Inside: Future Telling Printable Mash Games.

Channel back to your 80’s self with the classic game MASH! This printable makes for a fun game to share with your classmates or friends. Or print some out for the ultimate party game. The best part- if you are unhappy with the hands you were dealt (your future), just print another and play again.

These super fun printable Mash Games are perfect for your next slumber party or girls night!

Printable Mash Games

How to Play Mash

Ok, the MASH game is a fun way to predict your future by narrowing down options you choose. MASH stands for: mansion, apartment, shack, house. These are your options for where you’re going to live.

You also fill in 4 options for each of the following categories:

  • Where you will live
  • Who your spouse will be
  • What your job will be
  • How many kids you’ll have
  • What kind of car you’ll drive

These are the categories we used most often when we played as kids, so that’s what I’ve included on the game sheet, but you can obviously play without the game sheet and include whatever categories you’d like. The unwritten rule was always that at least one option in each category has to be pretty awful, ‘cuz half the fun is finding out you’re gonna be stuck married to.

Once you’ve filled in all your options, you get to draw a spiral of make tick marks. Start marking until a friend tells you to stop. Then count how many loops or ticks you made – that will be your “magic number”. We’ll use the magic number to narrow down our options until there’s only one left in each category.

Future Telling Printable Mash Games

Heart Filled Mash Game: This is such a sweet and fun heart-filled printable.

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Printable Mash Games

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Super-Cute Mash Game Ideas

Flowery Mash Printable: Take flower power to a whole other level!

Celebrity Mash Game: This celebrity edition of MASH can be played by children and adults.

Slumber Party Games

Stars and Rainbows: Magical and fun, this is the perfect printable game for your next girls’ night!

Unicorn Mash: This one is for all my unicorn lovers out there!

Multi-Colored Mash Game: All you need is this printable MASH game, a printer, a pencil and some friends to play this classic sleepover game!

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