Inside: Printable Sweet 16 Party Game

Turning 16 is a BIG DEAL!! I mean that little taste of freedom is just the first to many fun beginnings of “growing up”.  Celebrate the best way with super fun games that bring all the fun and some great memories! I love each of these sweet Printable Sweet 16 Party Games.

From getting to know the birthday queen to taking the perfect selfie, each of these printable games packs the perfect punch of fun!

Printable Sweet 16 Party Games

Printable Sweet 16 Party Games

Like I said before, turning 16 is a BIG DEAL, here are a few of our favorite printable games to celebrate!

Who Knows the Birthday Girl: Put your birthday girl knowledge to the test with this super cute printable sweet 16 party game!

Birthday Ever or Never: A fun twist on the classic “Never have I ever” game! This birthday printable game is perfect to learn more about the birthday guest and have a great time!

Would She Rather: Find out if the birthday girl rather drink coffee or drink tea with this super cute Sweet 16 Printable game! I love throwing in a couple funny would you rather just too really make them have to choose! It’s always fun to see what they decide!

Printable Party Games

How Good A F.R.I.E.N.D: This super cool F.R.I.E.N.D.S inspired printable game is perfect for the birthday girl to play with all her best friends!

Pass the Prize: Each player reads aloud the phrases to the guests to see who gets the prize at the end. Make the prize anything from a target gift card to the newest makeup palette that everyone is dying to get their hands on!

Find the Guest: I love this GAME! It is so fun for a sweet 16 birthday party, it is a great icebreaker as well!

It Might Come as a Suprise: You just thought you knew the birthday girl, this printable sweet 16 party game is the PERFECT way to celebrate the birthday by getting to know her just a little better!

The Perfect Printable Sweet 16 Scavenger Hunts

I love a good scavenger hunt. I think they are so fun and really get everyone involved in the party! Check out a few of my favorite printable scavenger hunt games for your Sweet 16!

Snap Chat Scavenger Hunt: Can you tell me one 16 year old who isn’t obsessed with Snapchat? No? I didn’t think so. All the party peeps will love this fun snap chat scavenger hunt. It is super cute and so much fun!

Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Every 16 year old loves a good selfie moment, give them dozens of perfect selfie opportunities with this fun printable sweet 16 party game!


Sweet 16 Party GamesTarget Scavenger Hunt: Okay, I may just play this scavenger hunt one day by myself. JK. But seriously who doesn’t love Target? This is such a cute and fun scavenger hunt that all the squealing teens will love!

Instagram Hunt: Here is a FUN twist on an old game. Introducing THE EPIC Instagram Photo Scavenger hunt. What is that you may ask? Well it’s a scavenger hunt for photos. This is played with at least two teams (or more) but you need at least two to play.

Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt: My two favorite things, printable party games, and the dollar store! This is such a fun an inexpensive party game for all the gals to have a blast playing!

More Fun Sweet 16 Games

Check out a few of these no so printable games that I still think all the teens will love!

Lip Sync Contest: Similar to the super-popular TV show, Lip Sync Battle, this game encourages your guests to do their best diva impression! Come up with a list of songs and let your guests draw a song from a bowl. Either let all of the guests sing once, or pair party guests up to battle it out one-on-one! W

Guess the Name: Ask guests to write down a few names each to contribute to a large bowl. Names can be people from history, celebrities, characters from books and movies, or even mutual friends or people in the room. Divide your guests into two teams. Set a timer for a minute, and let each team take turns trying to guess as many names on the papers as possible within the time frame. The person who reads the name can give clues to their teammates, but cannot say the written name!

Junk in the Trunk.: Players will all get empty tissue boxes tied around the back of their waists. The boxes will be filled with ping pong balls. The players will then shake and move in an attempt to get all of their balls free from the box. The first player with an empty box has broken it down the best and will receive a prize!

Would You Rather: Players write down ‘would you rather’ questions, like ‘would you rather inherit a million dollars or get your dream job’. This game is especially fun the crazier and funnier the questions get!

I hope you have the best time and create some of the best memories at you Sweet 16. It’s a HUGE time in life and these fun printable sweet 16 party games are just a fun way to create memories you will remember forever! Let us know in the comment what your first car was when you turned 16!