Inside : 15 Christmas Emoji Brain Teasers, Riddles, and Pictionary Games for the Holiday Season.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. We’re all looking for fun activities to keep ourselves busy while we start counting down to the end of the year. Now that we’re entering the holiday season, let’s add some festive flair to our game nights!

Emoji games are fun for lovers of brain teasers, pictionary, trivia, and everyone in between. You can play on your phone, over Zoom, or all in the same room. Plus, these Christmas emoji games are great for all ages and are totally timeless.

Most of these games are free and can be printed right at home, and most are printer-paper-sized. Some of these games can also be bought on Amazon or Etsy for a higher-quality product.

Check out these 15 Fun Christmas Emoji Games that everyone can enjoy!

Christmas Emoji Games for kids

Emoji Christmas Games: Guess the Classic Holiday Movie

From Frosty to Rudolph to Buddy the Elf, there’s almost no end to the classic holiday movies and characters that we all love. Test your knowledge of these films with these fun Christmas emoji games, and maybe put together your holiday movie night list at the same time!

Christmas Movies Emoji Pictionary:

      This free one-page game has you guess the titles of 12 classic holiday films. It also comes with an answer sheet so that you can check your guesses once everyone is finished! A space for your name and total right answers make this a great choice for parties.

Winter Movie Emoji Pictionary: Guess the winter movie in this guessing game! It is fun for all ages and is available for purchase on Etsy. You can get full-page sized sheets or half-sheet versions that are perfect for passing around at parties. An answer sheet is also included.

Christmas Movie Emoji Pictionary Quiz:

      1. Do your best to figure out which 16 holiday movies these emojis represent! This fun game comes in a festive design. You can also find two more sheets just like it on the website



Name That Christmas Movie:

    This movie-based emoji guessing game is fun for all ages! Break it out at your next holiday party or just for fun to play on your own. This game is available for purchase on Etsy, and comes with an answer key. It comes at an 8.5” x 11” size.
  1. Christmas Emoji Movie Guessing Game:  Here is another free and printable guessing game! Race with your friends and family to see who can finish first. Add an extra layer of fun by letting the winner choose which of these movies to watch during your holiday gathering! Answers can be found here.

Holiday Emoji Games For Christmas Music Lovers

Do you start blasting holiday tunes in November? Think you’re a Christmas music karaoke expert? Hymns, carols, and pop sensations alike, see how many of these holiday songs you can guess in these musical Christmas emoji games.

  1. How Many Christmas Songs Can You Guess?:  Challenge your friends and family with these 20 puzzles. This activity is free to download, print, and play. This download comes with an answer sheet, as well as other fun holiday party planning tips!
  2. Christmas Songs Emoji Pictionary:  This Christmas emoji game is great for parties! Sized for a 5”7” card, you can keep track of which you get right and wrong and add up your total all on the same sheet. The answer sheet is also included in your purchase. 
  3. Christmas Carol Emoji Matching Game:  Switch things up with this fun matching activity! Match the emoji with the corresponding phrase. There are 19 different pairs included, as well as two additional cards to throw into the mix and add some excitement! 
  4. Guess The Christmas Song:  This guessing game comes with a PowerPoint presentation along with the worksheet! Throw this activity up on the big screen or share over a virtual gathering for a fun and interactive group activity. 
  5. Sing Me An Emoji (Holiday Edition):  Did someone say stocking stuffers? This Christmas emoji game is available on Amazon, and accommodates up to 25 players. This could be a super fun activity to play together on Christmas morning with friends and family, to pull out during the slower afternoon, or to save for evening festivities! 

Christmas Emoji Games for Teens

More Fun Holiday Season Emoji Games

These emoticon-based winter games will push your holiday trivia skills to their limits! Guess traditions, places, food, movies, songs, and everything in between! 

  1. Christmas Pictionary Quiz:  This free, downloadable activity comes in a few different designs, so pick and choose your favorite! Set the timer on this one to race and see who can get the most answers after 3 or 5 minutes. The answer key can also be found on this site.
  2. Christmas Emoji Pictionary:  Another great free option, try and guess these 10 Christmas-related words or phrases based on the provided emoticons. This website also provides an answer key. This website also provides some insight on the best paper to use for printing. 
  3. Virtual Emoji Holiday Game:  This virtual activity is great for online gatherings or livestreams! If you’re unable to meet with your friends and family in person this holiday season, this activity is a fantastic alternative to printable Christmas emoji games. It is played over Google Slides, and has over 140 slides and 4 categories.
  4. Christmas Emoticon Quiz:  This great bundle available on Etsy has multiple categories, from popular Christmas cities to traditional carols, all in one convenient place. Play multiple rounds all at once or throughout the day for long-lived holiday cheer!
  5. Winter Emoji Pictionary:  This creative Christmas emoji game will keep you guessing from start to finish! Guess the winter word or phrase with this activity. This game can be purchased on Etsy and includes an answer key. If you love this activity, this creator has a winter bundle with 9 other activities to enjoy!

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