Inside: Wedding Lawn Games + How to Incorporate Them At Your Reception.

If your big day happens to include outdoor festivities, setting up a few wedding lawn games is a great way to get the party started. Guests young and old will love the chance to get up and out of their seats for a little friendly competition, and you’ll love how lawn games can work as a natural ice breaker among strangers.

Plus, everyone knows outdoor games are all the more fun when cocktails, music, and a good party are involved.

Wedding Lawn Games How To Incorporate them

How to Incorporate Lawn Games into Wedding

There are many ways to incorporate fun lawn games into your wedding. Here are a few things to remember when planning and deciding which games are best for you and your big day.

  • Space: Does your wedding venue have enough space to play and arrange larger lawn games? Make sure there is enough space for all the fun activities that a wedding reception is known to have, like dancing, bar, games, and DJ. You don’t want to overcrowd your space with too many activities, making it difficult for your guest. A good way to manage this is by choosing maybe just one or two game ideas.
  • Guests Age: Let’s say you have ALOT of little ones running around, then maybe avoid any games that could cause someone to get hurt like the big Jenga blocks falling, or ladder toss where hard golf balls are flying through the air.
  • Colors: Because lawn games have gain popularity it is easy to find them in neutral soft colors, you want your wedding to look elegant and fluid throughout. So, having a bright-colored game randomly staged may look odd.

Is lawn games in wedding cocktail hour worth it?

I want to preface this by saying, you can do WHATEVER you want at your wedding. Don’t ever worry about what people think or if they will “judge” your decision.

With that being said, I am not a huge fan of lawn games DURING cocktail hour, if your cocktail hour is before the wedding. For a few reasons, one being everyone getting sweaty, messing, or windblown before the ceremony or pictures. Little ones might get a little too rowdy and not be able to settle down during the ceremony as well.

Wedding lawn games are GREAT for your reception and evening party! Once the photos have been taken, the vows exchanged, the craziness can begin.

The Best Lawn Games for Weddings

Giant Jenga: Who doesn’t love the classic block-stacking game Jenga? The traditional tabletop version adds a dose of fun and whimsy to any tented or outdoor reception area. Alternatively, upgrade to a life-size set of blocks that friends and family can build and destroy (and build again).

Bocce Ball: If you have lawn space, you can easily make a bocce ball area. An actual court isn’t necessary—just set up balls and scorecards and let your guests have at it.

Best Lawn Games For Weddings

Ladder Toss: If you have a nice, open lawn space to work with, ladder toss (also known as ladder golf or ladder ball) is a fun option for guests to test out their aim. All you’ll need are two ladders, two sets of different colored bolas, and a crowd that’s ready and eager to play. Keep in mind that this one isn’t the most ideal for small children, but ladder toss works great for an adults-only guest list.

Wedding Scavenger Hunt: Send your guests on the ultimate hunt for all the wedding fun with this wedding scavenger hunt game.

Best Outdoor Wedding Games

These outdoor wedding games are so fun to play and make for one heck of a party. Plus they make the perfect DIY wedding lawn games if you are handy and want to personalize them to your decor.

Connect Four: An oversized version of this classic game is sure to garner attention from adults and kids alike.

Corn Hole: Corn hole is the perfect lawn game for couples that want to make extra activities feel like a cohesive part of the overall wedding décor. This creative couple painted and personalized their boards and the beanbags, too.

Outdoor Wedding Games

Giant Checkers: Simple and fun, get the party started by ordering a checkers mat so large it can double as a picnic blanket—or DIY your own.

Badminton: If you have space, why not set up a badminton court? The equipment is light and portable, and the classic game is easy enough for guests of all ages to play.

Backyard Wedding Yard Games

These giant garden games for weddings are perfect for your backyard reception.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Kick this childhood game up a notch with an oversized version made for tons of outdoor fun. You’ll just need a large rope board, five large x’s, five large o’s, and any flat surface to set up shop. Kids will especially love this wedding lawn game as it allows them to play independently with no risk of accidentally getting hurt by a falling ball.

Giant Dice: Shake things up with a jumbo set of dice! This unexpected wedding reception game is perfect for bringing guests together.

Backyard Games For Weddings With A Lawn

Yard Game Word Search: Transform a chalkboard into a creative word search that your guests can try their hand at all evening long. The trick to DIY-ing this word search game is to write the individual letters in permanent paint and provide chalk only for circling words. Get creative and include personal trivia about the two of you as a couple for guests to find.

Dart Art Station: For artsy couples and guests, a dart art station is a fun daytime wedding reception activity. For the canvas, attach a couple of dozen (or more) water balloons partially filled with paint to a large, blank canvas hung on a wall. Set up a dart-throwing station at a safe distance (no one wants paint splatter on their formal wear, after all). Friends and family can throw darts at the canvas which will pop and splatter the paint inside the balloons, creating a one-of-a-kind piece for you to keep!

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love to Play

  • 60 Wedding Shoe Game Questions + Printable – Wedding receptions are a great relief for everyone involved because they mean the most stressful part of the day is over and party time has begun! During this big celebration, games are often played in between cakes, refreshments, dancing, and fun. Wedding games are a fun way to celebrate the new couple and give the audience a few laughs, too! This simple and easy Wedding Shoe Game involves nothing more than the bride, the groom, and their shoes.
  • Indoor Wedding Game Ideas – YOU’RE MARRIED! Now it’s really time to party! In addition to a delicious feast, flowing drinks, and a killer wedding playlist, some couples like to get the party started with wedding reception games. Some of our favorites include ice-breakers, to bride and groom trivia, or even an on theme pinata smash. No matter what, these totally fun indoor wedding games are perfect for your post-nuptial celebration.
  • Outdoor Wedding Game Ideas – Looking to make your wedding reception a fun and festive affair your guests will never forget? In addition to a delicious feast, flowing drinks, and a killer wedding playlist. Some couples like to get the party started with wedding reception games, ice-breakers, and other interactive experiences. This might include everything from classic lawn games to bride and groom trivia, a photo scavenger hunt, a well-stocked photo booth.