Inside: Luau Party Games

Cue the Ukulele music, it’s time to party! Now light those Tiki lights, grab a colorful lei and let’s get this luau started! There are so many fun things about a Luau, but no party is complete without some fun party game, am I right? Lucky for you we have a list of the best Luau party games! From pineapple bowling to the classic Limbo, all your Luau guests are garnetted a bright and sunny time.

Luau Party Games

Luau Party Games

Limbo: You can’t have a luau party without a classic game of Limbo! Check out this festive Luau limbo game!

Tacky Tourist Relay: Oh boy I love this game! It is the PERFECT luau party game for sure! Here are a few things you will need: 1.) A carry on suitcase for each team 2.) In each suitcase: a pair of sunglasses, oversized Hawaiian shirt, beach towel, sunhat, lei, grass skirt, etc.

One member of each team at a time pulls the suitcase to the “Beach”. Lays down the towel, puts on the sunglasses, sunhat, lei, etc. and lies down on the towel. Quickly gets up and packs everything back in the suitcase. Runs back home and gives the suitcase to the next person. The first team done, WINS!

Luau Ideas

Beach Ball Hockey: Items you need: Pool Noodle for each player. Beach Ball. Cones or soccer goal. The rules are the same as any regular hockey game, but just replace all your regular gear with some fun luau items!

Flamingo Yard Toss: We are obsessed with this DIY Flamingo Ring Toss game! It is the perfect fun DIY Luau party idea!

Luau DIY

Hula-Hoop Spin: Time you luau guests to see who can keep their hula hoop spinning the longest!

Fruit Inspired Luau Games

Pin the Coconut on the Palm Tree: I love a fun themed version of Pin the (blank) on the (blank)! It’s a classic party game that everyone of every age will enjoy! I really love the idea of pinning the coconut onto the palm tree!

Watermelon Burst: I love this fruity inspired water balloon game! Here they showed them looking like watermelon but I think it would also be cute made to look like pineapples. This is a great summertime Luau party idea!

Pineapple Bowling: Yeah, we said it, PINEAPPLE BOWLING! Grab some pineapples and coconut and let the party begin. We love this glammed-up version here, it’s not only fun but SUPER CUTE!

Watermelon Cornhole: Oh I love this fun colorful twist on a classic cornhole game! The bright watermelon theme is great for your next luau!

Luau Games

More Fun Luau Games


Hula Competition: Grab those grass skirts and cue the music, it’s time to get a little friendly luau competition going! Really play up the performance aspect of this competition including costumes and best dance moves. The winner can win a huge tiki head or a golden grass skirt! The possibilities for this fun luau game idea are endless!

Luau Scavenger Hunt: Hide luau-themed items in the party area. Give the kids a list of the items they need to find!

  • beach balls
  • flip flops
  • palm tree
  • flamingo
  • tiki mask
  • grass skirt
  • gecko
  • lei

Pineapple Ball Toss: Fun twist… throw PINEAPPLES! This is the perfect luau party game idea, it is festive, easy, and totally fun! It definitely checks all the boxes of a fun luau party game!

Luau Party

Hula-Hoop Ring Toss: All you need to do is find a big enough target! I like the idea of tossing them into small kiddy pools!

So gather up those lei’s and strap on those grass skirts and let’s get this Luau started! Let us know in the comments YOUR favorite luau party game!