to create, and 1 to model.

Next, Once you have your teams, make sure that you have all of your supplies ready. You’re not going to have much time to make this dress, so be as prepared as a NAS Car Pit Crew. Lay everything out and start brainstorming your ideas.

Start the timer for 15 minutes. That’s right, 15. You may be thinking, that’s plenty of time. I can create a dress fit for a queen in 15 minutes! I’m loving the confidence but let me tell you…it’s much harder than it seems. Time goes by very quickly, so make every second count.

After the fifteen minutes are up, everyone steps back from your masterpieces. Now it’s time for our Bride-to-Be to BE the judge. To make this even more hilarious, create a fake aisle in the room, play the “here comes the bride” song, and take turns walking down towards your judge as if you were a runway model.

The winner gets whatever prize bundle you’ve put together.

Make sure to get all the mummified brides together to immortalize the moment with a photo, you just have to!

Toilet Paper Dress Insporation

Toilet Paper Dress Inspiration

And there you have it, the infamous Toilet Paper Bride Game. I told you it would be fun. Now get to the store and buy copious amounts of toilet paper and tape. If anyone looks at you funny, just smile and simply say, “I’m getting married.” And revel in the confused faces. Oh and one more thing, congratulations!

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 toilet paper bridal shower game

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