Inside: 15 Printable Ice Breaker Games – Perfect for Every Celebration.

Celebrating birthdays, babies, reunions, weddings, or just friends is a great way to get together with your favorite people in the world and have a great time. If you’re anything like me, you might have several different friend groups or family that may not all know each other, and that can sometimes make parties a little awkward in the beginning.

There is nothing worse than going to celebrations whether it be a baby shower or birthday bash and having that weird awkward silence at the beginning when everyone is starting to mingle. That is why I love these fun printable ice breaker games so much!

They are such a great way to break that ice and get everyone mingling and laughing together.

Printable Ice Breaker Games

Our Favorite Printable Ice Breaker Games

Conversation Starters: Conversation starters for creatives was created to guide intentional discussions about creativity. 50 inspiring questions for a dinner party with friends.

What’s in Your Purse: One of my all-time favorite ice breaker games. It shows off your fun side while breaking any tension with groups that may not know each other very well! Everyone can relate to having junk in their purse!

Printable Ice Breaker Games

How Well Do You Know: Fan over the birthday girl with this super fun printable game. It’s a perfect way to break the ice and honor the guest of honor.

Who Am I?: This is such cute way to start off a shower. It’s a cute way to introduce everyone in the room, but also have a sweet memory for years to come!

Would She Rather: Does she like chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Break the ice with this fun would she rather game honoring the bride to be, mommy, or birthday girl.

Find the Guest Ice Breaker Game

Find the Guest: This game is one of my favorite printable ice breaker games. It gets everyone in the room talking and asking questions that they may have never thought to ask. So many people will find that they have things in common and start so many conversations.

Bridal Find the Guest: This game is “Find the Guest”. It is a fun mingling game, perfect for an ice breaker at your bridal shower.

Printable Games

Baby Shower Find the Guest: Having a baby shower? This printable ice breaker game is perfect to start the shower off right!

Birthday Find the Guest: A great ice-breaker game! Mingle with the guests to find the answers to the questions Listed. Answer with the guests’ names.

Confetti Find the Guest: This is such a cute printable baby shower ice breaker game.

Printable Bingo Ice Breaker Games

Human Bingo Cards: This printable ice breaker game (or human bingo) is perfect for any party where people need to be introduced, especially high school students, college students, sorority parties, office party or corporate functions. This human bingo game will get everyone talking to each other.

Baby Shower Bingo: This is the perfect ice breaker bingo game for a baby shower or Mother group.

Ice Breakers Games

Wedding Shower Bingo: This “find the guest” bingo game is so pretty and matches perfectly to your wedding shower or rehearsal dinner!

Bingo Ice Breaker: This human bingo icebreaker game is the perfect way to get guests to mix & mingle at an adult birthday party or game night.

Dance Ice Breaker Bingo: This printable ice breaker game (or human bingo) is perfect for any kids dance party or girls cheerleader party. It gets kids talking to each other and mixing.

More Printable Games You’ll Love

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Let us know in the comments your favorite printable ice breaker games.