Remember the feeling of the last day of school, when all the work was done and you knew you had MONTHS of glorious free time ahead of you? Celebrate that feeling with these easy to pull together end of the year school party ideas!

That wonderful last day of the school semester deserves a special celebration and we host a big one every year! Here are some of the easiest ideas I’ve used for this kick off to summer party for the classroom or for home. 

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Whether you’re a teacher at an elementary, middle, or high school, or just want to throw a party at home, here are some great end of year school party ideas I’ve used tested and approved by the kids.

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Elementary School End of the Year Party Ideas

Elementary school is such a fun time in life, and younger kids this age get so excited for the last day of school.

1. Summer Bucket List

Use these cute printables (they even have illustrations for the kids to color!) to help kids create their summer to-do list! This template includes a page of list items as well as a blank list so kids can come up with their own ideas.

2. Ice cream party

Organize an end of the school year ice cream party by having each guest bring their favorite flavor of ice cream, syrup, or other fun toppings. Line up all the ingredients and have a blast watching the kids come up with their own colorful creations!

3. Summer Reading List

Have each child say or write down the title of their favorite book (they can look in the school library if they need some help coming up with ideas). Then compile them into a document for the ultimate summer reading list for everyone to take home.

4. Chalk Drawings

Let everyone show off their creativity and celebrate the end of the year by using bright sidewalk chalk to draw on the blacktop or side of a brick building! If kids don’t want to color, they can contribute by signing their names.

5. Summer Boredom Box

Ask the children to come up with ideas for fun things to do over the summer. Type them all up on a sheet of paper and print one for each kid. Let them cut out the ideas, fold them up, and put them in a special “Summer Boredom Box” to take home. Whenever they get bored, they can just pull an idea out of the box!

6. Temporary Tattoos

Why not kick off the summer with some cool temporary tattoos? These ones even glow in the dark!

7. Face Painting

Use a face painting kit with templates to decorate kids faces or let them get creative with their own skin.

8. Make Summer Slime

Slime-making is a fun sensory experience suitable for all ages, and makes a perfect take-home prize

Pro Tip: Make sure you bring enough small containers or plastic baggies for the kiddos to take their slime home.

9. Peace Out School Banner

Surprise your students by hanging this fun banner in your classroom on the last day of school.

10. Summer Survival Kit

Create a summer survival kit for students to take home. Include items like mini bottles of sunscreen, colorful sunglasses, water balloons, and more. You could even line up the items and let kids arrange their own kits as an activity.

11. Bubble Time

Take the kids outside and give them each their own bubble blower. They can take them home at the end of the day to keep playing!

12. School Yard Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt for the kiddos, and hide a treat like a big pile of snacks and a movie at the end! Printables like this one make setting up a hunt super easy, and there are tons of options online.

13. Write Letters

Partner up the students and have them exchange addresses so they can be pen pals over the summer. They can write their first letter in class, seal it in an envelope, and give it to their partner to take home and read later!

Pro Tip: Give each kid a special pen to use when they write to their pen pal to encourage participation.

14. Summer Sing-Along

Host a fun sing-along with all the kids’ classics! Bonus points if you let the children take turns with this fun karaoke microphone.

15. Decorate Sunglasses

Use a sunglasses decorating kit to help everyone design their own awesome shades.

End of the Year Middle School Party Ideas

Entertaining middle schoolers can be tough – they’re too old for the little kid stuff, but not quite teenagers yet. Here are some fun end of the school year games, activities, and party favors that have gone over well with my own pre-teens.

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16. Water Balloon Toss

Have the kids fill up several water balloons and line up in two parallel lines facing each other. Each set of two kids will toss the water balloons back and forth to each other, taking a step further back every time they catch it. The two players who make it the farthest apart without dropping or breaking their balloon wins!

17. Happy Last Day, Hello Summer Banner

This festive banner will get the kiddos even more excited for their last day of school. Plus, it makes a great backdrop for photos!

18. Classroom Bingo

Create a Bingo board with the answers to questions about topics they’ve learned during the school year, or use one of these printable Bingo templates to let them get to know their classmates a little better.

19. Journaling

Provide each student with a new journal they can take home. Set a timer for 30 minutes and have them reflect on what they’ve learned this year. You can also give them stickers and colored pencils to enhance their entries. 

20. Face Gems

These stick-on crystal patterns for the face are so fun for middle school aged kids to experiment with. They’re a great way to celebrate the end of the year!

21. Silly Hat Day

Allow students to wear a goofy hat to class, or provide materials for them to make their own silly accessories.

22. Poppin’ Party Favors

These fidget toys with personalized notes are the cutest end of school year party favors.

23. Sunglasses Swap

Have each kid bring a pair of sunglasses (or two) to trade with each other. You can also provide beads, crystals, and glitter to decorate them.

Pro Tip: Grab a few pairs of sunglasses from the dollar store in case anyone forgets to bring some or isn’t happy with their trade.

24. Minute Games

This pack of minute-to-win-it party games is perfect for any age and provides endless entertainment.

25. School’s Out Banner

Have the kids color this banner and then hang it where everyone can enjoy the finished product.

