Inside: 27 Easter Party Games

It’s Springtime which means Easter is coming soon! As you know I LOVE a great party theme and this season I can’t wait to have a fun Easter party! From Sunday school get-togethers, to have church gatherings we have a list of the perfect Easter party games to make your Easter just a little sweeter!

Easter Party Games

Fun Easter Party Games

Easter Egg Letter Game: Just like a typical egg hunt, but instead of candy-filled eggs it’s letters! This is a great way to teach kids letters or sight words! Hide the eggs and once they are all found the kids can create different words using those letters!

Jelly Bean Pick-Up: For this game, you will need straws and jelly beans.  The smaller the jelly bean, the better to make pickup easier.  Give each player a handful of jelly beans, a small bowl or basket, and a straw.  Set the timer for 1 minute.  Players use the straw to pick up one jelly bean at a time and transfer it into the bowl by sucking up air through the straw.  The player with the most jelly beans in their bowl by the end of the minute is the winner.

Easter Bunny Bowling: OH THIS IS THE CUTEST! I mean it is truly the most perfect Easter party game I have ever seen. Every detail is perfectly curated with sweet Easter details. Plus this is such a great game for any age to play during your party!

Easter Games

Popsicle Time: Give each player a little cup filled with Jelly Belly beans and a popsicle stick.

When the game starts, players must put the popsicle stick in their mouth and then add Jelly Belly Beans to it until they are balancing six Jelly Belly Beans on the popsicle stick to win.

Jelly Bean Bingo: This is the cutest Easter bingo game ever! This is perfect for everyone at your Easter party! Make fun prizes like HUGE chocolate bunnies or Golden Easter Eggs!

Easter Bunny Maze: I love this great printable maze! It is cute and perfect for a Sunday School project!

Sugar, Sweets, and Super Fun Games

Spring Cleaning: Give each player a bowl full of five different colored Jelly Belly beans such as red, purple, blue, green, and orange, making sure everyone has the same exact number of jelly beans. Place the five cups per player around them in a circle.

Players must sort the cup of jelly beans by picking out one Jelly Belly bean at a time and then placing it in one of the cups, designating that cup for only that color. The first player to sort their jelly beans into the five cups first wins.

Easter Bunny Pinata: These little mini Easter bunny pinatas are the CUTEST! I love this fun Easter party game DIY! They can be filled with fun yummy candies and sweet little surprises. They are a great DIY to hand out at the end of your party or activity to make!

Open Mouth Bunny: This is a fun Easter twist on a classic game! I love this fun DIY game it makes such cute Easter party games!

Spring Up: Players must keep three spring colored balloons up in the air. If players can keep them up for more than a minute, start adding an extra balloon per 30 seconds until someone gets out.

Puddle Jumper: Give each team two water bottles, one completely filled with Jelly Belly beans and the other completely empty.

Easter Games

 A Few More Fun Games:

Spoon Full of Sugar: Fill a bowl completely full of Jelly Belly beans. Set the bowl on a table on one side of the room.

Give each team a spoon and a small cup. Players must transfer Jelly Belly beans from the bowl to the fill their small cup using only the provided spoon, which must be in the player’s mouth anytime it is touching the jelly beans.

Easter Egg Toss: Grab a basket and a bunch of plastic (or if you’re feeling crazy real) Easter eggs and set the timer! Race to see who can get more Easter eggs into the basket first!

Egg Hunt Relay: Hide plastic eggs as you would for an Easter egg hunt, making sure there are enough eggs hidden for each player playing. Line each team up in a straight line. The first player on each team must run to the designated area, find an egg, and return to their team. The next player must do the same, continuing until every person on the team has found an egg. The first team to have every player find an egg (or the first team to find a certain number of eggs if team numbers aren’t even) wins!

Pin the Tail on the Bunny: This is the cutest little pin the tail on the bunny game! It’s perfectly curated in fun spring colors and makes for such a fun Easter party game!

Don’t Eat the Peep: A fun twist on Don’t East the Chief this is the perfect Easter Party Game!

Carrot Toss: I love this fun carrot toss game! It’s such a cute Easter DIY and makes for a great Easter party game!

Party Games for Easter

Minute to Win It Easter Games

Egg Dance: Balance two eggs on separate flat circular pizza pans held in each hand while traveling from point A to point B! The longer the distance the more fun!

Sticker Picker Upper: Place three Easter-themed stickers sticky side up on a flat circular pizza pan. With one egg placed in the middle and only using one hand, roll the egg around the platter to stick each sticker to it.

Egg Tower: Using 4 Easter eggs and 4 paper towel rolls build a tower. Be careful not to get out of line or it will come crashing down!

Sharp Shooter: Using your hands and rubber bands shoot three eggs off of stools.

Cadbury Overload: Two players race to see who can eat the most Cadbury candies in one minute. This includes having to unwrap them. (Beware of the SUGAR RUSH!)

Peeps in the Nest:  A team of two tries to see how many peeps they can toss in a bucket in one minute. The team with the most peeps wins.

Peanut Butter Whistle: Eat a chocolate and peanut butter piece of Easter candy and whistle “Jesus Loves Me” in under one minute.

Chick vs. Bunny: Using Easter bunny and Chick candy two people race to build the highest tower out of their candy in one minute. The highest tower wins! Be sure to have a lot of candy ready.

Jelly Bean Toss: Two teams race to toss as many jelly beans into their cups as they can. The team with the most jelly beans in their cup after one minute wins.

We hope you have such a fun time playing all these great Easter Party Games! They are sure full of sugary sweets and lots of treats! Let us know in the comments your favorite game!