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Showering a Mom-to-be can be SO FUN! I love everything about babies from the little bitty fingers and that tiny button nose. One of my favorite pregnancy surprises is guessing the gender. It’s such an exciting time.

Planning a Gender Reveal party can be such a great way to kick off all the pregnancy fun and with these cute gender reveal printable games everyone can have fun guessing the gender.

Gender Reveal Printable Games

Fun & Sweet Gender Reveal Printable Games

Karaoke Baby: Fill in the missing lyrics to songs that contain the word “baby”.

Pink or Blue Printable Game: The first game is just another rendition of this Christmas song game. Guests have to read lyrics to popular (mostly popular at least!) songs and try to come up with the name of the song and the original artist who sings it. Each of those songs has either the word pink or blue in it – hence it making this gender reveal party games list!

Baby Mad Libs: If you want to have some great laughs, this baby shower game is the way to go!!

ABC Baby: What baby items begin with each letter? Fill in the blanks to see which guest matches the Mom-to-Be’s answer.

Gender Reveal Printable Games

Are you My Mother?:Are there any animal lovers in the group? Can you match all the animals to what their babies are called?

Baby Shower Bingo: No baby shower is complete without a classic game of bingo. Have your guests fill out their cards with items they think the mommy-to-be will be gifted throughout the shower. Whoever gets five across first, wins!

Disney Party Match: Disney lovers, this one is for you. This printable lets you match famous Disney characters with their parents, making it a great baby shower game, regardless of the gender.

Guess the Baby Gender with these Fun Games

Words of Advice for Mama to be: This is the perfect way for everyone to share their most valuable knowledge for mom to be!

Baby Word Scramble: Entertain your party guests with a word scramble inspired by your little one. Print out these exact scrambles or create your own for a custom take on the idea.

Baby Fued: Play this classic TV game at your baby shower. This free printable baby shower game has already surveyed to get answers of the questions.

Gender Reveal Printable Games

Baby Pictionary: Turn classic Pictionary into a fun baby shower game. With this printable, your guests can give their best guesses for each set of emojis. Whoever matches the most, wins.

Old Wives Tale Printable: Does Mom crave salty or sweet? Guess the gender with these Old Wives Tale printables.

Nursey Rhymes Game: Guess the nursery rhymes with this super fun baby shower printable game.

Printable Gender Reveal Games PDF Download Options

Babies around the world game: How many languages do you know? Maybe only one? Then take your best guess at this baby shower game on how “baby” is translated around the world.

Disney Parent Match: Can you match theme Disney parents with their babies?

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Names A-Z: With a time limit, fill out as mnay letters of the alphabet of names that start with each of the letters. To make it more challenging you can say only one gender’s names.

Baby Unscramble: This is a list of baby words scrambled up. Players must unscramble as many words possible before the time is up!

Name that Baby Tune: Fill in the blanks for each song that contains the word “Baby”. For a hint, the artist of the song is listed.

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