Inside: Positive Printable Recovery Games + Activities.

Whether you or someone you know is on the road to recovery or drugs, alcohol, abuse, or anger, you are never alone. We feel like one of the most important ways to help any recovery is having a great support system of people to help you through the journey.

That can be a small group, sponsor, counselor, or friend, finding the people that care and support you is so important.

Printable Recovery Games

One of our favorite ways to cope with something or learn new ways to process emotion is by making a “game” or activity out of that situation. Almost any situation can be relatable when turned into an enjoyable activity. This is why it was so important for us to come up with a list of positive printable recovery games and activities. We want you to succeed in everything you do, so enjoy these positive pieces of fun, and hopefully, they will help your recovery process.

Positive Printable Recovery Games

Gratitude Game: Teaching gratitude is at the top of my list for my kids.  I love to do things to remind my kids of the many blessings we have. There is so much in our lives to be thankful for.

Mirror, Mirror: This self-respect lesson includes activities and printables. It can be used by teachers or counselors in whole group or small group settings. I use it for a girls’ group.

Printable Recovery Games & Activities For Recovery

You are in Control: What kid doesn’t love video games?  They could each have their own video game controller and show that they are in control of in their life. (You will have to scroll down a bit in the linked post to find this, but what a great printable idea for a recovery program)

Cool Off:  Anger management foldable to help students learn to identify anger, anger triggers, and coping skills!

Printable Recovery + Mental Health Bingo Game Ideas

Recovery Bingo for Teens: Support your teen’s recovery with this meaningful and thought-provoking bingo game. It dives into serious questions in a relaxed and easy way.

Coping Skills Bingo: Make your own bingo cards with this free, simple app. The bingo card generator randomizes your words or numbers to make unique, great looking bingo cards. This is especially helpful to include for a specific recovery program.

Mental Health Bingo Games

Self-Care Bingo: What a fun way to help promote self-care. Although this one is not a “game” you can print off this fun graphic and use it as a weekly challenge for anyone struggling with self-care. Have them tick off at least 5 of any of these self-care activities before your next meeting.

Healthy Relationships Bingo: Explore what to look for in a healthy relationship, obstacles to a healthy relationship, red flags, green flags, and skills to building a healthy relationship.

Printable Recovery Games + Activity Ideas

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: We could all benefit from looking for a little more gratitude in life.

The Use, Abuse + Recovery Game: This game which employs Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), can be used individually or in groups. It helps individuals examine their irrational thoughts and replace these thoughts with rational beliefs.

Uno for Therapy: Helps children and adults talk about feelings, feelings recognition, positivity, and coping skills. Great opportunity for Behavioral Therapy and Thought Redirection.

Printable Recovery Ideas Games & Scavenger Hunts

More Great Game Ideas You’ll Love

  • Matching Memory Game –  A memory matching game is also a wonderful way to teach children important game-playing skills. Skills such as turn-taking and how to be a gracious winner…and loser! Depending upon your choice of cards, memory matching games can also reinforce learning about a range of concepts such as color recognition, letter names or sounds, counting, number recognition, alongside improved vocabulary and even reading skills. These fun printable memory games are great for learning and play with kids of all ages.
  • Printable Games for Women’s Ministry – One of my favorite days of the week is when I get together with my Women’s Ministry group and we dive into a fun study. These women have been apart of my life for a long time and we also have such a great time together. One of our favorite ways to start out each bible study is by playing a fun game. It can be an ice breaker, card game or one of our favorite printable games.
  • Ice Breaker Games for Parties – I love a good party, nothing is better than good food, fun music, and great people. But there is always that little bit of an awkward time when everyone is just arriving and the party has quite kicked off! Don’t let those awkward silences or uncomfortable first meetings ruin your good time.