Inside: Touchdown Worthy Super Bowl Party Betting Games.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a crowd of hardcore football fans or some friends who are only paying attention during the commercials — a good party game will get everyone involved and having fun.

So whether they came for the championship, Super Bowl snacks, or just to see sing along during the halftime show — you’re bound to impress with these Super Bowl Party betting games, put a few fun football-inspired ones!

Super Bowl Party Betting Games

Super Bowl Party Betting Games

Pass the Cup: This is the easiest of all of the Super Bowl party betting games you can play.

Here are the rules:

  1. Everyone puts in a certain dollar amount in a cup.
  2. Create an order to determine how the cup will be passed.
  3. Draw a name to determine who starts with the cup.
  4. The cup passes to the next person on the list after every possession change.
  5. The last one holding the cup takes the pot.

LCR: After having reduced halftime lengths all season, the twice-as-long Super Bowl halftime show will drag on for bettors. Especially with no other games to tune into — unless you bet on some of the Maroon 5 props or the Puppy Bowl.

Since I don’t get involved in any halftime action, I break out the LCR dice once I get any potential second-half plays in. If you have never played before, go buy a set from the store or order here. Just make sure you tell everyone in advance to bring plenty of one-dollar bills.

Super Bowl Party Printable Betting Games

Super Bowl Trivia: See who knows their Super Bowl history and fun facts in this printable Super Bowl Trivia game from Play Party Plan.

Super Bowl Pick ‘Em: If you’re looking to place even more bets on the championship game, give your guests this questionnaire. The winner could earn a prize or simply bask in the glory of their success. Either way, people will stay engaged from the first to the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl Party Game Ideas

Add a little extra layer of fun to these football games and create new super bowl party betting games!

Field Goal Ring Toss: With some extra copper pipes and a glue gun, you can create a mini field goal to play ring toss. Try to throw your washers onto each post of the field goal.

Football Passing Accuracy Challenge: If it’s warm enough outside, get a football and a garbage can. Start with at a short distance and let everyone take a shot at throwing it in. Those who miss are out, while those who make it advance. Move the distance farther away for each round until you’re able to crown a winner.

Super Bowl Betting Games For Virtual Super Bowl Parties

Paper Field Goal Champion: This one will bring many back to their school days. First, make a paper football. Don’t worry, if you don’t have football fans in your group, someone will know how to do it. Next, make a target that resembles a field goal and set it up on the table. Similar to the accuracy challenge, start close and move it farther away as rounds advance until you have the last person standing is the victor.

Football Throw: Get the whole family together for this one, which requires a hula hoop and some footballs. Aim for the hoop and hope for the best. When your football goes through, prepare for your best victory dance.

Printable Super Bowl Games

Football Bingo: This football-themed version of everyone’s favorite game! Play during the game and mark off things like incomplete pass, fumble, and more as they happen during the game!

Mascot Matching Game: Billy Buffalo is pretty obvious, but which team does Sourdough Sam rep? Put your pals to the ultimate test with this matching game.

Printable Football Games For Superbowl

Commercial Bingo: If your favorite part of the Super Bowl is the commercials, try your luck with “Big Game Bingo.” Write in the large companies that you think are going to pay big bucks for an ad, and then see if you can get 5 in a row! This game is a great way to get the party guests who aren’t exactly sporty involved.

Place Your Bets: Everyone gets to guess at the game’s final score with this grid. You can play for fun, or have everyone bet a dollar on the final outcome — winner takes all.

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love to Play

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  • Boozed Up Drinking Games – Oh we have all had “ONE OF THOSE” nights. You know what kind of night I’m talking about, the ones where it just seems like you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Surrounded by friends, laughing all night, cheering to the best days of your life. Those sweet, sweet nights. I love night like that. These boozed-up party drinking games are the perfect way to celebrate the best nights of your life with your best friends!
  • Casino Party Games: The higher the stakes the bigger the reward, am I right? Throw the perfect Casino themed party and have a gambling blast! First start off with some amazing invitations focused on a casino theme. Cool casino themed decorations and accessories will add to the theme of the casino party. If you are going to a casino themed party the expectation is there that you will be a winner.