Inside: Best Thanksgiving Pictionary prompt ideas with free printable.

I love Thanksgiving with all of my beings. It is one of my top holidays, with all the amazing food and even better company. But something that it is severely lacking is fun. Don’t get me wrong, cooking and hanging out with loved ones is amazing fun, but I am talking about games. 

When it comes to holiday games, Thanksgiving is lacking. Today we are going to change that.

There are many different games that be geared towards Thanksgiving, with a little work. One of my all-time favorites is Thanksgiving Pictionary.

This game gives everyone an excuse to get out of the kitchen and spend some carefree time together.

Thanksgiving Pictionary Prompts & Free Printables

So I thought I would make it easy for you and put together the ultimate how-to-guide that will have you playing Thanksgiving Pictionary in no time. I even included some free printable options at the very end, so stick around for those. First things first, I think we should go over how to play!

How to Play Thanksgiving Pictionary

First, we need to set everything up. This means making your cards(or printing them). Depending on how many people are playing and how long you want the game to last, you will need to fill a bowl with different Thanksgiving Prompts. These are what you’ll pull from later to use as drawing themes. 

Once you have all of your ideas in your bowl, Split the room into 2 teams. You can have up to 4 but the less you have the more fun the game is. So go ahead and do that. 

Now you get either a large pad of paper or a white board ready to draw on. Place it so everyone can see it. When everyone is ready, set the timer to 30 seconds and let the first person draw a prompt. They have that 30 seconds to draw what is on the card, and have their team guess what it is. Alternate this back and forth until the round is done or until the cards are gone.

The team at the end who has the most points is the winner. Basking in your glory is the final step of this game, or any game for that matter, if you are the winner. 

Easy Thanksgiving Pictionary Prompts

I have to get the easy ones out of the way. I think it is a good idea to get a good mix of prompts that vary in difficulty, this way you can actually have some fun with a good challenge. If it is too easy, you’ll fly through them and its no fun. If it’s too hard, you won’t even get a point and you’ll be stressing the whole time: also no fun. So get a good mix!

1. Turkey

2. Mashed Potatoes

3. Corn on the Cob 

4. Yams

5. Dinner Rolls

6. Cranberry Sauce

7. Apple Pie

8. Pumpkin Pie 

9. Peach Pie

10. Cherry Pie

11. Cookies

12. Green beans

13. Pilgrims

14. Dinner Table

15. Feast

16. Fall 

17. Candles

18. Appetite

19. Apple Cider

20. Chocolate Cake

Must Have Thanksgiving Pictionary Ideas

Must Have Ideas

Without these ideas, this list would not be complete. Some of them are a little bit harder but overall they are pretty basic. If you can think of any more words that are a little more personal to you, feel free to add them. That would make this game even more fun for your family. So brainstorm while you look at these.

21. Family 

22. Friends

23. Cornucopia

24. Roasted Vegetables

25. Crops

26. Full Plate

27. Honey Ham

28. Turkey Carver

29. Wishbone

30. Thanksgiving Parade

31. Hot Food

32. Pumpkin Spice

33. Mom and Dad

34. Cousins

35. Grandma

36. Grandpa

37. November 

38. Autumn Feast

39. Thursday

40. Desserts

Best Thanksgiving Themed Ideas

These are some of the best Thanksgiving pictionary ideas. I like to find words that are very much on theme but still not super obvious, though it can be quite hard sometimes. Regardless I hope you love these ideas. Check them out to see which ones you would want to add to your game.

41. Setting the Table

42. Bread 

43. Squash 

44. Apple Tree

45. Pots and Pans

46. Loud House

47. Cooking

48. Full House

49. Casserole

50.  America 

51. Mayflower

52. Holiday Drinks

53. Drunk Uncle

54. Drunk Aunt

55. Pecan Pie

56. Feathers

57. Delicious

58. Eating

59. Gratitude 

60. Colonists

Funny Thanksgiving Pictionary

Funny Thanksgiving Pictionary Prompts

Now we get into my favorite list of the bunch: The funny prompts! These ones are perfect for you to get more personal on, but here are some great ideas to get you started. These are a little more obscure which makes them a more challenging prompt, but hey, wheres the fun in the easy stuff.

61. Unbutton Pants

62. Plymouth Rock

63. Squash Pie

64. Gravy Boat

65. Roll Me Out of the House

66. Hungry Hungry Hippos

67. Mountain of Food

68. Drunk Family

69. Dirty Jokes

70. FriendsGiving

71. Monica with Turkey on Her Head

72. Thanksgiving Football Game

73. Thanksgiving Coma

74. Bickering Family

75. Burnt Turkey

76. Dropped Cake

77. Happy Dog

78. Absolutely Stuffed

79. Pumpkin Spice Everything

80. Starbucks Lover

Hard Thanksgiving Pictionary Prompts

For this last prompt list, I thought I should add some harder ideas. These don’t look hard on the outside, but once you get to drawing you are going to see just how challenging it is to draw brown rice with a black and white marker. Hopefully you have some pretty great drawing skills to lean on because without it…you are doomed. Okay, now have fun!

81. Homemade Bread

82. Bread Pudding

83. Sweater Weather

84. Rainy Thanksgiving

85. Winning a Wishbone

86. Bobbing for Apples

87. Turkey Stuffing 

88. Brown Rice

89. Scarecrow Standing in the Corn 

90. Shuck the Corn

91. Creamed Corn

92. Massachusetts

93. Sweet Potato Pie

94. Windy Thanksgiving

95. Amazing Conversations

96. Family Making Toast

97. Homecoming

98. Inviting People Over

99. Turkey Parade Balloon

100. Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

101. Kids Table 

Thanksgiving Pictionary

Free Thanksgiving Pictionary Printables

And lastly I wanted to add some free printables for those of you who are busy enough already without having to write down all of these words for your own game. These printables are free and perfect for the whole family. So take a look and see which one you think is the coolest.

  • Free Printable Pictionary – This one is great for the whole family. It’s simple but has some harder ones for the older folks.
  • Cute Colored Pictionary Idea – These ideas are even colored in already. They even have little photos that can help you know what to draw.
  • Thanksgiving Game for Kids – Here we have another one that is perfect for the kiddos. Check it out, it is too cute don’t you think?

I hope you loved this guide on Thanksgiving Pictionary. Now that you have reached the end of this, you are prepared to get your Thanksgiving gaming on. The best part of this is that you get to do something with your family that doesn’t involve being stuck in the kitchen. It’s a perfect way to get a break while making memories and having laughs.

If you want to keep the Thanksgiving fun going, we have so many other amazing Thanksgiving themed games and Ideas that will add an abundance of fun to your day. You need to see these!

Like any holiday, Thanksgiving is about spending time with the people you love. The only difference is the theme of this one is to be grateful for what you have in your life. So enjoy your game, your food, and your friends. You are living one amazing life, even with its ups and downs. So be grateful!