Inside: 18th birthday party ideas that are as unique as you are.

Turning 18 is a big deal. It’s a day that we often think of throughout our entire childhood. It feels like it’s so far away. Like it’ll never come…until it does. It’ll creep up on you and can take you by surprise, slow, and then all at once. When it does, it comes with a whole slew of new doors to open.

So of course, we must celebrate big before you walk through them. Adulthood can feel scary, but it’s really not as terrible as it may seem. You get to be independent, go to college, eat candy for breakfast…okay well come to find out that eating candy for breakfast isn’t all it was chalked up to be in our heads.

Adulthood makes you realize such things. Before all of this though, let’s throw one big Chabang that represents the end of a chapter. Here’s to your childhood!

Now, choosing what to do for your 18th can feel nearly impossible. You know it has to be good, like epically good. You know it has to feel like you.

That’s a pretty broad idea for a party, something epically you. But it’s totally doable.

To help you tunnel your way OUT of tunnel vision, I’ve created a list. Piqued your interest yet? 

How to celebrate an 18th birthday

That’s right. I’ve created a list that will help you pick out the birthday party of your dreams. 53 of the best 18th birthday party ideas are all lined up to give you a good idea of all of the amazing choices you have. The party for you is sitting amongst them, a diamond in the rough.

You’ll never know until you take a look, so get to looking!

18th Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

This first list is for the guys(don’t worry ladies, you’re next). We’ve included everything from camping to visiting a break room. Wait…you’ve never heard of a break room? Let me explain.

Break rooms are places you go to well, break stuff. Things like old TVs, plates, anything you can think of.

It’s a fun way to blow off steam in a way that isn’t a part of the societal norms. It’s unique! Take a look at all of the options below.

1. Camping Trip

2. Basketball Tickets

3. Olympics Theme

4. Video Game Party

5. LaserTag

6. Road Trip

7. Go Cart Racing

8. Concert

9. Break Room

10. Day of Hiking

11. Pool Party

18th Birthday Party For Girls

18th Birthday Parties for the Girls

You know what they say, girls just want to have fun. And with this list, they definitely will! My personal favorite is the Picnic, but feel free to mix and match. Perhaps go to the spa and then visit an amusement park. 2 forms of decompression for the price of one birthday. Love it!

12. Spa Day

13. Beach Party

14. Makeover

15. Elegant Dinner

16. Ballroom Party

17. Get a Tattoo

18. Outdoor Movie Night

19. Amusement Park

20. 1980’s Theme

21. Roller Rink

22. Outdoor Picnic

23. Fireworks

24. Sleepover

25. Photoshoot Party

Simple 18th B-Day Party Ideas

Not everyone desires big blowout birthday parties, and that is totally understandable. If you are more of a fun night-in kind of person then I made this next list with you in mind. Take a look!

26. Classic Party

27. Movie Night

28. Karaoke Party

29. Polaroid Taking Party

30. Surprise Party

31. Pick As You Go – Have a bowl full of different tasks, such as makeover, or go see a movie. Pick one as you go and then when you’re done, pick another.

32. Ice Cream Social

33. Garden Party

34. Game Night

35. Painting Night

36. Baking Party

18th Birthday Party Ideas

Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas

These ones are more of a unique approach to the 18th birthday. They are a little more on the pricey side but hey, you’re only 18 once. Go big!

37. Trip To Europe – For those who can afford it, a trip to Europe is one of the most unique and cool birthday parties (or rather a birthday trip) that you can possibly have.

38. Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids, they can be a great time for new adults as well.

39. Nostalgia Party – Growing old is exciting, but it can also go by so quickly. Filling your party with games, songs, and foods that were your favorite when you were a kid is a perfect theme for your 18th. 

40. Walk Down Memory Lane – You’re 18 now, so it’s the most opportune time to reflect on your childhood. Have your parents pull out those home movies and photo albums.

41. Book an Air B&B

42. Craft Party

43. Ultimate Game Night

44. BYOM– Bring your own mocktail.

45. Adulting – Have an adulting-themed party. This can be achieved by having different sections that each cover a part of adulthood. For example, you can have a section dedicated to bills where you play different games that deal with money, like Monopoly.

46. High Tea

47. Backyard Camping

48. Drive-In Theater

Must haves for turning eighteen

18th Birthday Party Must-Haves

This last little list consists of the basics that every 18th birthday party should have. The last one is especially important. 

49. Number Balloons

50. DIY Photo Backgrounds – Teens love themselves a good instagram background.

51. Birthday Banners

52. Mock tails – They can’t drink legally yet, so mock tails are the best way to make the occasion feel extra special.

53. Adulting Tips Jar – Keep this jar by the door and before the adults leave, have them write down a tip for adulthood. Put it in the jar and by the end of the party, the fresh 18-year-old will have all of the wisdom of the adults in their life.

I hope you found this article helpful and that you have found the party on this list that speaks to you. Thank you for reading, have fun and of course…Happy Birthday. Welcome to adulthood.

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