Inside: Classy & Fun Hen Party Games.

Hen parties are often said to be a classy version of a stag do but whoever said that has obviously never been to good one. In reality, a hen party can involve anything from cocktails and chit chat, to witnessing someone’s quiet sister be sick all over herself after getting off with the bouncer. Cute.

Either way, many countries around the world have their own traditions but all tend to focus on a party given in honor of the bride-to-be, pre-wedding.

Good times with your friends: necessity.

Strippers & Night Clubs: optional. 😉

Break the ice at your hen party games and get everyone chatting with these fun hen party games. There’s something to suit every style of hen!

Hen Party games

Why is it called a hen party?

Back in the day, ‘hen’ was used to describe the female version of any bird. So a hen party was used to describe a party that was strictly girls only. So, it seems that hen parties aren’t as new a creation as your nan would have you believe but actually they go pretty far back. Although, we don’t think life drawing classes and fishbowl cocktails would be on the itinerary in the 1920s.

Our Favorite Hen Party Games

1. Which one is the lie?:  Are you able to keep a straight face when telling a lie? Our fun ‘Which One is the Lie?’ puts all hens against each other telling two personal facts about themselves, one being the truth, the other… not so true!

How to Play:

  • One fact is true, one fact isn’t
  • Rest of the party must work out which the truth, which is a lie
  • Watch out for the detectives amongst you who can spot a liar!

2. Big Dangly Oranges: ‘Big Dangly Oranges’ is a straight forward game involving a pair of tights, and your favorite orange fruit… oranges. Stuff the oranges into each of the tights so they’re as dangly as a pair of a thousand-year-old testicles and let the games begin.

How to Play: 

  • Dangled from your waist, get ready to race!
  • Side by side, place the dangly oranges so they’re on the ground
  • A second orange per hen must be moving along the ground
  • The dangly orange must be the only thing moving the other orange forward
  • If the orange is hit the wrong direction, then that hen must go back to the start
  • The first hen to the finish line wins!

Hen Party Ideas

3. Who is it?: How’s that hearing? We’re hoping its good because the brilliant ‘Who is it?’ involves your hens wearing a blindfold and guessing who is in front of them.

How to Play

  • In a circle, one hen must be blindfolded and stand in the middle
  • The blindfolded hen is spun around fully 10 times
  • She must then reach out to someone and ask “who is it?”
  • That someone must reply “it is me, guess who?”
  • The dizzy hen must guess by listening to their voice (can be a disguised voice)
  • If guessed wrong, it’s 3 more spins for the blindfolded hen until they’re correct
  • If guessed correctly, they hand over the blindfold to that someone

Funny Hen Games

4. Laughing Game: It’s no hen do without hours of endless laughter, giggling and howling from start to finish. Our ‘Laughing Game’ aims to put you in fits of laughter and creating memories of you all laughing at the silliest and simplest of things.

How to Play:

  • The Bride-to-be starts by saying either “hee”, “ha” or “ho”
  • Each girl will then say either one of these words over and over
  • You must not smirk or laugh, or you lose

Getting Married

5. Charades Chinese Whispers: If you’re after a more complex game, then ‘Charades Chinese Whispers’ is some really great fun which sees your messages lost in translation and laughing at the hilarious results.

How to Play:

  • Start by making a list of 20 day-to-day activities, whether its brushing your teeth or getting dressed for work
  • Split the group into A & B
  • Group A leaves the room apart from 1 person
  • This first person acts out one of these activities as shown by Group B
  • The person from Group A must perform this act to a second person from Group A
  • The second person then performs to a third person from Group A and this repeats until all of A has performed
  • Group A must guess what the words are then it’s Group B’s turn to make a fool out of themselves

6. Don’t Say a Word: You’ll need a good memory with ‘Don’t Say a Word’ to protect yourselves or catch out one of your fellow hens in this classy game.

How to Play:

  • Grab a pen & paper and write down a list of words most likely to be said on your hen weekend like “wedding” or “drinks” etc
  • The list can be as long as you want, it can be a printed copy too for every hen to have as a reminder
  • Nobody is allowed to say any of these forbidden words
  • If they do, they must face the consequence
  • Consequences can be made by you, and can include a dare or penalty drink

Play All Day, Party All Night

7. Dancing Queen: A chance to show off your moves and put the group in stitches, ‘Dancing Queen’ is as fun as the ABBA song itself and doesn’t cost a penny to play.

How to Play:

  • In a circle, one lucky girl must create one dance movement
  • The girl on your left must then repeat this move but then add another
  • This process repeats like a ripple effect as the dance gets longer
  • When all girls have performed and it’s back to the starting hen, she must complete the full routine but add more
  • If someone gets anyone move wrong (or the entire sequence), she will be knocked out
  • There will be a furious dance-off until there’s only one who remains
  • The winner will be crowned the ‘Dancing Queen’

8. Mr & Mrs. Questions: The Mr & Mrs. Quiz is an all-time classic hen game that cannot be missed out! We’ve come up with a fun list with all the laugh out loud questions you’d expect from this game all about the bride-to-be and her future hubby. Get the groom to answer the questions beforehand and then the bride-to-be’s on the night. Don’t forget some hilarious forfeits!

Questions Include:

  • Who asked who out?
  • What is her biggest fear?
  • Who’s the most annoying when drunk?
  • What do you love most about him/her?

Hen Party

9. Malteasers: These chocolatey balls are a girl’s best friend and now you can play with them using nothing but straws with our ‘Malteasers’ challenge, a truly classy game to be sure!

How to Play:

  • Sitting around a table, open a large bag of Maltesers into the middle of the group
  • After drooling, pass straws and bowls to each member of your chocolatey cult
  • Within 30 seconds, each hen must transfer as many Maltesers as possible from the pile into your bowls using no hands- just the straws and sucking into them
  • The winner with the most Maltesers wins a whole bag for themselves

10. Sausage in the Hole: As wrong (or so right) as ‘Sausage in the Hole’ sounds (it’s all a matter or perspective and how dirty minded you are!), it’s perfect for hen parties of all types.

How to Play:

  • Tie a hot dog to a piece of string and attatch to your trousers/­belt so it dangles low between your legs
  • Have a bottle on the floor directly beneath you with the lid off
  • Briskly but precisely guide your silly sausage into the bottle’s hole
  • You must bend using only your knees, your feet cant leave the floor (and no hands!)
  • The first one to successfully penetrate the bottle with their weiner wins!

PS-It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds with coor­di­nation being the key.

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