Figuring out what games to play with a group of kids and teenagers can sometimes be a problem. That’s where these minute to win it games for youth groups come in handy!

They will get everyone involved in playing and guarantee a good time. 

Minute to win it games for youth groups, 31 ideas broken down for fun.

If you’ve ever hung around kids and teens, you know that they can get bored pretty easily. They like to keep things moving, especially when it comes to games and entertainment.

That is why any easy minute to win it games are great for them. I like to suggest playing these games during a youth group night to bring out some quality entertainment. Even those who say they hate playing games will have a smile on their face. 

Most of the games are independently played, but since the games are played in teams, they offer a great sense of teamwork and community. 

If you are new to minute to win it games, don’t worry, I have you covered.

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The list below will introduce you to some of the best quick games to play for large groups though. The games are all entertaining and playful, and offer friendly competition with easy set up.

Church Approved Minute Games

Ditch the classic board game night and have a minute to win it night during your next youth group meeting. The games will have everyone on their feet, cheering loudly and laughing constantly. 

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1. Pretzel Dive 

Each player gets a set of chopsticks and a bowl of pretzels. When the timer starts, each player must see how many pretzels they can get out of the bowl using the chopsticks.

The catch?

The chopsticks must be in between their teeth! 

2. Breakfast Scramble 

Cut up a cereal box into pieces just like a puzzle. Then, give each player one minute to put it back together. The first one to put it back together wins.

3. Whipped Cream Worm Search 

Get ready to get messy in this quick game. Hide a bunch of gummy worms in a bowl of whipped cream.

The player to get the most worms out of the bowl without using their hands takes the round.

4. Face The Cookie 

Eating a cookie? No problem. Eating a cookie without your hands? Maybe a small problem.

To play cookie face you’ll start with the cookie on your forehead and see if you can get the cookie into your mouth. 

5. Tissue Toss 

Give your hand a workout and see who can pull the most tissues out of a box in one minute. 

6. Defying Gravity

Think you have what it takes to keep the balloons in the air for a full minute? Give it a try, and try to defy gravity.

Check out all the minute to win it balloon games option you could try. 

7. Sticky Marbles

Roll out a long piece of double-sided tape. Then, give each player the same amount of marbles and see who can get the most to stick to the tape. 

8. State of Fun 

Put your geography skills to the test and see how many state capitals each player can name in one minute. 

Pro Tip: You can switch any of these games up how you want. Maybe do bible locations instead or if your church supports missionaries you could ha ethem name those countries. The more unique the better!

9. Stack It Up 

Delicate hands will help you with this one. Players must see who can stack 25 pennies the fastest. The trick? You can only use one hand. 

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Easy Games Every Personality Will Enjoy 

When you’re planning games for a large group like this you have to take into account all the different personalities. Girls, boys, shy kids and the leaders of the class will all have a blast participating in these fun challenges.

10. Stack It Up 

Go fast on this one! Players must stack a pile of plastic cups and then file them into a single stack, all under one minute. Start with 21 cups and build up from there to make it harder. 

There are so many other fun minute to win it games you can play with cups as well!

11. Nut Stacker 

Using only one hand, see how fast you can balance 5 to 8 hex nuts. This one requires sharp concentration. 

12. Junk In The Tunk 

Junk in the trunk is everyone’s favorite youth group games for sure! To play cut an opening in a tissue box to thread a belt or thick piece of string around the box. Then, fill it with ping pong balls and attach the box around your waist. The goal?

To get as many ping pong balls out of the box in under a minute, jumping and shaking all around.

13. Suck It Up 

Using a straw, players must see how many M&Ms they can get from one plate to the other. It’s much harder than you think! 

14. Scoop It Up 

No hands allowed here! Use a spoon in your mouth to transfer six ping pong balls from one bowl to another.

Hands are only allowed to help if the ping pong ball goes flying around the room. 

See all the best minute ping pong ball games.

15. Tower Test

See how high you can stack your tower. The catch? It must be made of alternating paper plates and cups. 

16. Tic Tac Tweezers 

Players must transport tic tacs or other tiny candies across the room using a tweezer. If the candy drops, the tweezer is the only thing the player can use to pick it up. 

17. Cups By The Yard 

Try to balance 10 plastic cups on a yardstick. 

18. Penny Hose 

Each player must retrieve two pennies, one at the bottom of each leg of the pantyhose. Good luck keeping a straight face during this one. 

19. Keep It Up 

Test your breath control in this quick mini-game. Use a feather and see if you can move it from one side of the room to another. However, you can only move it up blowing it in the air. 

Six images with supplies for minute to win it for youth groups.

Quick Youth Group Games Minute Challenges

20. Blow it Down 

Give each player a balloon and tell them to blow it up as fast as they can. Then, using the air from the balloon, the player must try to knock over a row of cups. 

21. Getting Dicey 

Using a wide popsicle stick, see how many dice you can balance on the end. Make it harder by balancing the stick in your mouth. 

22. Wrap It Up 

See how fast you can wrap another player up using a roll of streamers, toilet paper, or ribbon. 

23. Ping Pong Bounce 

Line up six cups in a straight line. Then, using a ping pong ball, bounce each ball into one cup, moving on only once the ball has bounced into the cup. 

24. Puddle Jumper 

Fill a row of cups with water to the top. Then, using a ping pong ball, blow the ball from one cup to another. The team to get the ball across the fastest takes the round. 

25. No Hands 

Players must unwrap a piece of candy as fast as they can while wearing a set of overmits. 

26. Cotton Ball Scoop 

Set a bunch of cotton balls on a table. Then, a blindfolded player must fill a bowl using a serving spoon. First to fill the bowl wins.

27. Yank Me 

Stack an index card between plastic cups, with a stack of 4 to 6 cups. Then, yank out the index cards so the cups fall into each other, making a neat stack.

Exciting Youth Group Games To Play

Four images with cups, people playing, and blowing up a balloon.

28. Post It Face 

See how many Post-It notes you can stick to your face in one minute. Don’t let this one fool you, it is a lot harder than it seems! 

29. Ponginator 

Use an empty egg carton and see how quickly you can fill it with ping pong balls. The trick is you can only bounce them in. 

30. Sticky Situation 

Spread peanut butter or any nut butter on a slice of bread. Then, using a ping pong ball, see who can get the most balls to stick to the piece of bread. 

31. Nose Dive 

Go head first into this challenge by rubbing petroleum jelly on your nose. Then, see who can transfer five cotton balls from one bowl to another using just your nose. 

Questions You Might have

What supplies will I need to play these minute to win it games for youth group?

The minute to win it games for youth groups require a bunch of random supplies, so it’s best to read through the ones you plan on playing and gathering everything before you start.

  • Cookies
  • M&Ms
  • balloons
  • plastic cups
  • paper plates
  • ping pong balls
  • Post-Its
  • cotton balls

These are all great youth group supplies to keep on hand incase playing a quick minute or win it game comes up.

What age are these minute to win it games for?

These minute to win it games are great for kids in youth groups. If you have a group of younger children, you may need to adapt the games as necessary. 

Keeping youth groups entertained is not a challenge when these minute to win it games are on the table. The clever games are guaranteed to make for a great time.

The kids will be begging to play these every single time they meet and if you need some longer games, check out these party games for teenagers that will keep them playing all night long. 

What do you get if you win?

It’s always fun to have prizes on hand! Here are a few of my favorite ones to give out at large parties like this. Although, even without prizes these games are so fun to play!

I love trying out these games with the youth group kids. It is so fun to watch their reactions and competitive spirits come out when we play these games. 

If you want more minute to win it ideas, see even more minute to win it games here and keep the fun going.