Inside: Over 30 Entertaining Instagram Games For Story Engagement.

Social media allows millions of people to stay connected despite physical distance. Instagram is one of the many platforms that allows users to take advantage of this. Whether you have a business account that you want more engagement on, or just want to boost your personal account, Instagram story games are a great way to do so.

The best way to elicit engagement from followers is giving them something to engage with, like games they can participate in. There are many examples that encourage people to repost the story and tag some friends, so if you add your Instagram handle on that graphic, it can reach hundreds, maybe thousands of users!

Brilliant Instagram Story Games

Instagram has many features for stories: polls, multiple choice, and even one where followers can submit their own answers! This list has examples for every feature, you just need to decide what is best suited for your account.

Awesome Instagram Games For Your Story

Stories only last 24 hours, so make sure you make it count! These games are so fun and will make your following want to engage while at the same time they learn a little more about you.

  1. This or That Poll: This one is so simple! Upload two photos and then use the Poll feature to include arrows pointing to either photo. Ask your followers to click on which one they prefer. This one is perfect because this can be used for many different types of accounts — fashion, travel, or food. 
  2. Would You Rather Poll: Another awesome way to utilize the Poll feature! Put two options and have your followers vote on which they would rather.
  3. Two Truths And A Lie: This game uses the Multiple Choice Instagram story feature. Simply add your two truths and the lie into the choices and have your followers guess which one is the lie!
  4. Get To Know Me: The perfect graphic for your followers to get to know you! Paste this photo on your story and circle which one you prefer.
  5. Favorites: This graphic asks what your favorite is of numerous categories! Complete with spaces to type in your answers.
  6. Emoji Challenge: For this game, you are using only emojis to answer the questions! It’s a fun challenge that you can definitely tag other people to do as well.

Instagram Story Ideas

Story Game Ideas For Instagram

Post these game templates to your story to boost your engagement as well as having fun!

  1. Yay or Nay: This game is played with the “Slider” story feature. Post a photo or opinion and your followers can slide to where they fall on the matter. 
  2. This Or That Travel: Perfect if you’re a travel account! Circle which destination you’d rather go to, or make a slide with each option and have your followers vote in a poll.
  3. What’s In My Bag: Post this graphic and circle all the items you currently have in your bag.
  4. Favorites Gif Challenge: This game will ask your favorite things, but the catch is you can only use gifs as your answers. 
  5. Uplifting Tag Someone Who: Tag users who fit the sweet descriptions, it may make their day!
  6. Self Love Gif Challenge: This game is not only a fun challenge, but it promotes self love which social media can use more of sometimes. Don’t forget to tag three people to complete it as well to spread self love!
  7. Reading Line Up: Bookstagram, this is the perfect game to let your followers know your last read, current read, and what you plan to read next!
  8. Little Things: Such a cute game! It asks you about the little things that made your day special. Type in your answers and start a tagging train to get more people to do it!

Themed Instagram Story Games

These games take it beyond the classic story activities and add a theme to amp things up!

  1. Marvel This or That: If you’re a Marvel fanatic, this one’s for you! Circle which hero or movie you like most! 
  2. Winter Questions: When the temperature drops, post this template! Answer the questions and have your followers tap in as well with the feature that allows them to submit their own answers.
  3. Disney Bingo: Cross out the movies you have already seen!
  4. Food Would You Rather: Circle your favorite dish!
  5. Zodiac Bingo: Find the template for your sign and mark off all the traits you think you possess. You can optimize this game by doing the bingo for each sign in your big three!
  6. This or That Winter Edition: Circle which winter activity or item is your favorite!
  7. Disney Favorites: Use emojis to answer the prompts, and there’s even a space to tag other Disney fans!
  8. Which Are You? Harry Potter: This template will allow you to figure out which part of the Deathly Hallows you are depending on your answers! So much fun if you’re a Potterhead.
  9. Netflix Bingo: Mark off the spaces of which well-known Netflix shows and movies you’ve seen.
  10. This or That FRIENDS Version: Calling all FRIENDS super fans! While your choices may start some controversy, it will be so much fun!
  11. All Things Fall: Put these games up on your story just as the leaves are starting to change color!

How to play a game on Instagram

Entertaining Games For Your Instagram Story

These Instagram story games will keep you and your followers entertained for the whole day. Don’t forget to tag other users so they can do it as well!

  1. Assumptions: Use the answer submitting story feature so your followers can tell you what their assumptions about you are and you reply letting them know if they’re right or not.
  2. 7-Day Song Challenge: This game will keep your story up to date for a full week!
  3. Have You Ever Bingo: Cross off the spaces if you’ve experienced them.
  4. Friends For A Day: Place the emoji slider on the indicated space and your followers will let you know how’d they spend the day with you! So cute.
  5. Finish The Sentence: Fill in the blanks and complete the statements!
  6. Tag Someone Who…: The perfect game to spread love on your Instagram story!
  7. Pet Questionnaire: Answer these questions about your furry friend and tag someone else who you know has one (or a few)!
  8. Create A Playlist: Let your followers know what your go-to song is for these special moments.

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