Inside: Awesome spirit week ideas for work to encourage bonding and boost company morale. 

Who says spirit week has to stop after high school!? Not only is spirit week a ton of fun, but it also boosts engagement within employees, celebrates company culture, and acknowledges the accomplishments of others. Even if you are the type to cringe at some of the themes and events that spirit week includes, you can’t deny that on a subconscious level, it does make the atmosphere a little more uplifted and motivated.

Office Spirit Week

Depending on your company, you may need to adjust some of these spirit week ideas for work to better suit the overall tone of your office. But the point is, we went ahead and did the research of different spirit week ideas for work so that you don’t have to! Even if you’re working remote, these are some awesome ideas that you can implement from home as well.

Think of all the empowerment, team-building and of course, laughter a spirit week at your work can bring!

Spirit Week Ideas for Workplace

These fun spirit week ideas will liven up the workplace and create an exciting and entertaining environment! Plus, it’ll be a great way to get to know your coworkers on a deeper level.

  1. Company Pride Day: Get the spirit flowing by having everyone come into work sporting either company colors or their favorite piece of company merchandise! 
  2. Spin the Wheel Game: Put different items on a wheel – one extra day of PTO, company swag, a gift card to a nearby lunch spot – and have everyone get a turn at spinning it.
  3. Jersey Day: On this day, everyone will come into the office sporting their favorite team jersey! Will definitely spark conversation and bond coworkers.
  4. Secret Cheerleader: For this activity, coworkers pass around anonymous notes praising their fellow employees on a job well done and other words of praise.
  5. Paint and Sip: This is a great, relaxing activity for everyone in the office to enjoy! Employees will try and follow the instructions given by an artist to recreate a painting while sipping on their favorite beverage.
  6. High Five Everyone Challenge: Great for in person office spaces! Have a list of all employee names and challenge workers to go around and give everyone a high five and a quick compliment. This is a great way to energize the office as well as introduce different employees who may not interact on a regular basis.
  7. Bring Your Pet to Work Day: Who doesn’t love when adorable pets come in and liven up the office!?
  8. Company Potluck: Have everyone bring their own specialty dish into the office and serve it all up for lunch or an after work meal! I bet one of your coworkers makes a mean buffalo chicken dip.

Fun Office party ideas

Unique Spirit Week Ideas

Boost team morale and motivation by having them team up with one another and compete for a common goal. Nothing brings people together like some friendly competition!

  1. Field Day: Break the company up into teams, assign every team a color, and then have them compete against each other in fun lawn games! Corn Hole, Egg on a Spoon race, Capture the Flag, and relay races are all great games to include in this. 
  2. Trivia Day: Designate a time of the day to host a little trivia! Include questions about the company and its background along with other categories to really make things fun.
  3. Speed Networking: It’s not uncommon for employees to get comfortable within their department, set aside some time for everyone from all departments to come together and do a little speed networking! Set a timer for 1-2 minutes and allow workers to introduce themselves to one another and explain what they do for the company.
  4. Decades Day: Everyone has to dress up like a decade! Whether they want to rock some neon leg warmers, or a pair of groovy pants, this day will have no lack of entertainment!
  5. Song Showdown: Nothing gets people’s spirits up like music! Have employees try and guess the song just by playing a short clip of it. Create teams or make it every man for themselves.

Ways to celebrate Spirit Week At Work

Fun Spirit Week Ideas for Work

These fun ideas for your work’s spirit week will encourage your employees to engage with one another as well as have a few laughs!

  1. Band T-Shirt Day: Have everyone come into work wearing a t-shirt of their favorite band or artists! This will definitely lead to conversations that initiate team bonding and unity. 
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Create an office scavenger hunt for everyone to complete! Maybe it’s taking a selfie at a nearby landmark, or finding a coworker who has the same birthday month as you, the possibilities for this are endless and customizable for your company.
  3. Take a Group Fitness Class: You can either bring fitness into the office if you have the room, or schedule an after hours workout class for everyone to attend and burn off some steam! This would work great if you are in a fast-paced department and don’t have the freedom to participate in any activities during the work day.
  4. Office Breakfast: Order breakfast for the whole office and enjoy a delicious meal that will pump everyone up for the day and energize them while they interact with their coworkers.
  5. After Hours Happy Hour: This one is a classic, but for good reason! It’s a wonderful way to unwind after a long day while being able to hang out with your coworkers in a casual setting outside the office that allows you to get to know them on a friendlier level as opposed to just coworkers.
  6. Go To a Local Sporting Event: If you live in a city with a sports team, pick a date to attend one of their games! A super fun, exciting, and casual outing will encourage employees to let their guard down a bit and get to know one another.
  7. Office Relay Race: Split up the office into teams and have them run a relay race using items around the office! For example, the first team to print a document, get it stapled, and on a specific desk would be so fun.
  8. Staff Picnic: Find a local outdoor setting to host a picnic for your staff and allow them to bring their families or friends! Have them each bring some food or just get it catered, the relaxing environment will definitely encourage networking and team bonding.

Spirit Week Ideas For Work

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