Inside: Best Ganpati decor ideas that will bring luck into your household all year long.

I have recently been learning more and more about Hindu deities and it has been so fascinating. This week, I am deep diving into everything that has to do with Ganpati. Because of this, I learned all about Ganpati Decor and I wanted to look into it further.

I found so many amazing things on the internet that I think you are going to enjoy. So I gathered them all up for you to take a look at!

This is a beautiful Deity to have one in your home. You will get that pun as you learn more about this style of decor throughout this article.

Ganpati Decor ideas that bring good luck. Photo of Ganesh statue.

So what are you waiting for? There is so much to cover before we get into the decor ideas, including who Ganpati is, how to decorate for them in your home, and what you should decorate with. Have at it!

Who is Ganpati?

I wanted to briefly touch upon this for those of you who clicked on this article because you were curious. Ganpati, or Ganesh, is a Hindu Deity that has been worshiped for centuries.

According to this article, “Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh, also called Ganapati, elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, who is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise and is the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors.”

It’s said that putting up statues of this deity in your house brings you good luck. 

How to decorate for Ganpati at home?

There are so many wonderful ways that you can honor Ganpati in your home with your decor. What you decide to put in your house is up to you, but I found there are some common things that I have seen in every example of Ganpati Decor, so I thought I would showcase them here. 

First and foremost, I want you to keep in mind that this is a very personal thing. You get to decide how you want to honor Ganpati, so if you don’t jive with some of the things on this list, switch them out for something that you do enjoy. 

First up, something that I often see among Ganpati decor ideas is bright colors. Bright colors remind me of when I threw awesome color war games! Sorry, I didn’t mean to get sidetracked. You can see in the lists below just how bright and lively all of these decorations are. 

Next, flowers are something that many people include in their shrines or honorary spaces. There are certain flowers that Ganpati is known for, and I go over those in the lists below. So check that out!

Twinkle lights are another fun idea that I think makes a wonderful addition to any area in your home that you are decorating for Ganpati. 

Lastly, adding things like fruit and other offerings is very common. If you want to make the space feel more put together then consider adding some sheer curtains as well. They are very adorable, and they bring the whole place together. 

Which is the best natural decoration for Ganpati?

Personally, I think flowers should be at the top of your list. Ganpati is highly associated with them, they are colorful, and you can never have enough flowers in a space. You can use them as garland, you can add bouquets to the room, or you can simply sprinkle some of their petals all around your altar space. 

Of course, you can include an all-natural clay statue of Ganpati as well, but I find that flowers are much more affordable. So until you have the funds, this is a great resource.

Which color is best for Ganpati decoration. Photo of Ganesh with Yellow background.

Which color is best for Ganpati decoration?

As I said above and as you will see below, color has a huge place amongst ganpati decorations. So you may be wondering to yourself which color or colors are best for your decor. Well, according to the Times of India,

“Lord Ganesha is usually portrayed wearing red and yellow clothes. Yellow symbolizes purity, peace, auspiciousness, a sense of control, and truthfulness. Red symbolizes the activity in the world. Thus an individual should perform all duties in the world with purity, peace, and truthfulness.”

These two colors are crucial for your decor, so make sure you include them! 

Ganpati Decor Ideas

Alright, first up, I wanted to show you a few of my all-time favorite designs that I have seen so far during this journey. I think you are seriously going to love these. Ganesh(aka Ganpati) will love them even more. There are so many small details that bring the whole thing together; you are going to have to see it for yourself.

1. Light Pink Area Idea

2. Criss Cross Yellow Fabric Idea

3. Fallen Flower Idea

4. Purple Draped with Flowers and Lights

5. Colorful Flower Decor Idea

6. Little Sanctuary Idea

7. Magical Light Up Flowers

8. Flower Arch Idea

9. Sweet Alter Idea

10. Bright Entryway

11. Fruit Offerings Idea

12. Ganpati Statue idea

13. Colorful Ganpati Statue Idea

14. Flower Background Arch

15. Flower Circular Wreath Idea

Ganpati Decor Ideas That Bring Good Luck. 3 different photo examples of decor.

Ganpati Decor Ideas That Bring Good Luck

Next up, I have some decor ideas that are guaranteed to bring some good luck into your home. Check out these adorable and colorful additions that could be in your home soon. I am truly obsessed with how bright they are; they bring so much life into the room. I couldn’t imagine what it would look like without it. 

16. Outdoor Decor Idea

17. Floral Offerings Idea

18. Grand Decor Idea for Ganpati

19. Simple Table Set Up

20. Sheep Curtain Ideas with Lights

21. Yellow and Green Flower Ideas

22. Simple Small Decor ideas

23. Statue Ideas with Lights

24. Yellow Dangling Flowers

25. Colorful Sitting Area Idea

26. Flower Wreaths with Curtains

27. Floral Etsy Flower Ideas

28. Cute Little Alter Idea

29. Beautiful Floral Checkered Background

30. White Doorway Idea

Must Haves Decor Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to give you a list of things that you are definitely going to want to include in your Ganpati Decor. Sometimes we all need a good old-fashioned list to get us through! I find that my ideas come together so much better when I have one. Check out this list, maybe even check it twice! There are many things that you can DIY as well, including these DIY Board Game ideas!

31. Ganesh Statue

32. Designated Honor Space

33. Curtains

34. Twinkle Lights

35. Offering Bowls

36. Insence 

37. Colorful Flower Petals

38. Colorful Paper Flowers

39. Fruit

40. Flowers

ganpati decor

Flowers for Ganesh

Lastly, I wanted to give you a list of flowers that would be perfect for your Ganpati decor ideas. Not only are these some of the prettiest things you’ll see, but they are Ganesh’s favorite. 

41. Hibiscus Flowers

42. Glory Lilies

43. Pink Roses

44. Golden Champa

45. Chrysanthemum

46. Marigolds

47. Lotus Flowers

48. Red Jasmine

49. Yellow Flowers

50. Sevanthi

51. Downy Jasmine

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed these Ganpati decor ideas. I think it’s awesome how people honor what they believe in through their decor. Your home is your safe space, so it’s important to fill it with the things that you are truly passionate about.

I have seriously loved learning about the different Hindu Deities. If you have any time, I recommend doing so yourself if you haven’t already. Bringing color into your life is one of my favorite things. One way that I like to do so is by trying to play more games with my friends or family. 

I recently picked up some Italian card games to play and we have been loving them!