Inside: 15 Printable Christmas Games for Holiday Fun.

Whether you’re going on a holiday road trip, hosting a fun Christmas Party, or prepping some fun activities for your class these printable Christmas games are the perfect way to add a little fun to the holiday season.

One of my favorite games to always have on hand are quick printable games, they are great too keep in your back pocket and just printing off a few copies for everyone to play. Here are our favorite Christmas printable games, enjoy!

Printable Christmas Games

Printable Christmas Games for Holiday Fun

Christmas Scattergories: From A – Z think of words related to Christmas.

Gift Giving Game: Hosting a Christmas party gift exchange?  Then here’s a fun spinning wheel that will change things up a bit. The full tutorial and free printables are included.

Printable Christmas Games

Name that Christmas Movie: This free printable Christmas game is such a fun game. Guess these 21 Christmas movie names from their synonymous titles.

Christmas Charade Games: Winter-themed Charade cards that make an easy game to play Charades or Pictionary as a family fun Christmas games during the holidays.  Simply print and cut these free printable cards out and play a couple of rounds of singing Christmas songs and other winter activities.

Carole Game: If you love to sing then this is the Christmas game for you!  You’ll be humming and singing to and the goal is to figure out what part of the song is next.

Merry Fun Party Games

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt: A little scavenger hunt so your kids could check off popular Christmas decorations as they spotted them and start a new family tradition.

I Spy Christmas Game: These are fun for car trips or just driving around town! Make it a contest, see who gets it full first, or just enjoy checking off all the fun things to see.

Holiday Games

Christmas Scavenger Hunt: This is a fun game to play with family or at a party with friends! Get people moving around and interacting while also creating holiday memories!

Who am I Christmas Game: This is a printable set of 32 game cards which include a range of characters from traditional holiday stories, beloved Christmas books, and popular Christmas movies.

Guess the Song: How fun would this reverse Pictionary game be at a Christmas party. Hold up the picture and have the room guess what song it is.  You can even split up in teams and enjoy a little competition.

Fun Printable Christmas Games

Christmas Mad Libs: Who doesn’t love a good Mad Lib?!  Use these to keep the kids busy over the holiday break. Or roll them up and stuff them in their stocking on Christmas morning for some fun family laughs.

Christmas Bingo: Who doesn’t love bingo?!  Kids and adults alike can sit down and enjoy this holiday-themed bingo game. Best of all, all you have to do is print and it’s ready to go!

Printable Christmas Games

Christmas Trivia Game: If you’re having a Christmas party this Trivia Game would be perfect to use at it!

Holiday Word Search: A free printable Christmas word search that is sure to keep the adults and older kids entertained for a while.

Santa Says: A low prep, super fun Santa Says party game for holiday parties for the classroom.

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