Inside: Hilarious dad themed party ideas for Father’s day, birthdays or just because. 

Dads are funny, and I’m not talking about their cheesy jokes. They’re funny objectively. There are so many things that Dad do universally that they’ve become like this kind of inside joke, and I am living for it.

One of the best ways to celebrate our hilarious dads is by throwing them a party. But not just any party…a dad-themed party! If you are having a hard time picturing this, don’t worry. I am going to walk you through it from decor to snacks, to the outfits.

Father Party Ideas

Throwing a dad-themed party is pretty simple: Deck the house with the things they love. There are a few things that stereotypical dads just go crazy for that act as the perfect jumping-off point. Things like football, beer, golf, and BBQs to name a few. So below I have included some ideas that fit under all of those themes!

As for the outfits(I know you locked in on that one earlier), this is one of the best parts. On the invite, let everyone know that they have to dress up like a Dad to get into the party.

Then when your dad gets there, he’ll be looking out into a sea of look-alikes. It’s hilarious and a great way to bring people together.

So take a look through these awesome ideas, and have your notebook ready. Because you are gonna want to write this down!

Funny Father’s Day Party Ideas

1. Beer-Themed Table – Dads loves beer, this is a fact. By itself, this is a normal, boring statement. But when you create a whole beer-themed table things get bumped up a notch. Take a look at this one for creative inspo for building your own!

2. Golf Themed Beverage Cart – Golf is yet another one of those token Dad staples. There are many ways that you can include this into your party that I’ve included in this list but this beverage cart is the perfect one to start it off.

3. Golf Birthday Cookies – You can never go wrong with cookies, especially when they are as cute as these while also being on theme.

4. Beer Olympics – The Beer Olympics are a super fun thing that you must include if the honorary guest to be is a beer lover. It’s essentially a list of beer-themed games, but to make it feel more official you make a board with all of the games on it. You separate everyone at the party into four teams, each will be a different country that plays in the Olympics!

5.  Football Pretzels – These are a simple way to spruce up your snack table. You can’t go wrong with pretzels.

6. Club Sandwiches –  Club Sammys are a staple at the golf club. So naturally, they fit right in at a dad’s party.

7. Penalty Flag Napkin Holder – A cute touch right? It’s the little details like this that truly pull a party together. 

8. Cute Cheers & Beers Balloon – There are even beer balloons, what! How cool are these?

9. Football Themed Table – Football is yet another staple Dad thing. If your honorary dad-to-be happens to be a fan, then you have to include this table. 

10. Concession Stand  –  Regardless of what sport they are into, concession stands are across the board an absolute win. This cute idea is a perfect jumping-off point for you to create your own. 

11. Golf Number Cake – Though number cakes are typically taboo the older you get, this one is the exception. 

12. Dad Throughout Time: Old Photos – This is such a cute idea. So you get photos of the honorary dad of himself throughout time; As a kid leading up to now. 

13. Beer Center Piece – Centerpieces like these are a simple way to make your party feel put together. 

14. Fishing-Themed Snacks – If your Dad loves to fish, then you have to include some of these fishing-themed snacks.

15. Football Spread – Football is always a winner, from the game to the food. 

16. Fishnet Photo Collage – This is a photo collage similar to the “dad throughout time” one above, but this time they are clipped onto a fishnet for an added touch. 

17. Beer Can Cake –  Themed cakes are probably my favorite thing to see at parties, and this one is too cute to miss.

18. Gone Fishing Table – I’ve included other theme tables so I just had to add this gone fishing one.

How to throw a party for dad, Lawn Games, BBQ Themed Balloons

Birthday Party Ideas For Dad

19. Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend – This banner is the perfect thing to add to any Dad party! 

20. Cute Twirly Ceiling Decor – Simple, effective, and adorable.

21. Dad Themed Kisses – Everyone loves chocolate kisses! How cute are these personalized ones?

22. Happy Father’s Day Balloons – Balloons are a must for any party of course but these ones will send it over the top.

23. Dad Center Pieces – Dad-themed centerpieces will have even your tables celebrating your dad!

24. Black And Gold Party Set – For those who want to save time(and shipping costs) check out this awesome party decoration set.

25. BBQ Party Balloons  – Dads love BBQs the same way they love football, fishing, and golf: wholeheartedly. 

26.BBQ Table Set – A BBQ-themed party is such a cute and simple way to go, and it’s always a crowd pleaser!

27. BasketPong Game – For those of you throwing a party outside, basket-pong (a larger scale version of beer pong) is a must. It’s fun for all ages. 

28. Paddle Lawn Game – Lawn games are a staple part of every outdoor party. 

29. Corn Hole  – Corn hole is a classic, like our dads. Only the finest for them, right?

30. Lawn Darts – This is a safer version of lawn darts because we all have heard the stories about the old kind.

Dad Themed Outfit Ideas

Dad Themed Party Outfit

The outfits are probably the most important part of any dad-themed party. I mean common, it’s hilarious. What better way to celebrate your old man than dressing like him? To help to give you ideas, I put together a complete classic Dad outfit from the cargo shorts to the fanny pack.

Towards the end, I included some other ideas and examples of how all of the items above will look together. 

31. Cargo Shorts

32. Best Dad Ever T Shirt

33. Chunky Belt

34. Phone Clip

35. Baseball Hat

36. New Balances

37. Socks

38. Fanny Pack

39. Dad At BBQ – Classic Dad, from shades to shoes! How much do you wanna bet he clicks those tongs twice before using them to make sure they’re working properly?

40. Dad Costume Idea – This is basically what I put together with the links above. 

41. Classic Dad Look – This dad is extra fancy with his utility apron. He’s not playing around.

42. Middle-Aged Dads – Here is a Dad gang for you. What is a group of dads even called? A gaggle? A school? Who knows.

43. 90’s Dads – 90s Dad outfits are elite and you can’t change my mind. 

Dads are truly the best. They care for us, teach us how to be strong, and best of all, they make us laugh. This party will return the favor. If you take some of these ideas and make them your own, there is no doubt in my mind that your Dad will have the party of his life.

I hope you enjoyed these dad-themed party ideas, and that those outfits made out laugh! Now, all there is left for you to do is find some outdoor party games.