Inside: The Most Fun Games To Play At An Anime Themed Birthday Party 

If you’re not an active member in the anime community, a lot of its content may seem quite foreign to you.

While it has always been around in terms of video games and TV shows, its popularity amongst kids and teens seems to be a bit of a newfound phenomenon.

So, if your child is begging you for an anime theme birthday party, and you’ve got everything ready but can’t think of a single anime birthday game to play to keep your guests involved in the party, don’t worry!

Anime birthday party for kids games & ideas

There are plenty of anime themed birthday games and activities to choose from. To make it easier, we’ve put together the 11 best options into one easy list. Find your favorite and you can check off one more item from your party planning list.

Classic Anime Birthday Games

Themed versions of classic games are the perfect choice for an anime birthday party! They are easy to play and most guests will already understand the rules. If you decide to play games that have one winner, have some small gifts on hand to give out as prizes.

Anime birthday games

  1. This Awesome Bean Bag Toss: Bean bag toss is a simple and super fun game to play at any party, but a themed one for your little anime lover? Even better! Simply set up the backdrop and hand up to five bean bags to the first player. Each hole is worth a certain amount of points, so whoever scores the most points by the end of each round is the winner! 
  2. Anime Pin The Tail On The Donkey: This is a staple party game! However, instead of a donkey, it’s an anime character (in this case, Pikachu). Also, there is more than one body part they will have to try and pin — in this case, both of Pikachu’s ears and his electric tail. More body parts to pin equals more fun to be had!
  3. Anime Themed Monopoly: A great way to get a bunch of kids involved is to play a board game! Not only is this classic board game revamped to be about a super famous anime show, but this game will keep them entertained for quite some time. If Naruto isn’t your jam, there are plenty of other anime themed Monopoly games to choose from.
  4. Clue, But Make It Anime: Similar to Monopoly, Clue also has anime versions of their games! Instead of stuffy characters and random household objects, players can solve the mystery of “whodunnit” with their favorite characters or stop the villains from capturing the prize.
  5. Anime Playing Cards: The best part about finding playing cards with an anime theme is that there are SO many games you can play with a deck of 52! Themed cards put a new, cool twist on some classic, fun games that will keep your party guests entertained for a long time. You can even grab a few decks and have different games going at the same time! Since different games require different skill levels, have a variety of options available so everyone can join in.

Fun Anime Birthday Party Games

Fun anime games for kids birthday parties

These anime inspired games will make your event the birthday party of the season. A lot of them are well-known party games with an anime twist, so they will fit your theme perfectly. Even better — none of these games require much set up or extra materials, making them perfect go-to ideas for any last minute gaming needs.

  1. Anime Accompanying Card Games: Usually, anime shows will have their own accompanying card games (think Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh). If there’s a deck that matches your theme, ask the guest of honor about it — they probably already play! They are bound to point you in the right direction so you can gather exactly what is needed for a successful game. 
  2. UNO Anime Version: Another super fun, classic game that is perfect for your anime themed birthday party because they came out with an anime edition of it! Same fun game, but now it fits your theme.
  3. Hot Potato: You can easily make this traditional party game fit the theme of your anime birthday party. All you need is a themed balloon and a speaker! Have the party guests sit in a circle, and let the birthday kid start off with the balloon. Then, proceed to play the theme song of their favorite anime, and the game begins! Each player passes it to their right and whoever is holding the balloon when the theme song ends, is out! Continue this process until there are only two players left. Whoever wins the final round is the winner of the whole game.
  4. Anime Episode Bingo: Just like any show, I’m sure there are classic sayings and character traits that appear in each episode. You and your kid can sit down and create your own bingo boards of things that may happen in any given episode. Then, on the day of the party, hand out the cards and put on an episode! Guests can check off their board until someone gets a bingo. If the episode ends before that happens, the winner will be whoever had the most squares covered.
  5. Anime Video Games: Alongside the television shows and movies that come out of famous anime, video games are also a huge part of their storyline! If your child has a gaming console, there are so many anime games out there for practically every show they’re a fan of. Most of them are multiplayer fighting games, so make a bracket and see who comes out as the winner!
  6. Freeze Dance: Such a fun game that requires no materials or set up! Search your favorite streaming service for a playlist that matches your theme or a specific season of an anime show. If none are available, make your own! Websites like TuneFind make it easy to search for just the right selections. When it’s time to play, start the music and have the kids dance their hearts out! Pause the playlist frequently — when the music stops, so do they. If they don’t stop or can’t hold their position until the song starts up again, then they’re out! Repeat this process until there is one winner.

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