Inside: 100+ of the best 80th birthday party games to help celebrate!

We all love our parents. They’ve thrown us countless parties throughout our lives; birthdays, graduations, weddings (yes I am counting a wedding as a party). Now that they are getting older, it’s our turn.

Reaching 80 is such an awesome milestone, one that deserves to be celebrated with a big birthday bash! The most important thing you can do for this party is to bring people together and create memories. The best way to do this is with games of course!

Games for Turning 80 Birthday Party

Games are the ultimate tool to bring any party from okay, to something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. They give you the opportunity to get quality time in, with lots of laughs. 

Now, I understand how overwhelming throwing a party can be. You have to get together invitations, the food, and the decorations…so finding games on top of it all may seem a little above your pay grade. 

But I have your back. I’ve put together a master list of the best 80th birthday party games that will show our elders how much they mean to us. After all, 80-year-olds like to have fun too! So take a look at this list… there are over 100 different options here for you to choose from. 

80th Birthday Game Ideas

1. How Well Do You Know Me 80th Birthday Game – This one is not only fun, but it’s a great way to make the birthday person feel extra loved. Click here for a printable game.

2. Never Have I Ever 

3. Personalized Crossword – This is a cute branch off of the How Well Do You Know Me Game, it’s a crossword that uses personal trivia for the answers. How cool is that?

4. Birth Year Trivia

5. Jeopardy – Recreate Jeopardy at home.

6. Finish the Lyric Throughout Time – For this one, you play the music that came out the year they were born all the way up through the present. You play it, then pause in the middle of a lyric and the person has to finish it.

7. Pictionary 

8. Karaoke 

9. Old Person Charades – It’s actually exactly what it sounds like, charades with the theme of an Old Person!

10. Guess My Age – This one is so cute! You take a bunch of photos of the honorary birthday person throughout their life and clip them to a board. Then everyone gets a piece of paper and has to guess the age they were in each photo. The person to get them all right gets a prize!

11. The Price is Right – Classic 80-Year-Old TV Games are always a win.

12. Talent Show

13. Bingo 

14. Who Am I Game – For this one, you write down different people on sticky notes. Everyone takes one and sticks it to their forehead, then gets to ask questions to find out who they are. 

15. Most Likely To

16. Would You Rather – A Classic and Simple Game that works for all ages.

17.  Two Truths and A Lie – A great way to get to know your family even more.

18. Try Not To Laugh – This one is hilarious and cheap! Just go onto YouTube and type in Try Not To Laugh Challenge and watch it with your fellow players. The first person to laugh is out. The last one standing wins.

19. Telephone

20. Ping Pong Toss – It’s a PG version of Beer Pong. It’s fun and family-friendly. 

21. Pin the Tail On the Donkey – I love to incorporate some games that are strictly for children because adding some childlike wonder into your 80s is an absolute win. 

22. Back Draw – Teams of 2 take turns drawing on a piece of paper that is placed on one player’s back. The player who is being drawn on has to guess the word their teammate is drawing.

23. 20 Questions

24. Ball Pass – Everyone stands in a circle and has to pass a ball to the next person without using their hands.

25. Cotton Ball Scoop – For this one, you’ll need a big bowl, a bag of cotton balls, and a big ladle/spoon. The player is blindfolded and has to try and scoop as many cotton balls off the ground and into the bowl within one minute.

Classic Games You Can Buy

26. Party Charades

27. Old Maid Playing Cards

28. Battleship

29. Trivia Playing Cards

30. Jenga

31. Bamboozled, A Bluffing Card Game

32. Trouble

33. Operation

34. Jumbo Jenga

35. Hungry Hungry Hippos

36. Kerplunk

37. Mouse Trap

38. CandyLand

39. Chutes and Ladders

40. Clue

41. Connect Four

42. Sequence

43. Boggle

44. Uno

45. Pictureka!

46. Do You Really Know Your Family?

47. Yahtzee

48. Guess Who?

49. Simon

50. Headbanz

51. Cat Lady

52. Spontuneous

53. Doodle Face

54. Game of Life

55. Monopoly, 1980 Version

56. Scrabble

57. Phase 10

80th games for mom birthday, crocheting challenge

80th Birthday Games for Mom

58. Scattergories

59. Crochet Race – For this one, everyone gets yarn and a crocheting needle. Set a timer for 1 minute and see who can make the longest crochet chain!

60. Arts & Crafts – Arts and crafts are a great theme for party games, especially if they are turning 80! Crafting knows no age.

61. Ring Toss

62. Murder Mystery

63. Truth or Dare

64. Hot Potato – Everyone stands in a circle and passes a ball around. When someone yells hot potato the person holding the ball is out!

65. Sticker Stalker – Each guest gets a pack of stickers and has to try and put them on others without them noticing over the course of the party.

66. Movie Trivia

67. Make A Mummy

68. Mom-Themed Charades – It’s exactly like it sounds, and it’s sooooo fun! Plus it will make Mom feel extra special. 

69. Freeze Dance – Dancing is for all ages, and this one will fill the room with laughter!

70. Don’t Say Old – This one is a spin on the baby shower game where the first person to say baby loses but this time, you can’t say old!

71. 1900s Trivia Printable

72. 10 Printable Games for Her

73. Who Knows the Birthday Girl Best Printable

74. 1942 Trivia Games

75. Custom Bingo

76. Finish My Phrase

77. Art Party Paint Kit

78. Fairytale Murder Mystery Kit

79. Team Quiz

80. Embroidery Kits

81. DIY Clay Bowl

82. Small Build a Game Kit

83. Escape Room at Home

Birthday Games for Dad, Poker and chips

80th Birthday Games for Dad

84.DIY Candle Making Kit

85. Poker

86. Blackjack 

87. Roulette

88. Hangman Tournament – Like regular hangman but on steroids. Divide your guests into two teams and put the timer on. The first person to guess their word wins.

89. Year of Invention – This one is for the dads that love knowing when things were made. Create cards full of machines and tools and then have everyone guess the year they were invented.

90. Puzzle Race

91. Chinese Checkers

92. Risk

93. Saran Wrap Game – This one is super fun. You take goodies and prizes and wrap them all up into a big ball of saran wrap. Everyone sits in a circle and the player rolls a dice. Whatever number it lands on is the number of layers they get to peel off.

94. Horse Shoes – A classic yard game that every old man loves!

95. Name That Song 

96. Bean Bag Toss

97. Fact or Fiction – Get a book of random facts and then create some fake ones. Write them down and put them into a bowl. Then take turns reading them and try to decipher if it’s fact or fiction.

98. Jigsaw Puzzles

99. Gin Rummy

100. Bridge

101. Trivial Pursuit

102. Guess who – Gather baby photos of everyone at the party, then have everyone take a guess as to who is who.

103. Croquet

80th Birthday Games

And there you have it! Over 100 of the best 80th birthday party games to include at your oldies party. I’ve found that mixing and matching these to your family’s liking has the best results. 

Birthdays are truly something to celebrate, especially as we get older. An 80th birthday is a big one, and choosing the right games to include at the party will make the biggest difference. 

So get out there, eat some good food, and spend some quality time with the people that you love.

If you loved the idea of playing charades but have no idea how to get started, click here.