Inside: New questions to ask for the 20 questions game.

We all played 20 questions with someone while we were on the phone. Whether it be your best friend or someone you like, this game can make for some seriously interesting conversations. 

You can play it the classic way, where you choose a person, place or thing, and the other player has 20 questions to guess it, OR…you can play it my way.

I came up with a fresh take on this classic game. In this version, you are essentially asking 20 questions that will allow you to see what kind of person the other one is. 

Fresh 20 questions game ideas. Photo of 2 teens laughing while they play 20 questions.

You can think of it as 21 questions, but instead of mindless questions, you are asking very pointed ones to find out more about the person on the other on of the phone. I’ve come up with some of the best questions to ask to get to the heart of your fellow player. These questions double as great ones to ask if you are playing the classic version, too, so take a look!

20 Questions Game Ideas To Ask a Guy

First up, I wanted to show you 20 questions and game ideas to ask a guy. The answer to the questions below is going to be very informative clues into who the person is and whether or not you two complement eachother. It’s crazy how helpful asking a few questions can be! If you want to play the classic game, jump toward the end of this article. I have awesome ideas there. 

1. What does your ideal day look like?

2. Do you have a favorite food? If so what is it?

3. What is your favorite way to pass time?

4. Do you play video games?

5. What was your favorite subject in school?

6. Do you like cats or dogs more?

7. What did you want to be when you grew up?

8. What is your favorite animal?

9. BBQ or Tacos?

10. What is something that you look for in a partner?

11. Cozy mountain cabin or beachside villa?

12. What was your worst subject in school?

13. Would you ever wear crocs?

14. What is your favorite movie?

15. Do you have favorite dessert?

16. What kinds of music do you listen to?

17. How fast do you fall in love?

18. Are you close with your family?

19. Do you enjoy the outdoors?

20. What do you want to do for your dream job?

20 questions game ideas to ask a girl. Photo of girl thinking of her answer.

20 Questions Game Ideas To Ask A Girl

Next up, if you are talking to a girl then the list below is what you are going to want to focus on. These are going to give you some insights into her mind. It’s the little things that make up the whole, so check out the list below and see which ones you think are going to make for the best conversation.

1. Do you like coffee of tea better?

2. What is your favorite genre of movie?

3. Sushi or Thai food?

4. What does your dream house look like?

5. What does your dream CAREER look like?

6. How often do you need alone time to recharge?

7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

8. Do you like to read?

9. What is your favorite album of all time?

10. What is your current favorite song?

11. Rainy days or sunny days? 

12. If you could do anything you wanted, knowing you would succeed, what would it be?

13. Do you enjoy writing, if so have you ever wanted to write your own book?

14. What is something that you think is overrated?

15. Do you like candles or incense better? 

16. When was the last time your laughed until you cried?

17. What do you look for in a partner?

18. If you found a kitten on the side of the road, what would you do?

19. What does your ideal day in look like?

20. Do you like plants?

Questions for Couples. Photo of couple looking at questions on phone.

Questions for Couples

Lastly, to finish off my list of personalized questions I thought I would show you some wonderful things to ask your partner. If you want to get to the heart of your relationship…ask the questions below. Are you prepared to get this deep?

1. How did we meet?

2. What was your first thought of me?

3. When did you know you were going to ask me out?

4. When did you know you loved me?

5. What is your favorite thing about me?

6. What is my biggest pet peeve?

7. What is something about me that annoys you?

8. What do you think I would be successful at in life?

9. What is your dream vacation?

10. Do you want kids? If so, how many?

11. What did it feel like to fall in love with me?

12. Would you ever want to get matching tattoos?

13. Do you want to live in the city or in the country?

14. Which is your favorite harry potter movie?

15. Do you prefer Anime tv shows or movies?

16. What is your comfort meal?

17. What do you do after a bad day?

18. What do you do after a good day?

19. How can I show you I love you more?

20. What are the colors in my eyes?

20 Questions Game Online

Did you know that there are plenty of 20 questions games that are virtual? You can play them with or without another opponent! So if you are super bored, this is a great way to kill time. Don’t be fooled, it can actually be pretty hard to beat a computer when it comes to this game!

Here are a few of my favorite places to play online:

1. Solo 20 Questions Game

2. Gleam Play

3. 20 Questions App

Want to play against one of your friends but have no idea what questions to ask? don’t worry. We have all been there! You start out strong with a seemingly never ending list of questions and by the time you get to 5…you are running out of steam. 

If you want to avoid that, then why not try this 20 Questions Generator? But do me a favor and try and see how long you can hold out without it. This game is nothing without our human brain! Plus it takes the fun away when you solely use the generator for help. So don’t be a wet blanket! Figure it out yourself as best you can.

20 questions game

There you have it! Whether you choose to play my version or the old one, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time. These classic games are simple in the best way possible. Sometimes all you need to have a good time with someone is your voice! 

If you enjoyed these, then you are going to LOVE some of my other classic game ideas. I have everything you could need from Never Have I Ever to Would You Rather. So check those out if you want to continue on the fun! Why wouldn’t you? I think fun is the whole point of connecting with people.

The last time I played this game, it ended with my best friend and I in a puddle of happy tears. I hope it does the same for you whether it be from laughter or the sheer happiness that comes with your connection!