Inside: Fun + Free Printable Easter Game Ideas.

One of my favorite things about Easter, other than the fact that we’re celebrating the resurrection of Christ, is that the season extends throughout the month before Easter Sunday! So not only do we get to really focus on Christ on Easter Sunday but we get to enjoy the fun of Easter festivities all month long.

Since we can’t do all of the normal community Easter egg hunts, egg rolls, and other Easter festivities – this year it’s up to us to enjoy Easter from our own homes!

Luckily, we have put together the ultimate collection of fun printable Easter game ideas to do this year! All of these can be done from the safety of your own home.

Printable Easter Games

Printable Easter Puzzle Games

1. Easter Word Scramble

2. Easter Emoji Game

3. Word Riddle

4. How Many Words Can You Make

Printable Easter Games Puzzle

5. Free Printable Easter Memory Games

6. Word Scramble Printable Game

7. Easter Bible Trivia

Free Easter Games for Kids

8. Matching Easter Egg Games

9. Free Easter I Spy

10. Printable Maze Tag Game Idea

11. Printable Easter Bingo Game

Free Printable Spring Game Ideas For Kids

12. Easter Bunny Tic-Tac-Toe

13. Color the Easter Eggs

14. Kids Spring Matching Game

Free Printable Easter Activities

15. Word Search Easter Game

16. Easter Peeps Coloring Pages

17. Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

Printable Easter Game Party Activities

18. Egg Hunt Exchange Game

19. Free Printable Easter Story Activity

20. Pictionary Easter Party Game

More Fun Games You’ll Love to Play

  • Minute to Win it Easter Games – I love spring! I love everything it has to offer, the life that is given back into nature around us, celebrating Easter, and of course all the good Easter candy, am I right? Easter is totally one of my favorite holidays, first because it is celebrating Jesus, of course! But, also being able to gather with family and celebrate together! As you know one of my favorite things to do is play games! So I had to find the perfect list of Minute to Win it Easter games for you and your family! They are filled with sugary treats, lots of laughs, and a ton of fun!
  • Easter Party Games – It’s Springtime which means Easter is coming soon! As you know I LOVE a great party theme and this season I can’t wait to have a fun Easter party! From Sunday school get-togethers, to have church gatherings we have a list of the perfect Easter party games to make your Easter just a little sweeter!
  • Our Favorite Printable Games – As you can tell by this list there are dozens of different themes that are used for printable games, making them one of the best and most efficient ways to plan fun activities for any event. I love using printable games for large get-togethers like showers, holidays, and especially for entertaining the kiddos on long trips. They are easy to plan and make such great ice breakers and time wasters. Here is the ultimate list of printable games and how we use them for almost every event.