26. Paint Rocks

This one really works for any age group. Get a rock painting kit or some flat, smooth rocks and acrylic paint pens, and have each kid paint 3 rocks – one to take home, one to swap with another student, and one to leave in a special spot on the school grounds for everyone to come back and see in the fall!

27. Free Little Library

Have students help decorate and stock a Free Little Library that can be placed on school grounds.

28. Classroom Awards

Give each child an award for something special about them. Have a full award ceremony and let kids take home trophies.


Get some paper and markers or a cheap bookmark-making kit. Have the kids decorate the bookmarks to take home for their summer reading list, or take them to the school library to hide in books for other students to find in the fall!

30. Mustache Party

Let the kids draw or stick on silly mustaches for the last day of class.

High School End of Year Parties

The last day of school when you’re a teenager is so exciting, especially if you’re graduating! These end of the year party ideas are sure to get every teen’s approval, even if they are too cool for school.

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31. Letter to Yourself

Have students write a letter to themselves to take home and put away. Tell them to save them until the last day of school the following year to read and see how much they’ve grown and changed. Here are some helpful printables with prompts to get the writing started.

32. Reading List With Names

Have each student write down the name of one book they want everyone to read, and why they recommend it. Then put the list together, including the kids’ names and their reasons for suggesting the books. This makes a great summer reading list with a personal touch, and helps kids stay connected (and reading) over the summer break.

33. Classroom Cookies

Attach these cute printable tags to snack-sized bags of cookies to hand out to the entire class.

34. Talent Show

Invite students to show off their skills with an impromptu talent show. They can sing, rap, read a poem, share a story, dance, play an instrument, and more. Give each participant a prize, with categories like “Most Creative” and “Most Likely to Become a Pop Star.” 

35. Time Capsule

Have the kids write letters, draw pictures, and gather items to create a time capsule for future students.

36. Autographed Shirts

Teenagers will love this one – provide plain white or tie-dyed shirts, or have the kids bring one from home that can be signed. Hand out permanent markers or fabric markers and let the kids sign each other’s shirts for a cool end of the year souvenir!

Pro Tip: You can lengthen this activity and engage kids’ creativity by tie-dyeing the shirts together.

37. Pizza Party

I’ve never seen anyone, at any age, be unhappy with a pizza party! Here are the supplies you need to add to the festive occasion and make cleanup quick and easy.

38. Metallic Flash Tattoos

These temporary tattoos are a huge hit with teens!

39. Selfie Wall

Teenagers these days are always snapping pics on their phones, so why not give them a great backdrop for their last day of school photos?

40. Graduation Pins

For those who are graduating, mark the occasion with these extra special pins they can put on their bookbags or clothes.

41. Harry Potter Party

Make a whole theme party centered around Harry Potter or another popular book/movie. 

42. Cards for Teachers

Let’s face it, teachers deserve to celebrate the last day of school, too! Prepare thank you cards for all the teachers and have the kids sign them. 

43. Pajama Day

Let students wear their pajamas to class for a fun and comfy last day.

44. Desk-Wrapping Competition

Give students several types of wrapping paper and ribbon, then set a 30-minute timer. Request that students cover their workstations and be as creative as possible. Have students vote on the winner.

45. Balloon Greeting

Have a bunch of balloons in the car to surprise your high schooler when you pick them up on the last day. (Kids of any age, even teens, will love it.)

School’s Out For Summer Party

Want to make the last day of school extra special for your kiddos at home?

Here are ideas for and end of school year party you can throw in your backyard, or just fun ways to make memories with your children.

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46. Easy Invitations

Make inviting your guests hassle-free with these customizable templates. They are so cute and perfect for an end of the school year party at home.

47. School’s Out for Summer Shirts

These T-shirts would be so fun for you and/or the kids to wear to a last day of school party.

48. Scrapbooking

Gather crafting supplies and printed photos from the school year. Let the kiddos get creative with putting together a scrapbook full of memories from the past school year.

49. Bubble Machine

Create a playful environment for the festivities by setting up a bubble machine outside.

50. Giant Twister

Set up this giant Twister board inside or outdoors for some bendy, twisty fun.

51. Pencil Piñata

How cool and unique is this pencil piñata? It’s so perfect for an end of the year school party.

52. Party Garland

This summery, beaded garland with suns and watermelons is the ideal decoration for a last day of school party.

53. Sparklers

Light up the first night of summer with some sparklers!

Pro Tip: If you’re not comfortable with real ones, let the kids play with this fire-free version instead.

54. Rainbow Bonfire

If you have a firepit, these flame color-changing packets are pretty much the coolest things ever. Your guests will be sure to remember this end of the year party if you use one of these.

55. Make S’mores

You might as well toast some marshmallows and make s’mores if you’re having a bonfire!

56. Cornhole

This classic party game works for just about any occasion. And this set lights up, so you can keep playing after dark.

57. Summer Playlist

Go around the party asking each guest for a summer song recommendation. Add it to a playlist to send to everyone later, and play it on a Bluetooth speaker during the festivities!

Just looking at this list has me feeling nostalgic for the days when I couldn’t wait for the last day of school! 

Do you have any special memories from your school days? How do you kick off the start of summer?

Let me know in the comments, and add any ideas you have for end of the year parties!