Inside: Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt ideas that will bring an extra spark to Christmas.

During the holiday season, I try my absolute best to participate in as many fun Holiday themed activities as I can. I seriously believe that Christmas is as magical as we decide to make it, so every year I am finding new ways to make my Holiday feel special.

This year something I am planning on adding to my schedule is a Christmas light scavenger hunt. This is not only a simple and affordable activity, but it’s super fun for the whole family!

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt + Printables

For those of you who have never heard of a Christmas Light Scavenger hunt, I go over everything you need to know. Plus I include an epic list of over 100 ideas that you can look for while you are on your hunt, as well as some simple printables for those of you who want to save some time.

But before we get into that, let’s discuss what exactly a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt is.

What Is A Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and How to Play

A Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt is essentially where you and your family go around your neighborhood or town looking at all of the Christmas lights and decorations that are up. You make a challenge to find a list of things that you have chosen in advance. When you find one, you cross it off your list. The person who has found the most at the end of the night is the winner.

In order to play, you have to have a list of things to find. This is first and foremost. Your list should be a mixture of things that are of varying difficulties, that way you can have the most fun.

I always recommend having a little prize for the winner, as well as making sure to have some cozy treats in the car while you play. These little things just add to the whole experience!

If you like you can set a timer for 1 hour, or if you don’t care you can just go until you have seen all that you can find(this is for you small city dwellers. For people in bigger cities you can drive around your neighborhood.) Take a look at the list below to start gathering your ideas for what to find. At the very end I also included some pre-made printable lists as well. Take a look!

Simple Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Ideas

First up we have some super simple Christmas light scavenger hunt ideas. These are the baseline things you can add to your lists. You will be able to mix in some harder ideas as you go through the list. Take a look at these and pick the ones you want to include.

1. Christmas Lights(Duh)

2. Santa 

3. Reindeer

4. Snowman

5. Presents

6. Sleigh

7. Elves

8. Christmas Tree

9. Stars

10. Angels

11. Seasons Greetings Sign

12. Happy Holidays Sign

13. Merry Christmas Sign

14.  Ho Ho Ho Santa Sign

15. Merry Xmas Sign

16. Rainbow Lights

17. Be Merry and Bright Sign

18. The North Pole

19. Polar Bear

20. Ornaments

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Must Have Ideas

Next up, these are some of my favorite ideas that you have to include. Some of them are a little moer obscure so it shouldn’t be too easy. Think of these like medium level in terms of hardness. It’s important to have a good mix of easy and harder ones, otherwise this game is no fun.

21. Gingerbread House

22. Rejoice Sign

23. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Sign

24. Mistletoe

25. Mr. Scrooge

26. A Christmas Carol

27. Falling Snow

28. Frankensense, Myrrh

29. Yuletide Greetings Sign

30. Santa’s Workshop

31. Gingerbread Man

32. Snowman Family

33. Big Snowball

34. Family of People

35. Fruitcake

36. Jack Frost

37. Tinsel

38. Snowball Fight

39. Frosty the Snowman

40. Nativity Scene

Best Things to Add To Your List

When you are on the hunt for these things, try and think about how lucky you are to be alive in this moment, during one of the most magical times of the year. It truly is something special, and being appreciative of that will make this experience that much more amazing.

41. Christmas Feast

42. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

43. Pinecones

44. Christmas Carolers

45. Stockings

46. Christmas Cookies

47. Glass of Milk

48. Goose

49. Baby Jesus

50. Train 

51. Santa on the Roof

52. Cup of Cocoa

53. Candy Canes

54. Twinkling Lights 

55. Whoville

56. The Grinch

57. Snow Yetti

58. Elsa 

59. Christmas Toys

60. North Pole Mailbox

Christmas Movie Themed Ideas

Christmas Movie Themed Ideas

These are some ideas that are straight out of your favorite Christmas movies. I imagine that there will be lots of houses that incorporate stuff like this. The hard part is finding the right characters. So check these out and add a few to your list! They are too good not to. 

61. Polar Express 

62. Penguins of Madagascar

63. Olaf from Frozen

64. Svenn

65. Max from the Grinch

66. Krampus

67. Jack Skellington

68. Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

69. Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas

70. Spooky Characters from Nightmare Before Christmas

71. Home Alone Characters

72. Charlie Brown 

73. Christmas Snoopy

74. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

75. Christmas Mickey 

76. Santa Puppies

77. Christmas Smurf

78. Nutcrackers

79. Pluto from Mickey Mouse

80. Minnie Mouse

Hard Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

Last but not least, I thought we should have some hard ones. These are going to be more rare and special, making them the hardest to find. I encourage you to add at least a few of these ideas to your list, otherwise your hunt will be finished after one street! So get out there and have some fun.

81. Christmas Palm Tree

82. 10 Feet Tall Decoration

83. Christmas Wacky Inflatable Sales Man

84. Huge Tree Ornaments

85. North Pole Pole Decoration

86. Person Hanging from a House with Ladder Fallen

87. Candy Cane Tree

88. Car Tire Christmas Tree

89. Giant Lolly Pops

90. Candy House

91. Giant Christmas Card

92. Big Fake Fireplace

93. Christmas Themed Horror Decoration

94. Christmas Gnome

95. Giant Candy Cane

96. Die Hard Decorations

97. Christmas Tree Wonderland

98. Melted Snow Man

99. Christmas Mailbox

100. Christmas in Florida

101. Buddy the Elf

102. Decorated Garage Door

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

As promised, here are 3 of my favorite Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts for those of you who don’t have time to make your own list. These are simple, adorable, and super affordable. You just print them out from your home and you are all set to go. See which one is your favorite. 

So…do you think you are ready to load up in the car with your family to get some holiday bonding in? Plan a day in your calander and make sure you do this one. I am personally thinking I will do this the week before Christmas. I think this is when people will have the most decorations up!

If you are on the hunt for even more fun Christmas game ideas to add to your holiday schedule, you are in the right place. We have so many fun ones for you to choose from. Check them out!

The holiday season is all about getting in some quality time with the people you love. Everyday life can be so fast paced that it can be near impossible to slow down. The month of December reminds us to do just that. So I hope that you enjoy your Christmas light scavenger hunt. Happy Holidays!