Inside: Christmas Party Games for Church Groups. 

During the holiday season, there seems to be a Christmas party every weekend. I am totally not complaining, Christmas parties are one of my favorite parts of the season. From the spread of yummy cookies, ugly sweater competitions, and fun Christmas games, what is not to love?

I would say that my church group hosts the best Christmas party, we always have such a great time together.

Through the years we have played tons of different holiday games, here is a list of my favorite Christmas party games for church groups!

Christmas Party Games for Church Groups

Christmas Party Games for Church Groups

Christmas Carol Pictionary: Write down this list of Christmas carols on separate flash cards. Divide players into teams. One person draws from the pile of cards and has one minute to illustrate the Christmas carol. If their team guesses correctly, they get one point. Make sure to alternate the team artist. Teams take turns until one reaches twenty points.

Stocking Guessing Game: First, you need a host to put random items in a stocking. Once it’s stuffed, tie a ribbon or string around the top of the stocking so that no one can peek. Sit in a circle and pass it around to let everyone feel what’s inside. Give them note cards so that they can write down their guesses. The person who guesses the most correct items wins.

Christmas Party Games for Church Groups


Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Draw (or print out a picture) of Rudolph and place it on the wall. And get a red circular piece of paper (for his nose) with a thumbtack or piece of tape. Then blindfold the participant, spin them in a circle, then have them try to pin the nose on Rudolph. Mark their attempt with their name. Give everyone a chance to pin the nose and whoever pins it most accurately, wins.

Holiday Church Group Games

20 Questions (Christmas Edition): One player, the answerer, picks a Christmas themed object. All other players ask the answerer “Yes” or “No” questions to guess what the object is. If no one guesses correctly after 20 questions, the answerer has won and picks a new object for the next round. If someone guesses correctly they get to pick the object for the next round.

Stocking Fill Up: Form two teams based on how many players there are. Place a Christmas stocking for each team on the other end of the room. The players will then race to their team’s stocking with a spoonful of candy, deposit the candy and return to their team. This relay continues until one team fills up their stocking to win the game.

Christmas Party Games for Church Groups

Ornaments on a Spoon: Split into teams, set up a relay course with or without obstacles. With an ornament on their spoon, the first person will go through the course and return to pass it on. You can only use your spoons when passing the ornament. If someone ever drops the ornament, that person needs to do the course again. Once the ornament is successfully passed off, it’s the next person’s turn until everyone has completed the course.

Fun Church Christmas Party Games

Human Christmas Tree: This is a hilarious and fun game that calls for 2 to 3 representatives to serve as figurative Christmas trees. A team will attempt to decorate each “tree” with different Christmas decorations provided for the game. Designated judge(s) determine which team has the best “Human Christmas Tree.”

The Penguin Waddle: Separate into teams of three or more. Set up cones 15 to 25 feet apart for each team. The first player puts a balloon between their knees and waddles like a penguin down to the cone and back. Then they pass the balloon to the next team member so they can go. If any team member drops the balloon, they have to restart! The first team to complete the relay wins.

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Gift Relay: This game requires at least two teams with an equal number of participants. Set up two tables per team about 20 feet apart with an equal amount of players at each table. Place five gifts on each table. One team member grabs a gift and carries it across the room to the other table. The next team member will stack a second gift onto the first gift and head back across the room to hand their stack to the third team member. This continues until a team has successfully stacked and carried all 10 gifts across the room, without dropping any.

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