Inside: Best 12th Birthday Game Ideas for PreTeens.

Oh, the big 1-2, every time I think of this age I think about the Brittney Spears song, “Not a girl, not yet a woman.” Ha! What a wild age, you’re old enough for certain responsibilities and you’re maturing, but you’re just quite a teenager yet. Such an awkward period.

When I was 12, I, of course, had braces and I straightened my bangs WAY TOO MUCH and didn’t know the concept of less is more with makeup. Plus, this is the real kicker, I had a BRIGHT PINK cast for my 12th birthday. Yes, that’s right, I cannot make this up folks.

Anyways, turning 12 can be such a great time but also a little struggle for those kids who just want to be treated “like adults”. This is why they deserve one great birthday celebration with the best party games for teenagers included, even if they are not quite ones themselves yet. 😉

The kind of celebration that includes tons of snacks, games, and a great time. Well, lucky for you we have the games and good time covered, here are our favorite 12th birthday game ideas for one heck of a time!

12th Birthday Game Ideas

Fun 12th Birthday Party Game Ideas

These birthday party games for 12-year-olds are full of fun and food, I mean that is a 12-year-old dream is it not? From challenges to relays these games are perfect for their preteen bash.

Fruit Roll-up Game: Kids LOVE this game! To play this game you take a fruit roll-up, hang it out of your mouth, and without using your hands you have to eat the fruit roll-up as fast as you can!

Cookie Face: You will need one cookie per player. Each player has to place a cookie on their forehead and using only their facial muscles get the cookie into their mouth in under one minute. Oh, and to make it even more interesting… no hands!

12th Birthday Game Ideas for pretweens

Finding the Gummy Bears: Think of the game bobbing for apples. However, instead of a bucket of water, you use a plate of whip cream, and instead of apples, use gummy bears. And similarly to bobbing for apples, players must have their hands behind their backs.

Pass the Fruit:  You grab a piece of fruit, whether an apple, orange, lime, or something else. The purpose of the game is to get that fruit from one player all the way to the other end of the line. What makes this so fun (and difficult!) is the fact that you are not allowed to use your hands in any way to pass the fruit. Great fun and tons of laughs.

Grape in Flour: You will need a plate, flour, a knife, and some grapes. Put one grape balanced on top of a mountain of flour. Each child has to take a turn to slice away chunks of flour without knocking the grape. The loser who knocks the grape ends up with their face pushed into flour!

Great at Home 12th Birthday Party Games

These birthday party games for 12-year-olds at home are great for a summer birthday and slumber parties!

Lip Sync Contest: Come up with a list of songs, from old favorites to new hits! Let the teens draw a song and sing their hearts out! This is such a fun party game for teenagers, a crowd favorite! This is always a great birthday party game for 12-year-old girls, get dressed up and rock out!

Ping Pong Shake: This is THE FUNNIEST game ever! Team up and each person straps on an empty tissue box filled with ping pong ball. Each player has to shake what their mama gave them till their tissue box is empty!

Stay at Home Birthday Games for turning 12

Popcorn: This isn’t a “talking” one, but it’s sure to get you laughing and making memories! Have teens pair up and stand opposite each other a few steps apart. Give half of the students some popcorn to throw at their partner, who then has to try to catch it in their mouth.
Donut Challange: Grab a couple of dozen donuts and some string and you have one FUN birthday party game idea! I love this messy, sweet, and hilarious game!
Balloon Pop: Blow up a bunch of balloons and fill them with fun questions. Each person has to pop the balloon without their hands and then answer the question! It is so hilarious to see each person pop the balloons, especially without using hands!
Human Ring Toss: This is such a funny game, especially for summer birthday parties.

12th Birthday Party Board Game Ideas

Grab a gaggle of board games and you could have fun for hours! Just make sure to have tons of snacks for that group of preteens.

Code Names: Code Name is a very enjoyable game that requires communication and the ability to make some unusual connections. This is a great game of reasoning and lateral thinking.

5 Second Rule: If you’re looking for a great family board game that everyone will enjoy – The five Second Rule is it! Often the best games are simple games and this game couldn’t be easier to play. All you have to do is name 3 things from a chosen card in 5 seconds. That’s it.

12th Birthday Board Game Ideas

Ice Cool: This is my NUMBER ONE, TOP favorite board game EVER! Trust me when I say this game is full of fun and a MUST HAVE!

Watch Ya Mouth: This amazon board game can be played by 3 to 10 players! With 4 fun unique card desks like classic, sing it, pop culture and head-to-head there is so much fun to be had!

More Great Game Ideas You’ll Love

  • Board Games for 4-Year-Olds – One of our favorite ways to practice numbers, shapes, cooperative skills, and recognition is by learning from fun. I mean who doesn’t love playing games? But add a lesson into that fun and you have a winner for all. These learning fun board games for 4-year-olds are a great way to start teaching basic skills they will need. You and your little one can have the most fun together.
  • Printable Word Games for Kids – Word games are among our family’s favorites. They’re fun and versatile. Different ages can play, to the best of their abilities. And they can be played pretty much anywhere, at home or on the go. I love using word games to learn sight words, spelling, and playing on a great theme! We have put together the perfect list of printable word games for kids. They are filled with colorful themes and creative learning fun. Find your favorite and play for hours.
  • Minute to Win It Games for Kids – I love a good game night, obviously! 🙂 But we have really been into Minute to Win it style game lately. They are fun quick-paced and usually provide LOTS of laughs! These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group, recently my kiddos had some friends over and I thought that would be the perfect time to pull of these fun Minute to Win It games for kids. They are all easy to play, pretty inexpensive to prep and are SO much fun!

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