Inside: What to get the people you love the most who already have everything? These 70th birthday gifts are creative, special, and exactly the right thing.

I love giving gifts, but I don’t love the planning and calculating of it. Giving something creative I happen to find while shopping whenever the moment is right is a good version of gift giving to me, but trying to plan something to give someone on a milestone birthday is a different story. So much pressure!

Often gift guides are the same, so we sometimes need some extra help and need to find one that’s a little different and has a more unique spin of ideas for an older milestone birthday.

That’s what I’m here for! I have some good ideas for you and how you plot the best gift for a 70th birthday for mom, dad and anyone else you need to buy for.

All 4 of my kid’s grandparents have celebrated turning 70 in the past year, so we’ve gotten a lot of practice with this particular birthday.

Best 70th birthday gift ideas

What Is A Traditional Gift For 70th Birthday?

A traditional gift for a 70th birthday is often something personalized and meaningful. An engraved bracelet or watch perhaps? A gorgeous new set of golf clubs or family photo including all the grandchildren are easy and traditional gifts to give.

But what if you want something a little more out of the box?

You need a gift for a special person in your life turning 70. I think it’s usually a pretty safe assumption that they’re special to you. In my life, everyone in this older phase of life that I look up to is incredibly special to me.

I want to get them something lovely and heartfelt for this big birthday, but the question is always… but what? Whether it’s your best friend in the whole world, your spouse, or even your own mother or father, it’s pretty difficult to decide what that special gift is for them.

Here are some questions that will help you narrow down your ideas.

What Are They Like?

What are they like? The best thing to do when planning a good gift is thinking about who they are.

Are they fun loving and party throwing? Are they Stylish? Are they quiet and contemplative? Are they nostalgic of the old days?

There are pretty distinct personality traits and styles that you can hone in on to decide what style of gift your favorite almost 70 person might like.

What Are Their Passions & Hobbies?

They may not be your grandmother or grandfather, but for the sake of an example, there are a couple of different styles of grandmothers.

  • There’s the crafty, sewing, baking, always doing something grandmother
  • There’s the ones that enjoy more classical, traditional, and relaxed activities
  • The entertainment loving person
  • The travel enthusiast 
  • The grandparent who is all about her grandkids
  • The sport or activity loving parent

Of course, there are some inbetween and all over the place with completely different interests.

What Type of Person are they?

But what is the birthday girl or guy like? Outdoorsy? Crafty? Do they have hobbies? Are they classy or eccentric? There are many different ways to think about who they are and what they love that can guide you to the right gift. Think about them first and go from there.

Elevated Traditional 70th Gift Ideas

In almost every area of your life, choosing to creatively elevate the basics will get you what you’re looking for. Planning gifts are no different, especially for a birthday this special.

If you don’t skim through the typical lists of birthday gifts, but instead look at it with a filter of thinking outside of the box of how you can make it more special, this is how you’re going to come up with the best ideas.

So what are some of the typical ideas we can use to elevate?

Bottle of Wine

I always love to gift a nice bottle of wine for someone that I know enjoys a good glass. A really nice bottle goes a long way but if you want to take it a step further, there are a ton of companies that personalize a bottle for you. Engraving or re-labeling the bottle are a good starting point, but then you also can purchase a bottle that means something more personal to them.

You can do something like find a bottle from an important year in their life or if they have any special connections to any of the common wine-cities, being intentional to pick one from there could be special. Perhaps even joining a wine club from their hometown or a vacation spot they loved, to be enjoyed throughout the year. It would be fun to gift with this wine club book to be enjoyed with friends.

Book Signing

Do they have a favorite book or author that would maybe have a signed copy floating around? Or tickets to a book signing with them to get the chance to personally meet them?! This is a gift they will not forget anytime soon.

Sports Fan

I’ve come across some really cool companies that make yearbook styled books that can recap newspaper articles on certain topics like sports teams or artists that would make for a cool coffee table book with cool facts and information about their favorites things right there on their table or shelf. Pair it with a great set of tickets to a big game for a sweet surprise.

Photo Fun

If you’re looking at the more sentimental type, rather than a printed framed photo of the family or people that he or she loves, there are some really cool throw blankets or a sweet photo puzzle that you can print with the same photo on instead.

Can they look at a canvas more? Sure. But this is getting outside of the box and giving them a little something fun and out of the regular. How fun!

70th birthday gifts for mom creative recipe book idea

70th Birthday Gifts For Mom

Now that we’ve discussed some ways to make the gifts a little more personal and how to start narrowing down the style and kind of gift they might like, here’s 41 of the best ideas of 70th birthday gifts so you can start to plan what you’re gifting for this special day.

I believe that gifts should be fun on both ends, giving and receiving. Enjoy picking this out and know that they will surely love anything you choose to bless them with.

1. Personalized Wine Box
2. Engraved Wine Glass
3. Ringed Necklace
4. 70 Things We Love About You
5. Vintage Classic
6. Home Portrait
7. Wine Subscription
8. Newspaper Book
9. Birthdate Necklace
10. Family Photo Puzzle
11. Family Photo Throw Blanket
12. Limited Edition Candle
13. Engraved Whiskey Glass
14. Cutting Board

What are traditional gIfts for turning 70

Fun 70th Gift Ideas For Dad

15. Generations Family Portrait
16. Personalized Star Chart
17. Family Cook Book
18. Personalized Comic Book Cover
19. Story Of You
20. Family Name Shirts
21. Old Man Survival Kit
22. Keyring
23. Engraved Picture Frame
24. Custom Golf Ball
25. Personalized Fishing Lure
26. Reel Viewer

unusual gift ideas for 70th birthday parties

Unique Unusual Gift Ideas For Turning 70

27. Unique Floral Art
28. Travel Maps
29. Self Care Box
30. Charm Bangle
31. Record Player
32. Engraved Yeti
33. 70th Birthday Box
34. Digital Picture Frame
35. Book Subscription Boxes
36. Birth Flower Tray
37. Family Birth Flowers
38. History By Mail
39. Handwritten Letter Blanket
40. Game Day Bingo
41. Garden Stone

The older the people in my life get, parents and grandparents, I start to realize that for the most part, they really already have everything they need or want, and it’s now up to me to decide what it is they’re missing.

There are only so many routes you can go here– a cute home decor trinket, something meaningful, something they can eat or wear… But here we’ve discussed some really different ideas, even among these categories. So I hope you found exactly what it is you want to give someone that’s turning 70 in your life.

For such a special birthday, they’re worth more than just a simple bottle of wine. Remember to elevate the basics or find a new creative idea and you’re golden. There’s fun to be had in this gift giving process, so nail it down and enjoy the process.