Inside: 23 Awesome Games To Incorporate If You’re Throwing A 70th Birthday Party.

A milestone birthday is a pretty big deal, I mean they don’t call it the “platinum year” for no reason! So of course, if someone special in your life is about to hit their 70th year of life, you want to celebrate it accordingly.

Decorations are always the easy part, but keeping people entertained the entire time is definitely more difficult. You don’t want a bunch of people sitting around talking amongst themselves, you want to create a celebration of life that gets everyone involved and having a good time!

Grandparent Birthday Party Games To Play

Games are always pretty hard to come up with, but there are plenty of games out there that will get your senior party going with fun and enjoyment! We have constructed a list of wonderful 70th birthday party games, let’s check them out!

Entertaining 70th Birthday Games

Some fun games to get the party started and have the guests interact with each other!

  1. Kahoot!: This is an online game and anyone can make a questionnaire about any subject they want! Then, players can enter the game via their phones and answer the questions as they come up. Make this questionnaire ask specific things about the guest of honor, it will be so much fun to see what people answer!
  2. Birth Year Trivia: You can find versions of this online that are able to be edited to fit the birth year of the guest of honor.
  3. How Well Do You Know The Birthday Honoree?: These are usually found at events such as bridal and baby showers, but with so many versions of this game online, you’re bound to find one for a birthday!
  4. The Price Is Right – Birth Year Vs. Current Year: Create a template with different items and have your guests guess how much the product cost in the year the birthday person was born versus now. The answers will definitely shock you!
  5. Story Time Guessing Game: Have some of the guest of honor’s friends or family submit stories about a time they had with them and read them out to the crowd. For every story, the guests have to guess who in their life experienced the story with them.
  6. Birthday Party Bingo: Customize your own bingo board for the party! Include phrases the honoree is known for saying and other general party happenings that guests will be able to mark off of their board as the event goes on.
  7. Younger or Older?: The way this game is played is with a list of people, places, and things. Each guest has to take their best shot at guessing whether the birthday honoree is younger or older. Reveal the answers and whoever answered the most correctly is the winner!
  8. Ad Libs: Ad Libs is the fun, written game of creating a story by filling in the blanks with a designated word category (noun, verb, adjective) in order to create a wacky story that is bound to get some laughs!
  9. Find The Guest: Parties can be awkward at times if the only person you know is the guest of honor. This is a great way to break the ice and get the guests up and meeting each other.

70th Birthday Party Games

Adult Birthday Party Games

Classic party games that can be tweaked to pertain to the guest of honor and their life!

  1. Word Search: Choose some words and phrases that are associated with the guest of honor and have the party goers try and find them in a word search!
  2. Name That Tune: Make a playlist of famous songs from the early years of the birthday person’s life and play a 10 second snippet. After the snippet, guests have to try and guess the name of the song or the artist. Bonus points if they can get the year it was released correctly as well!
  3. Photo Puzzle Race: Use a photo of the birthday honoree and make it into a puzzle. Give each table or each guest the pieces and whoever can put it together the quickest is the winner!
  4. Crossword Puzzle: Create a crossword puzzle that has questions and hints about things, places, or events that relate to the guest of honor.
  5. Hot Potato With A Twist: Play some music and have the guests toss around a balloon or other soft, passable object and whoever is holding it when the music abruptly stops has to stand up and share a story they have with the birthday honoree, how they met, something nice about them, or anything else they can think of!
  6. Scratch Off Cards: Hand one out to each guest upon arrival and at a certain time in the party, have everyone scratch theirs off. Whoever is the winner will receive a small prize that you have on hand.
  7. Pin The ___ On The ___: A pinning game is always a staple at any birthday party from 7 years old to 70 years old! This one is a funny version based on the 80’s sitcom “The Golden Girls,” but I’m sure there’s a number of others out there that are better suited for whatever theme you choose or something the birthday honoree resonates with.
  8. Jeopardy!: The famous questionnaire game that everybody knows and loves. Create your own categories and questions that relate to the guest of honor, their life, the year they were born, or anything else and create a Jeopardy board of questions for the guests to try and answer correctly.
  9. Fact Or Fiction: Pass out pens and papers and read off odd statements about the birthday honoree or significant years in their life and have everyone write down whether they believe it’s fact or fiction. At the end, go over the answer to each question and whoever got the most correct is deemed the winner.

Games To Play At A 70th Birthday Party

Games to play at a 70th birthday party

Simple games that will keep the guests entertained throughout the event.

  1. Word Scramble: Choose some words or phrases that pertain to the guest of honor’s life and scramble them up! Then have the guests try and decipher what each word is by unscrambling them. 
  2. Ever or Never?: This game consists of actions and instances that are possible the birthday honoree has experienced in their lifetime. It is the guest’s job to take guesses as to whether or not the guest of honor ever experienced it or never experienced it.
  3. Match The Artist: Take some of the top hit songs from the duration of the guest of honor’s life and have guests try and match the artist to the correlating song!
  4. Would They Rather: The guests will have a list with contradicting statements (Sweet or Salty? Early Bird or Night Owl?) and they have to choose which one they believe applies to the birthday honoree!
  5. How Old Was The Honoree?: This is a great way to make a commemorative slide show of the guest of honor more interactive! Show a photo of the birthday honoree and all the guests have to guess how old they were in it.

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